Google is shutting down Softcard on March 31st



Rumors about Google acquiring Softcard, the carrier-backed mobile wallet system (formerly known as ISIS Wallet), started back in January. Last month those rumors became official when Google announced they had acquired technology from Softcard. Thanks to that technology Google Wallet will come preloaded on future Android devices from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

All of this is great news for Google Wallet users, but what about Softcard? Unfortunately, the service will be shut down on March 31st. This might not be a big deal for Android users, who have access to Google Wallet, but Softcard was available on other platforms as well. Windows Phone users will be left out to dry with no other mobile payment options.

The saga of Google Wallet has been bizarre to say the least. Just three years ago carriers were actively blocking it from devices, but now it will come preloaded. The mobile payment war is about to get very intense. The iPhone now has Apple Wallet, and soon Samsung devices will have their own mobile payment system. How will the new and improved Google Wallet fare?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. This burns me because I love softcard and it has features Google doesn’t offer.

    Savings areas, direct deposit, tax refund, and other random little things.

    1. I read on a site that my note 3 will not work with google wallet… wtf??

      1. For some reason, Samsung put a different type of NFC chip in the Note 3. It is not compatible with Google Wallet.

    2. Google will likely move those features you like to wallet. I can’t see them buying it just to get rid of an already dying competitor.

  2. The ISIS Wallet – where 2% of every purchase goes to support the Islamic State.

    Just kidding ;-)

    1. Beat me to it making a reference like that. It was bound to blow up in their faces anyway with carriers being morons by blocking it until Apple came along. Now the carriers, retailers (and people in general) are blowing Apple for bringing them a mobile payment system even though they rejected Google’s a few years ago.

    2. I got the physical card when I made my account the Amex card says serv isis

  3. I wonder what this means for those of us that have Softcard pre-installed on our Android devices. Nothing worse than having dead bloatware on your device -_-

    1. Isis updated to softcard in play store, doesn’t lollipop allow them tip remove it remotely?

  4. Typical Google, buying/creating something and then completely dismantling it.

    1. I’m betting Google wallet will now be available on Windows phone if Windows allows it. Also will wallet now be available on some of the pre kit Kat devices softcard got them banned from?

      1. I don’t think it’s a matter of Microsoft allowing it, but Google supporting the service, which Google probably won’t. It’s going to be called ‘Android Pay’, so I doubt it’ll be on anything other than Android hardware.

        And it’s possible, but unlikely as carriers will not update their unlocking of use on really old devices. More than likely this new Android Pay will be on Android 5.0+ because ‘better use, support…” mumbo jumbo they feed us.

    2. You have no idea what you are talking about. Google did not buy Softcard. They bought some of their tech. Softcard is the one responsible for shutting down their service.

      1. You’re attacking the wrong person. Title states “Google is shutting down Softcard on March 31st”.

        Take your problem up with Joe Fedewa who wrote it.

        1. They have their info wrong A LOT. I’ve come to expect that from them. That’s one of many reasons this site is almost a ghost town.

    3. Softcard failed itself. No one ever loved it, it was doomed from start. Don’t hate google for failures of Softcard.

  5. hopefully all the “tap with softcard” vending machines i see at the places i got everyday will finally start accepting google wallet then.

  6. 10:1 odds that tap-to-pay in Google wallet will remain a no go on my vzw note 3.

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