Android Lollipop rolling out now to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India



Earlier this week we wrote about Android Lollipop only being on 3.3% of devices, but that number is slowly growing every day. The latest device to see some Lollipop love is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in India. A member of Android Forums is reporting that his Note 3 was successfully updated to Android Lollipop via an OTA update.

After having the update for a little more than a day the user reports that battery life has improved with Lollipop. He quotes a screen time of more than 3 hours and 40 minutes, and he still had 9% battery left. The Note 3 in India is powered by an Exynos processor, which seems to have the update priority right now from Samsung. Now that we’ve seen Lollipop on the Samsung Galaxy S6 it shouldn’t be too much longer until most Samsung devices get updated.

Thanks skumber!

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  1. welcome to bug central. now u will be waiting patiently for 5.1 to be released!

    1. I’ve actually been on it on the note 4 for 6 hrs now with 0 issues. And for those that are wondering yes silent mode is fixed.

      1. actually Samsung tweaked the software to include silent mode, its not available on stock android until 5.1. Guess its one of the advantage of touchwiz?? thats not a knock either =) glad u are not having issues, I’m on it with my Nexus 6 and have quite a few bugs (memory dumps, lag, force close issues and unable to connect to work wifi). all should be fixed with 5.1 tho! cant wait =)

        1. I’m actually quite surprised how nice and smooth this is. I was expecting a real mess tbh lol. Gotta say hats off to Samsung!

          1. did they “dummy” down touchwiz like they have promised?? I think it would be great if they did. Those icons, in my opinion, are just cheesy anymore. I hated my S3 when I had it, just felt it was heavy and bogged down with nonsense. but you saying its smooth is a good sign! my friends Note 4 is awesome! kills my nexus 6

          2. Well I haven’t used touchwiz on any of my Samsung phones for yrs. Always used Nova but I found this other one called Apus launcher in the playstore which I fell in love with and have been using for about a month now and I’m very happy with it. I agree totally about touchwiz which is why I refuse to use it. Lol. Lots of better options out there.

          3. I love hearing about new launchers. I love Nova but am just wanting something different. I’m downloading Apus now! thanks for the reference

          4. You’re welcome. Hope you like it.

  2. i just saw sammobile site where users are whining no lollipop for galaxy s5 in india yet lol

    1. wah-wah-waaaaahhhh haha

  3. Sprint Note 4 receiving it now. ☺

  4. And FYI people it’s not up to Samsung who gets the update. It’s been in the carriers hands for a while and it’s on them.

  5. Carriers suck, still waiting for note 4 lollipop. Carriers should not be allowed to control updates, just carrier setting updates. Android needs to change this.

  6. My sprint note 4 has just been upgraded to lollipop

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