Apple and LG tie for best smartphone of 2014 award, Moto 360 takes wearables


Every year at Mobile World Congress, the GSMA — the folks behind the event — vote on the best technology, software and ideas in mobile. This year’s winners might have seemed obvious, but there were a couple of “gotchas” that caused us to take notice.


The biggest shock is that Apple didn’t take home the Best Smartphone award alone for the iPhone 6. They actually tied with LG for the LG G3. It’s sure to be great news for the South Korean manufacturer up against stiff competition from their neighbors Samsung or the folks out in Taiwan named HTC.

Motorola took home two awards for two different products. They won Best Affordable Smartphone (those which cost $100 or less) for last year’s Moto E, and took home the Best Wearable category for the stunning Moto 360.

Moto 360 DSC06955

Other notable wins at the Global Mobile Awards include Gameloft winning Best Game for Asphalt 8, and IFTTT winning the big grandaddy of app awards with their automated web service being voted the best overall app of 2014. Well deserved, we’d say.

As we found when we reflected on the year a while back, 2014 was great. The best part is that 2015 is looking even better with tons more wearables bound to be introduced, great new smartphones on the horizons and more innovations that we have yet to even know about. Be sure to take a look at all of the winners over at the GMA website if you’re curious.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. G3 was amazingly awesome. My favorite phone last year. The g2 the year before. Cant wait for the G4!

  2. I just visited the link on my Moto X and got stuck on some bizarre non-mobile layout with a pop-up blocking the page that I could not move or close… ironic their own website is not mobile-formatted and non-intutive/functional for it.

    1. white people problems, right?

      1. Maybe not specify ethnicity? How about first world problems?

        1. I was being completely sarcastic. but yeah you are right =)

          1. Oh no, I got the sarcasm but I just thought it odd/divisive to use an ethnicity. You’re good brah.

          2. haha oh i thought you got offended! haha

          3. That *is* a tasty burger!

      2. Here’s what the site looks like on a phone: What this means for non-idiots is that the site loaded, was not mobile-formatted (text was too large and chopped off), and a giant modal window popped up that was not readable and not scrollable to any buttons that could close the window, and could not be zoomed out.

        The idiots at Mobile World Congress designed a website for mobile enthusiast that was barely readable by mobile users and dysfunctional on mobile, completely unusable, the first time you hit the site. If you think this isn’t actually a problem and doesn’t make them look like complete idiots, and is just some “white person’s” or “first-world” or “privileged person’s problem”, you are the kind of idiot that doesn’t get how holding a loaded gun in your holster with the safety off can shoot you in the foot.

  3. it not bad at all honestly. think anyone who is a phone-fan has to agree no matter if they hate apple like myself or not. =)

  4. That LG G3 feels really nice in the hand. I think it’s the best feeling device with a screen that large.

    1. 10000% agree. I cannot wait for the G4, I hope they dont ruin what they have goin on

      1. If they keep the removable battery and expandable storage on the next version and Samsung kills the Note 5 by removing those two features I’ll DEFF be making the switch to LG.

        1. with you on that for sure!

          1. I’d be doing it with a heavy heart. Hehe… But really if that happens I’ll make the switch but keep a Note 4 around or maybe just the latest Note tablet. Damn it I’m addicted to that S-Pen.

          2. everyone who has that damn phone loves it haha kind of regret not picking one up instead of my nexus. maybe the note 5 will win me over??

          3. If it retains those two important features it just might. I’m definitely going to toast that with an 18 Laphroaig.

          4. throwing in a whiskey reference! nice haha

          5. My favorite single malt.

          6. A Whiskey that sounds so fancy most people will have difficulty pronouncing the name, haha.

    2. Kind of like that sniper rifle eh Mr Simmons?

  5. Those buttons though! They totally kill the nice form factor.

    1. what buttons?

  6. My wife has a G3 and I’m honestly jealous even with my S5. I think it’s time I return to my LG roots that started with the Voyager.

    1. The TV series gets more flak than it deserves too. Never heard of the phone, though, haha.

    2. I’m sticking to LG like no hell

  7. The only one that deserved it is Moto.

  8. Note 3 was the best phone of 2014.

    1. The LG G3 is a lot smaller next to the 6 plus in person.

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