Sprint teases Galaxy S6, we get our clearest official look yet



We’re a mere couple of days away from Samsung’s Galaxy S6 launch event, but it seems that Android fans aren’t the only ones that can’t stand the anticipation. Sprint is getting on board with the teasers and has launched a “Six Appeal” landing page utilizing a familiar side profile image of what we assume to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Here interested Sprint users (are there any Sprint users left?) can register for updates about Samsung’s highly anticipated smartphone.

But lest you think that’s all we will get before the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S6, a second image has surfaced giving us a near full-frontal view of both the standard and Edge versions of the device. The Edge is shown with a display that curves at both sides — a feature that has been rumored but not quite confirmed in recent leaks.


Interesting to note is that in all of Samsung’s early advertising, the Edge variant of the device seems to be the one getting top billing, a different strategy than what we saw with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and and Note Edge. If the S6 Edge is the true flagship, we might wonder why Samsung didn’t simply go all-in on that model while foregoing a version with a standard display.

The image also seems to confirm the notion floating around that the Galaxy S6 Edge will not use its curved display in quite the same way as the Note Edge the preceded it. While the Note Edge had a more dramatic curve that served as a secondary display, the S6 appears to utilize a more subtle taper. There are no indications of the so-called Edge display, leaving us to believe the choice is all about design and ergonomics.

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  1. are they 5.1 inches each?

  2. I can’t tell the difference between the S3, S4, S5, or S6. I mean if you put them all in front of a person who isn’t keeping track of Samsung they wouldn’t know what one is the newest. There is no progression. Why buy the new one when my four year old phone is powerful enough to do everything I need it to. There is no reason to buy the newer model except to say “I have the new one!”. At the price they cost it’s not worth that bragging right anymore either.

    1. that is funny, I was just looking at a site that had the s3 to the s6 edge next to one another and you are right. there is no progression and they all are so similar to one another. LG has moved away from that and tried to be different, but I see Sammy and HTC falling into the same problem here….although I’m sure someone will say nay to that

      1. Yup the design language on G2 and G3 are miles apart:

        1. 2 phones, compared to…lets do the math, S2, S3, S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4, S6….that is 7 phones now with the home button, light up buttons to go back and open the menu, same rockers on the side, same bulging camera, same bulky bezels (although not the S6/Edge). Same cheesy plastic design. At least LG took a different avenue when it came to the G2. I have no excuse for the G3 tho haha, it was a great phone but not much innovation went into that. HTC is falling into this path too. how many M7’s are they going to create?

          1. Oh so now it’s the numbers ? you don’t totally change a signature design. That’s why lg are staying with their design now, and their numbers start to rise. Well and their phones aren’t such crap as they use to be. And bow talking of cheap plastic what is the G2 and G3 made of ? It truly looks like very cheap plastic…….and I don’t even dislike plastic, it’s the best material for phones. But unfortunately apple and all their Isheep convinced the rest of the business, that the bendable, scratch magnet, bad reception aluminium was the new big thing…..

          2. well, i think i’m just arguing to argue in that last response. lets take a step back. i’m starting to respond like an apple/sammy fan haha. I get what u are saying. I do however, think the G2 felt WAY more premium in the hand than any Galaxy phone to date (Note 4 excluded, love that phone!). u are right, they cant go changing every year….i just think the phones being released anymore are looking too similar year in and year out but i should not expect much else. they are all awesome phones this year so far. I cant wait to see the M9 and G4. sorry for the hostility.

    2. Sorry, but a four year old phone is not powerful enough to play certain types of games. The camera improved a lot in four years and the battery duration too. Being aesthetically the same not means they have no progression.

      1. I’m sure he’s only using his phone for the basics. Anyone who actually uses their phone will notice a great difference in performance from the S3 to S5

        1. What do you consider basics? My uses are FB, Google+, Twitter, Vine for social. Web browsing as I would on desktop. Touchdown and Gmail for emails. Google Calendar for scheduling. Some games like CoC, Castle Clash, Commander, HwF, WWF, Trivia Crack, Hill Climb. Maps for navigation. MS Office for Word and Excel (don’t really use PP for anything.). Some SportsCenter. And last but not least Youtube for all video fun. Of course I text, call, and do some Hangouts. Take pics here and there, and maybe some videos. If that is basic then yes, I’m a basic user, and my phone shows no signs of needing an upgrade.

          1. sounds about normal to me for the majority of android users….i think these guys are going to respond with something out there so they can just be right instead of understanding someones opinion though =)

          2. I with you Bobby. I am still rocking the S3 and don’t see any reason to upgrade. Ever since Google broke out all the apps from the OS, there really is no reason to upgrade anymore. Unless you are using your phone as a console or VR replacement.

          3. obviously no one ever NEEDS an upgrade. If you are satisfied then great, save your money. But let’s not act like there isn’t a significant difference in the machinery of the S3 and the S5. Water resistance, far superior camera, much better battery life, much faster processor for better performance all around (games, UI, apps, etc), better quality screen, higher resolution screen (for those it matter’s to), better audio if im not mistaken, will be supported in OS updates longer so more software features are also likely.

          4. eh, we are all talking form-factor. sammy fans are responding with specs. the rest of us are complaining about the look of the phone.

          5. he said no reason to upgrade. I listed reasons to upgrade.. im not even a sammy fan, i like HTC and LG. Is aesthetics the only reason you upgrade?

          6. oh actually u are right. he did say that, i’m wrong. but no I upgrade for both. I like unique phones, its why i’m an LG fan at the moment. I love my nexus 6 because of its uniqueness. I look at that before specs. Almost bought that HTC One Eye phone, thought it was really cool looking. i’m sorry for the mistake, u are right tho.

      2. disagree. first, he said if you put the phones next to one another and is commenting on the looks of the phone. there is no progression in this (minus the edge of course). so you are telling me that you would buy the same car if it looks the same every year, but with a better engine?? or would you get tired of that same look of car?

        1. cars makers do this all the time brother. take a look at the Porsche Boxster, Porsche 911, and the Porsche Cayman. they do exactly what you said. they keep the body mostly the same but they beef up the engine. even other makers do about 2-5 years in the same body before changing things up.

          1. what up! yeah I got you and understand that fully. my point is, i would get tired of seeing the same car in my driveway if it looked the same. Just like I would get tired of having the same re-hashed features Samsung uses….maybe everyone here just loves Samsung that much or maybe I hate them more than I think?? haha I was hoping for something more on the S6. the edge, is sexy I think. I like it a lot. I was just commenting on the S6 and how similar it looks to previous models =

          2. I used to be a Samsung owner. i don’t hate them now but the love is gone lol. Samsung can’t do anything though… i mean ANYTHING! Apple can keep the iphone looking the same and no one bats an eye… but Samsung is called out for it. If Samsung tries something different like going from plastic to metal they are called copycats. If they remain with the poly bodies then they are “plastic trash”. I applaud Samsung for stepping out and trying new things. Curved display sounds like a gimmick but it’s fresh and new.

          3. no other Android phone gets as much hate as Samsung devices. From both Apple fans and Android fans.

          4. Right? It’s interesting gauging the emotional responses on this company’s flagship mobile devices. Fascinating behavior.

          5. so true….i’m looking back at my responses and am going to delete some haha. get so heated!

          6. Well it seems to be natural for some folks to personally associate themselves with a brand and defend it when others criticize. It’s one great example of advertisers major success in this area. Creating a sort of sectarianism within mobile tech brands and devices.

          7. Like i get the hate from the Apple fans since Samsung makes fun of them in their adverts but i don’t get why other Android users hate on Samsung so much. I’m Team Moto as of now soon to be Team Xperia but i wouldn’t hate just because i’ve moved on from Samsung.

          8. I’m not sure what the true cause is.

            For me personally I go where the options are. In my case Samsung has been the one that’s continued to offer me as a consumer the best practical features in a mobile device. So, as long as they continue doing that I’ll stick with them because of that, not their name.

          9. i like to think it’s because they are trying new things. like being the “odd man out” on both sides Android and iOS. If Samsung becomes REALLY popular to bump off Apple then we’d have to deal with the Samsung Hipster.
            i can hear them now.
            “I was with Samsung when everyone hated them”

            *shudders in fear*

          10. That’s precious.

          11. I think it’s the chicken or the egg debate with Samsung haters. I’ve had a Galaxy Note and loved it but have since tried other phones. I bare no enmity towards Samsung; in fact, I am debating getting this year’s Galaxy Note. But I do sometimes get caught up in arguments with Samsung fans because they are so obnoxious. But I don’t know if they’re that way because Samsung gets a lot of hate or if there is a lot of hate because Samsung fans are–at least in forums–so obnoxious.

            I mean, it seems to me every time there is an article about HTC or Moto, Samsung fans just start ripping these devices in the comments and generally display the attitude that if it’s not Samsung, it’s a piece of crap–as if one would be an idiot to consider another phone besides a Samsung phone.

            Anyway, in my opinion, the better Samsung/HTC/Moto/etc. do, the better for Android as a whole. But it’s just so hard not to get into it with Samsung fans (or Apple fans for that matter.)

          12. Don’t get us started on Apple fans. i’d dragon kick the sh*t out of an obnoxious Apple Fan.

          13. Yeah, I’d rather deal with an annoying Samsung fan than an Apple enthusiast any day of the week. Those app-holes invented the the phrase “holier than thou.” Haha

          14. That’s one of the reasons I left Samsung. If you had a problem, don’t bring it to the forums. Otherwise you’re a hater or you’re just trying to make Samsung look bad. When in reality I don’t give a crap about how Samsung looks, I just want my GPS to lock on accurately and quickly.

          15. So, let me get this straight: You went to the forums to try and get help with an issue with a Samsung phone, but those insecure idiots couldn’t take the fact that someone could dare make an implication that there might be an issue with a phone made by their beloved Samsung that they insulted you instead of trying to help you? Wow, that’s a new low. Maybe Samsung fans are the worst.

          16. i’m with you. The edge is nice and refreshing. it will cost too much tho. guess u are right tho….any move they make is going to cause the haters to hate. I think they needed to give us something NEW. like they said they would. same home button, same light up buttons on the side of the home button, same rockers on the side, same bulging camera, same same same, every year. no wonder I quit buying after the S3.

          17. Most phone manufacturers don’t drastically change the device over the years. like @bobbyphoenix:disqus initial comment i think that HTC is more a suspect to lack of change aesthetically than Samsung. Put a M7, M8, and M9 in front of me and I’ll be stumped. they are beautiful phones so again i wouldn’t want it to be changed too drastically. If HTC released the M10 HTC One and it was more rounded around the edges, curved display, and the speakers were moved to the back. It would be NEW for them but i am sure HTC fans that like the current design would hate it. i am sure that’s a point as to why they like/buy the HTC One

          18. good point….i just commented on a M9 leak about them falling in the same category with me with the Sammy debate…..they are not innovating. I’m holding out hope for HTC with the camera tho. If the Toshiba lens ends up being great then I think it will finally make a complete HTC device in my opinion. like u said (in agreement), M10 needs to be different but fans would not buy. i guess everyone is stuck.

          19. Porsches are status symbols though. Samsungs are not.

          20. people in this forum would disagree haha

          21. think Wozn is short for Steve Wozniak.

          22. Ok? Let’s look at the Chevy Cobalt then. That car isn’t a status symbol and hasn’t had a face lift since its conception. technically anything can be a status symbol lol but Yea phones CAN be status symbols… You must’ve never ran into a gold iPhone owner.

    3. I’d have to disagree with you, that’s only because you haven’t seen and held them in person the S6 is CLEARLY the newer phone. TRUST ME! Chris Chavez will tell you soon lol

    4. Take a look at the image on this website:

      And you can’t see any difference? Maybe time to get glasses…..

      1. same home button for YEARS, the back button and menu button on the front. Same volume and power button location. almost the same form, althought they smoothed out the edges as they go on. same bulging camera on the back since the S3.

    5. You do realize that people can just see the models grow slightly bigger from time to time? 4.7″ for the S3, 4.99″ for the S4, 5″ for the S5, 5.1-5.2″ for the S6. If the person cannot understand the newer models tend to be bigger, then they don’t know about the phone companies are leaning. Hell, even the avg iSheep could tell you the iPhone grew in size.

      1. they are all growing in size, but sammy and htc are doing the same thing, and u are right, that does change the phone a bit, looks-wise. I just think they all look the same with the home button, back button, menu button, volume and power button….its the same thing, ever year from them.

    6. My thoughts exactly. I’m going to see how long I can use my Nexus 5 before caving and buying something newer and shinier.

  3. Kinda dissatisfied with the S6 edge from the leaks..

    I dunno.. I guess I expected the “edge” to be more of a more prominent design to make it useful (ticker etc)

    An edge without an edge isn’t an edge.. Its kinda.. Well, blunt..!

    1. I get it, you wanted the edge to be more… edgy…

      1. i see what u did there

      2. Lol.. Hardly after a Mach 3 Fusion Pro.. but yes you’re right!

  4. I haven’t bought a “S” series phone since the S3 and I even took that back and got the older Galaxy Nexus. Had that till I fell in love with my Note 3 that I’m still happy with today. Never been big on the “S” and thought the Note line was their true flagship, but I have a feeling this phone will be great. This little render gives me that impression. From the front the phone just looks more premium and I feel they will continue momentum from the better constructed Note 4. I heard rumors of a glass back that may turn some people off, but I’ll hold judgment until I see how it’s done. No sd card or removable battery would sting, but other high end phones have overcome it. I think this will be the best “S” series phone ever. I’ll still hold on to my GN3 till the GN5 drops tho, lol.

    1. Again, has this been confirmed about the removal of expandable storage?

      1. Nope, not confirmed. Just people speculating when they heard “glass back.” Which ironically hasn’t been confirmed either.

        1. I seriously doubt they’ll ditch two MAJOR practical advantages in one fell swoop. Removable battery, yeah I could understand removing that due to the new design changes but not expandable storage.

          Look at Sony’s xperia series. Pretty similar design yet they still offer expandable storage regardless of glass backs or not.

    2. We’re twins. Almost the same story.
      S1 -> S3 -> Note3 -> Waiting for the next best phablet (w/o a home button) by the end of the end of the year, and it probably won’t be by Sammy.

  5. The s6 should have just been one model, it being the edge model.

    1. I like the fact that they’re going to offer two versions. More options = consumers win.

      1. Consumer wins for sure but I think this is going to hurt samsung more than it will help. From what I can tell, it seems like most people would rather get the edge but I am sure they will be in limited supply compared to the standard s6. So if people can’t get the s6 edge they may just get something else all together instead of setting for the s6. The demand for a limited item could potentially cannibalize sales of the standard s6(In my opinion)

        1. Samsung seems to be pretty good about saturating the market with their flagship models.

  6. So bored @ Samsung phones. My Galaxy s4 still works brilliantly and looks just like the s5 and s6.

    1. watch out. people below will tell you that size means they are different looking. sammy fans are afoot here.

      1. Size does make a difference when I can’t text with one hand anymore.

    2. Hell, I am still happy with my S3 =)

      1. u still have the s3? my mother and law still has hers, still loves it haha that is crazy that so many people still have it. i’m not busting your balls at all either.

        1. I have a running S3 (heavily modded and hacked). 1 of several phones I use daily.

      2. Glad I’m not the only one still rockin the S3. Preordered the 32g and not a bit of trouble since.

  7. How functional will that edge screen be compared to the one on the note?

  8. I keep fucking reading this as sex appeal xD

    1. Then their marketing is working.

  9. Are they doing away with the removable battery?

    1. All “rumored” signs are pointing to no removable battery and possibly no Micro SD card.

      1. I believe, as seen on XDA via photos of only a sim tray and not stacked sim or microsd, no MicroSD shockingly.

      2. > no removable battery and possibly no Micro SD card

        Then no sale.

  10. Here you go :)

    1. And Another

      1. So that is what a $1200 phone looks like?

        1. Maybe if for the first time in the history of cell phone pricing the US price is the euro price converted to USD.

        2. No, go to a-p-p-l-e.com for that please. Don’t forget to upgrade to 128GB ram for an additional $500

      2. Gorgeous

    2. That must be one heck of a camera with that hump lol

      1. Might be the OIS engine.

        1. More than likely, mine is preordered and preorders aren’t even available yet lol. I’ve been looking for a smaller phone to replace my Note 3 and I think this will be more than fitting.

        2. Actually..that’s exactly what it is..makes sense..all cameras that have OIS have this hump

      2. Baby got back? Break the internet?

    3. Get that cheap crap outta hea

    4. Pretty sure Sammobile… Where you probably got these from said they were fake

      1. I didn’t get these from Sammobile…. So Know Your Role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

        1. *TRIPLE SNAP*

        2. You got it from Sam Mobile or CNET Korea…. Because they leaked it. Either way the dimensions don’t even match up. Fake.

          1. his name is not Pinocchio, I have reasons not to believe you though.

        3. Phonearena.com and others with the decency to cite their sources ultimately tie back to CNET Korea.

          Copy of a copy does not constitute validity – it constitutes noise.

          1. Hiiiiiiiiiiii, first of all I never said it was “valid” only thing I did was share some pictures, that I got off of Twitter. So have a Nice Day BYE Felicia!

          2. No, what you did was call someone out over a minor detail. Was it really necessary or are you just trying to prove that you’re not Nancy?

          3. For someone who is suppose to be “PT” you sure are spamming the comment section with negativity. Anywho have a good day EarlyMon. :)

          4. You too my friend. :)

        4. They are obviously fake.

    5. Beautiful!!

    6. This is pretty interesting, however I don’t like what Touchwiz did to the Note Edge for its curved display (another multitasking panel). It looked out of place and weird, and it just added to the bloat).
      Hopefully they haven’t added anything to the sides, and just kept it as an extension of the screen. If so this can be an interesting device in terms of aesthetics. However that camera seems to protrude a lot from the frame, and if rumors of a glass-back are true, I would question its longevity.

      If Samsung managed to make TouchWiz look better also, I’d say Samsung could finally make the S series their star again (the Note 3 and 4 has been taking lead imo for the last 2 years in Samsung’s product line).

  11. I think that retaining the form factor and overall look from year to year is a smart play by both Samsung and HTC.

    I don’t think that most people upgrade their phones every year. I do think that a lot of people either go to the store saying, “I liked my old one, I want a newer, better one just like this last phone that worked so long,” or, “I hated xyz about my old phone, I want one like my friend has, it’s better.”

    In those cases, the similar looks pay off, and make it easier.

    For those wanting a looks reboot, there’s no guarantee that what the makers would attempt will be acceptable. Look at what happened not long ago with HTC. Comments here and elsewhere were pretty consistent – stop changing cosmetics, make a better phone.

    So a looks change could hit it out of the park or could backfire. Meanwhile fans from both sides (or pick your own brand favorite, my point still stands) will attack the other side and complain that only their side is being attacked. Just like in sports, and frankly, I don’t see much difference on that.

    As for listening to us and building the perfect phone, that’s never going to happen, in my opinion.

    They already know how. If they do it, they’d never have reason to change – and would leave us right back to here and now.

    Anyway, that’s what I think.

  12. In other leaks…the edge has the edge screen on the right…..now sprint shows it on the left…

    1. it has edges on both sides, not just one.

    2. Somebody didn’t read the article.

  13. For all the commentors critiquing the phone with out knowing the specs, don’t judge a phone by its cover.

    1. So you just judged us for judging the phone?

      It’s a phone, who cares if we judge. It’s fun to judge.

      1. here here. stupid judger. i’m judging you for judging us judging a phone.

        1. God gave us the ability to judge, so I judge the S*** out of stuff every chance I can. I might just judge you if it seems necessary. Heck, I will judge on a whim just for the sake of judging, even if the judge is not called for.



          3. I judged you for making this comment.

            Now I am judging myself for responding… oh god, it is a vicious cycle…

          4. its too addicting! haha gotta pull out!

          5. 1. There is no God. 2. If you really believed, you would JUDGE NOT.

          6. I disagree. why would they have famous paintings in the historic archives showing Jesus depicted in actual events stated in the bible. see below:

  14. I thought they were going to have a new design. The non-Edge one looks the same as its Galaxy predecessors to me.

    1. The back and sides are new designs. They are going to keep the same frontal design…just like every other manufacturer.

    2. Samsung have had the same absolutely BORING design since the S2.

  15. on a lighter note. RIP Leonard Nimoy.

  16. They could reduce the top bezel if putting Samsung logo on back and reduce lower bezel if going with soft keys.

    1. 1. The top bezel isn’t just there for the logo.

      1. I have had softkeys (Nexus phones) for quite sometime .. they do NOT cause burn in. I have never, ever, ever seen this happen. And with 5.96 inches of screen space .. just how much does one need when 0.3 is taken up by the softkeys menubar. This is a nit that really is dumb to pick. *shrug*

        1. I had the Galaxy Nexus. The buttons were burning in. I rooted just to shrink the buttons. There are huge issues with them burning in on the Nexus 6. Google it. I don’t care how big or small the screen is…the buttons take up space for no reason at all. They make the M8’s display the same size as the iPhone 6 display

          1. actually over 80% of users on XDA reported to have no issues. I read that most phones that had this issue was due to faulty software that AT&T installed at launch. Should be fine after the 5.0.1 update.

          2. Except Erica Griffin didn’t get an at&t model. She had burn in within 7 days. It has been a very common complaint.

          3. eh I seen her video on youtube and its obvious that it happens. I have not had it happen to me. and had strolled through XDA forums left and right….it just does not seem like a huge issue. I have bigger issues that more people are complaining about like FC issues with Google apps, lag lag lag lag and more lag and random reboots….those are huge issues. u are in no way wrong for saying burn in happens, but its not a huge issue for a huge amount of people =) thats my only point. dont take it the wrong way please

          4. The only phone that I have ever used with on screen buttons , was the Galaxy Nexus. I was having burn in issues with it, way back then. The fact that it happens, and is more prone to happen on AMOLED displays, is probably the main reason that Samsung keeps their button arrangement. I dislike on screen buttons so much, that I would switch to the iPhone if Samsung started using them. : / They just don’t serve a purpose, and cause issues. I’m good, for now : )

          5. I got ya! and I see why some people like the buttons on sammy’s. I do not tho….I just hate to see the same thing, over and over. its the same layout. I just wish they would change it, but that would cause current samsung lovers to revolt I’m sure. if its not broke, dont fix, right?? i just thought we were going to see something a bit more innovative given their 38% drop in sales over the past year.

          6. Unfortunately for all manufacturers, all sales will drop. Xaomi is squeezing them out of China. Continued astronomical growth is just not sustainable.

          7. i know! its crazy. I love my LG phones and since getting the nexus, have grown to love what moto has done. I do hope to see a bit more choices out there in the future. all it will mean tho is smaller number of phones that the companies are manufacturing. I

          8. Ya same here, sick of the home button and have never seen these burn in issues.. Iam a current note 3 owner and former s3 and s2 owner.. I want to see Sammy do well. But this is pretty lame for a from the ground up claim.. Look at the top and bottom borders.. They are bigger now than what is currently on the note series..

          9. The buttons are only there when they need to be. If you’re watching a movie, they’re gone, playing a full screen app, they’re gone. I mean, what is bothering you and others so much?

            I used to hate them before, but that was before immersive mode. Now, the onscreen buttons go away when they need to.

            Do you want to just have a full screen when viewing your launcher or something? And I’m really asking this. I don’t understand why people say it wastes screen space. When I want a full screen, they’re gone.

            And your burn in report is quite odd. Why do I say that? Oh, IDK, maybe because the notification bar has been ever so present for quite some time. LoL!! Maybe another reason to stay away from LED screens.

          10. The buttons are there in 99% of apps. In most videos, they don’t go away, they just turn to dots. But video is what I do least on my phone. I want the full screen, when I want it…not when Google thinks I need it. Immersive mode is a joke, and doesn’t even work on most of Google’s own apps…like Chrome. The status bar and nav bar are causing burn in on the Nexus 6. Google it. There’s a reason Samsung has never used a solid black status bar.

          11. Hmm… I see… That’s the same thing I always here.

            There’s nothing wrong for wanting the nitty-gritty things. I guess it’s all the same then for people. It never bothered me. They go away when I want them to. It’s also up to the app developer to incorporate immersive mode. I’ve been fine.

            Very well then. I have my answer. Seeing as how common I’ve heard that I can see where you’re coming from. Hopefully Samsung doesn’t go to on-screen buttons then.

            Would you use the OnePlus One? I know they have both capacitive and On-Screen button options which you can change on the fly.

          12. Doesn’t work on chrome huh? I call bs…. Looky no on screen buttons on my nex 6

          13. That’s with root. That is obviously not immersive mode, as the status bar is present. Nice try. Try again.

          14. Gezzus…. A flick of the thumb and its gone..better?

          15. Again, that is a root app doing that. Chrome does not support immersive mode. You are not dealing with a dummy here.

          16. Now what?

          17. the buttons can go away completely whenever you want them to by hitting the buttons go away button… aka the expandable desktop… also they automatically go away when watching movies or reading… and they go away completely, there are no dots, you swipe up or down to bring back the buttons and they dissappear after 2 seconds if you don’t press them.

            And I’ve never seen burn in on any phone… by saying there’s burn in because of the buttons would also mean there’d be burnin in because of the status bar on top of the screen… which i have never seen happen either… if it is happening to you then i think you need to stop buying $30 android phones from CVS

          18. First and foremost, I own a Note 4 that I paid full retail for, from Verizon. There is not one case of reported burn in on the Note 4. The only phone I ever had burn in on, was the Galaxy Nexus. I absolutely hate on screen buttons. They serve no purpose. I’m not about to play this game of buttons go away, buttons come back. Not to mention, that only works on few apps, without root. With my Note 4, I have full use of my screen, and don’t even see buttons. I don’t have to fight with them to get out of my way. You can try to avoid the fact that burn in is an issue all you want, but the proof is all over the internet. It is happening with the status bar, and nav bar. Go check out Erica Griffin ‘s YouTube video on the subject. I can promise you one thing….if Samsung were to ever start using those stupid on screen buttons, I would switch to the iPhone.

          19. I’m not saying you have to like on screen buttons, everyone has a preference, i’m just saying screen burn in being a reason is a bit overblown. If screen burn in was that big of a deal, then it would happen regardless with your homescreen and nav bar and google bar and dock icons, etc.

            I understand you enjoy more of the space that the buttons may provide for you, however some prefer screen on buttons because the design is much more aesthetically pleasing in their opinion… also the buttons become more customizable by allow more buttons, rearrangable buttons, and adjust the size of the buttons if you wish… also the ability to update the buttons when a new version of android comes out and changes their design.
            You are more than happy to switch to iphone, but there are some benefits to onscreen buttons, regardless of if you like them or not.

          20. The only “advantage” you gave to on screen buttons is being able to customize them. That is a root only function. Very few people root. Then you have the fact that most phones are no longer rootable. You can defend on screen buttons all day, but they are useless. The internet is full of people complaining about burn in. I have seen it. Go check out Erica Griffin’s video about it.

          21. Whether most people root or not isnt the point. The point is they aren’t useless because they do have advantages even if you decide not to use Them…. Also i don’t have to look up the videos. Out of every smartphone I or anyanyone i know have ever owned, i dont recall one instance of screen burn in… So even if someone has had that be an issue for them, it means its a rare occurrence and its being overblown inn your statements… And it would happen regardless of on screen buttons.

          22. Burn in is a widespread problem. It was very prevalent in my year with the Gnex. Burn in, aka image retention, happens when black images stay in one place for too long on a screen. Status bars also cause this, which is why HTC and Samsung use a dark grey status bar, rather than black. On screen buttons have been causing image retention for years. A quick search proves that. In Erica’s video, she shows burn in from the nav bar, and status bar…after less than a week. You are just in denial. Again, they are useless. A neat trick for the handful of rooted users is not worth the trouble they cause for everybody else.

          23. So then you have burn in regardless with out without on screen buttons, why even use a smartphone. Also again the buttons update with android And look better aesthetically

          24. You only have burn in from the status bar, on stock Android phones. Other manufacturers are smart enough to lighten the status bar to prevent it. You keep talking about buttons updating…the new ones are ugly. On my Note 4, I only see the home button. Without on screen buttons, you don’t have to worry about updated buttons…you can look at your whole screen. A screen without buttons, or button burn in…now that is aesthetically pleasing.

          25. so the fact that my on screen buttons are light means i wont have burn in? interesting. The new ones being ugly is preference, i think home button is ugly.. so what does that mean?

            I think you meant to say…
            A screen without buttons and burn in or a screen with buttons and burn in…right?

          26. If you think the home button is ugly, you have a lot of other choices. If Samsung went to on screen buttons, I would have no choice, other than the iPhone. If your buttons are light, it Is a root tweak. I’m not talking about what root can do for a few…I’m talking about everybody else. I have a Note 4 on Verizon. I don’t have the option to root and have light buttons. So, on screen buttons would be problematic. You seem to only care about the buttons, because of root tweaks….99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of us can’t, or don’t want to bother with root. I had a Gnex for a year. My primary reason for rooting and unlocking, was to install AOKP and shrink the buttons. They are waaaaay too big.

          27. im NOT rooted and i have a transparent bottom bar with white buttons. And what are you talking about 99% of people not being able to root? Majority of flagships are rootable. Verizon isnt the only phone carrier in the world.

          28. I have a stock g3 and i change the color of the home button background, rearrange the buttons, and have from 3 to 5 buttons in the bar.

          29. It is only transparent on the home screen, not within apps. Where do we spend most of our time? I did not say 99% can’t root, I said can’t, or don’t want to bother with rooting. You have a Nexus 6 and were bragging about tweaking the buttons. You are rooted…stop lying. Not a single US Note 4 is rootable.

            Edit. So now you have a G3. Interesting.

          30. I have a stock g3 and i change the color of the home button background, rearrange the buttons, and have from 3 to 5 buttons in the bar

          31. it’s built into the LG launcher. I dont have a nexus 6, i find it to be a bit too large, g3 is the largest i want to go for now.

          32. No burn in on my n6 yet. Been using it since 11/21

      2. 2 words…expandable desktop….. Sorry edited for ya there

      3. I’ve had 2 phones with on screen buttons. Motorola RAZR HD and Xperia Z2, no burn in on either.

  17. Im not so concerned about the lack of a removable battery, but if there is no expandable storage it will be a very tough sell for me.

    1. Other will buy in your place. Sd cards are a thing of the past.

      1. Says who?

      2. ok then you go buy the 128gb version of the phone and pay 800+$ when you can buy a 16gb version of the phone and for less than 100$ buy a 128gb micro sd

        1. No, I’ll buy a 32/64GB one and enjoy my 100GB Google Drive cloud. Sd cards are useless to me! My Google Drive price of 2.99 a month is cheaper than any 128 sd card you can buy. 128gb micro sd cards aren’t cheap!

          1. but they are cheaper than a 64gb version, and not saying that cloud storage is bad, but it’s not as fast as an sd card and you’re pretty fucked if your connection isn’t all that great

          2. Dude I have a 32GB and a 64GB phone with cloud storage and a great connection. No problems at all, for me sd cards were obsolete back in 2011!

    2. your right. no sd card is a big mistake

  18. I just realized that this is the Edge version of the Galaxy S and not the Note. OMG!! I’m taken aback. Now I have to see how this device works. I’m intrigued.

  19. When are they gonna get rid of that frickin “samsung” on the bezel of the front display?

    1. They’re probably not.

  20. I hate all these comments on LOOKS…like most people your going to bury it in a case anyway.
    After the initial “look everyone at the phone i have” period…its just gonna be a hunk of metal in your hand looks wise that your use to staring at.
    Its the PRACTICAL stuff that gets me to buy a phone..the stuff that makes life easier AND makes owning the phone easier.
    Ive been with samsung since the note 2 ..despite Touchwiz, despite “ugly”…If this thing doesnt have a removable battery (which has saved my ass a number of times ..Quick charge be damned…and microsd card slot…they just lost me over to LG. Heres looking at the G4….ah well

    1. Removable batteries are far from practical. You have to purchase a separate battery, and can only charge it in the phone. Then there’s the fact that you have to constantly remove and reattach your case and backplate. I have an SD card in my Note 4. I am transferring everything off of it. If your phone gets lost or stolen, they have all of your files. They may seem convenient, but they are a security risk in more than one way.

      1. Not true. I can charge my spare batteries outside the phone. Easy and quick to swap when I need to.

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  21. i don’t care so much for the lack of the removable battery, although it would be nice to have it, but i do care about the lack of the sd card slot, i have a ton of music that i like to carry on me to have on the car or anywhere and it’s much easier to pop the sd card on the computer and put everything on it rather than waist time connecting the phone and waiting for the files to transfer, that was one of the big selling points for me over the iphone, aside form the horrible design they went whit this year, i hope the don’t go the same way on the note 5

  22. Am I losing my mind??!? My interest is actually piqued for the Galaxy S6. Let me say: I’ve ALWAYS hated Samsung smartphones; hated Touchwiz more; and hated Samsung’s bloatware even more. While I love my Moto X (2013), I’m ready for another phone (esp. considering how long it’s taking Motorola to optimize Lollipop for the older X8 System). I was totally ready for the Moto X (2014) but was royally pissed when my carrier Sprint (whom I also hate) passed on it. So, here I am. Can’t wait to see what’s on tap for the official unveiling…

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