Mar 5th, 2015


Android Lollipop might only be on 3.3% of devices, but that number should be increasing every day. Earlier today we told you about Lollipop rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India. Now we’re seeing some more Samsung + Lollipop love here in the U.S. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Sprint and Note 3 for T-Mobile are receiving Lollipop right now.

This information comes straight from Samsung and Sprint themselves. Over on the FAQ for the Tmo Note 3 on Samsung’s site you can see “Android 5.0” started rolling out on March 4th. On Sprint’s website you can see the same update started rolling out on March 5th.

Samsung also lists “Wi-Fi calling experience, Resolved Wi-Fi calling one way audi, and Resolved IPv6 email setup” in the changelog. The update should be rolling out now, but don’t expect every device to get it today. Check out what TouchWiz looks like on Android 5.0 in our hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Welcome to Lollipop Land!