AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will reportedly come equipped with higher capacity 3,500mAh battery



Yesterday — after we proposed the idea that Samsung could be planning an Active variant of the upcoming Galaxy S6a mysterious device popped up in a user agent profile. The device’s model number was strikingly similar to last year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Active on AT&T, so it made sense that’s what we were looking at an updated S6 version. Of course, other than display resolution (2K), not much other info was “leaked.”

In case you needed further confirmation that a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active for AT&T is indeed a thing, the boys at SamMobile are now chiming in with details of their own. According to their sources, the phone will feature one hardware spec that’s sure to make any Android fan drool and no, we’re not talking about water resistance here.

Going by the model number SM-G890A, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will reportedly come equipped with a whopping 3,500mAh battery — that’s a fairly big bump from the regular S6’s 2,550mAh battery (which is actually smaller than the previous Galaxy S5).

We also get a look at the dimensions 73.6 x 146.9 x 8.8mm and compared against the regular S6 model (70.5 x 143.4 x 6.8mm) is only about 3mm wider and taller, but a good 2mm thicker. Probably to compensate for that larger battery and added ruggedness.

Looks like the only thing we’re waiting for now is for Samsung or AT&T to make this thing official. Well, before the device is leaked in the wild like last year’s version. Even with a more battery efficient Exynos 7 process at the helm, we could always use a little extra battery life from our devices. With water resistance, a likely more rugged form factor, and substantially bigger battery — anyone considering picking up the Galaxy S6 Active for AT&T?

Chris Chavez
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  1. I bet if you are outside a lot with brightness jacked up that 2550mah in the regular s6 isn’t going to last long, so this makes sense

    1. That, and if you’re physically active and outside a lot, you’re probably away from the charger for longer periods of time. I get it. I do. Just would have loved seeing this in the regular S6/Edge.

      Battery life has now moved to the very top of my list of things I look forward to in an upgrade. It’s my New Year’s Resolution for 2015. Lol

      1. I’ve got a RAGING CLUE over this now.

  2. Wow if only this would come to Tmobile ……

  3. Wow, talk about beauty and the beast, which do y’all prefer

    1. Beast, definitely.

      To me, function is the true beauty.

      1. That’s just something ugly people say. ;)

        1. beauty with no function is just a paperweight, lol

          1. Well it already looks like a paper weight.

          2. completely agree

        2. Well played! :D

  4. Exactly… The regular Sammys should already sport this battery and waterproof capabilities..

  5. S6 active is sounding more and more like the true flagship. 5.1 inches is just too small, 5.5 is decent. That 2550 mah battery just wouldn’t cut it, this 3500 mah unit should suffice. Hopefully thus bad boy is packing sd card expansion and a removable battery. Whenever i use a Samsung phone as my daily driver i use spare batteries. Going from 0 to 100 in seconds is just too freaking awesome.

    1. Ugh no thanks, 5.1 is a bit bigger than I want but is tolerable. 5.5 would be impossible to use one handed.

      1. I used to think that too. Then when i got my oneplus one invite i took a plunge a got hooked on larger phones. Up until a week ago i was using the nexus 6 as my daily driver, but it was a defective unit (my second) and i just gave up and got a refund, which was a nightmare but that’s a rant for another day. Basically all I’m saying is that bigger phones just display more, and once you use a big phone as a daily driver for a couple of weeks not only will everything else look and feel tiny, you’ll never want to go back. That’s why i was trying to hold out for the z4 ultra but that’s just taking way too long to even be announced. But different strokes for different folks. Just give it a shot, if you get a big screen phone with slim bezels, which pretty much every much every flagship has in hand it really isn’t that hard to maneuver.

        1. I had a big phone (the original Galaxy Note) and I hated it.

          I agree wholeheartedly about the different strokes for different folks thing, the problem is the size on the “flagship” phones is growing with every generation and pretty soon (really already) if you want a 5″ screen you have to choose a mid-range phone.

          1. Fair enough. I like that HTC is offering a 5″ flagship, for people who don’t like larger handsets at least. I think phone sizes did baloon in the last few years, but they’re coming back down. The G flex line shrunk a whole half inch, and so did the oppo n3. Samsung also seems to be sticking to their guns at 5.1″ for their main flagship so there,s that for people who like small phones. I dunno sorry if I was being a bit douche-y in my last comment i just re-read it and realized i sounded pretty rude. Anyway at least we still have some choice in the market, and that’s what Android is all about.

          2. Well to be fair the original Note had a different aspect that made it much wider. For example, the original Note was 83mm wide, and the Note 4 is 78.5mm wide.

    2. I wouldn’t count on the removable, though I still wish the same. I’d just like to shake the s*** out of phone manufacturers and tell them that just because I want a high end phone does not mean I want to sacrifice functionality for “sleekness” or whatever you want to call it. I want removable batteries and a real keyboard. =|

  6. I don’t think battery life on the regular s6 will be any worse than s5. The screen is 20% more enforcing and the processor is 30% and touch wiz is trimmed down to nothing. If anything I think it will have better battery life than s5.

  7. much bigger battery and a more proper res. screen? now all they need to do is release it to more then just at&t

  8. Why Samsung didn’t put this 3500mah battery on normal S6?… something I don’t understand

    1. because thin and sexy and iphone and prutruding lens and stupid

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