Mar 3rd, 2015


Every time you start up a new Android device for the first time you see a bunch of pre-installed Google apps. These apps include the Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Chrome, and more. All of these services are bundled together in a package that Google offers to handset makers. It’s Google’s way of having some sort of control over a free open-source OS. If you want to use the Play Store, which all Android users expect to have, you’ll also have to include a bunch of other Google services.

Google may be adding yet another app to this bundle. Back in 2013 Google acquired the ultra-popular crowd-sourced traffic service, Waze. Since then they have been slowly adding some of Waze’s features into Google Maps, but the data from Waze is still gathered from actual people. In order to get even more users on Waze they will be adding it to the Google bundle.

This is awesome news for anyone that uses Waze. There is already a massive user base, but this is a service that only gets better with more users. Waze will also start to display Amber Alerts if you’re driving in an area that has one issued. All of this news should cement Waze’s position as one of the best apps to have in your car.

[via The Verge]

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