‘Friends with Moto’ program gets new deep discounts on the Moto X, Moto 360, and more


Moto X 2014 black DSC07129

In January Motorola kicked off a program that allowed Motorola employees to gives discounts to their friends and family. You could get $50 off a Moto X, or a Moto G for just $149. Today Motorola has announced some new and improved deals for the program. Here’s what you can get:

Moto 360 – 20% off
Leather bands (including new cognac) – $199.99
Metal bands (including new mono-link) – $239.99
Champagne gold finish (including slim band) – $263.99

Nexus 6 – up to 26% off
Choose midnight blue or cloud white
32gb – $479
64gb – $529

Moto X – up to 28% off
Design your own – starting at $359.99 ($140 off any configuration)

Moto G 3G – 16% off
Black or white – $150

In order to grab these deals you’ll need to head on over to this link and fill out the form. You’ll need the name of a Motorola employee to fully fill out the form and be eligible for a coupon. It’s cool that Motorola is allowing employees to offer discounts to their friends and family members. Programs like this are what build loyalty among consumers. Will you be trying to get in on this deal?

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Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. friends dont let friends buy moto. I kid, I kid, love my N6.

  2. Im in love with the Moto
    friends n moto for the low low

    1. Hahahah. Perfect

  3. That’s a cool program. Wish I were friendly with a Motorola employee. I’d buy a Nexus 6 with the discount. I wonder if the employee referenced on the form receives a commission or anything?

  4. Any MOTO employees out there want to share the love? please let me know. Email

  5. I got my discount code from my rep :) Hello Nexus 6 on VZ

    1. Your rep, as in you were talking to Moto support and they gave you a discount??

      1. No, i have a friend who is a Motorola rep

        1. Would he hook us up?

  6. Damn, Id love to get in on that Nexus 6 deal. Might be enough to make it worthwhile to try. I was bummed when they excluded it from the valentines day deal.

  7. geez, Motorola. It’s time for another promotion. Give these discounts to everyone!

    1. I missed the Valentines Day promotion. I hope Lenovo lets them have sales more often.

  8. Seriously if there are any Moto employees that read this blog, i would be much obliged if they could do me a solid on this. Don’t want to buy one through Verizon and end up with thier logo ruining my phone.

  9. Where is a Motorola employee? Hook a brother up

  10. I don’t know how many of you are aware Radioshack has moto 360 for 99.99$ I grabbed one today. Remember it must be a store that is closing! not one that is still alive.

    1. Online it says $229, is this in store only?

      1. stores that are closing will ring it to 100 -60%. 249.99 – 150$.

        1. Find a store that is closing
        2. Look if it it’s in stock
        3. RUN THere! lol

        yep in store only.

  11. Nice offer….

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