Newly-leaked photos show the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge side-by-side


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Yesterday we were treated to a blowout of leaked photos of one of the more anticipated Android devices coming this year (that, of course, being the Samsung Galaxy S6). The leakster responsible for the photos confirmed a few details we’d been hearing through the grapevine to this point, namely the lack of a microSD card slot, no removable battery and a glass-clad back.

And now its multi-sided sibling has been leaked. The same poster dished out new shots of the Samsung Galaxy S6 sitting next to the alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. If you aren’t aware, the Galaxy S6 Edge is supposed to come with a dual-edge display as opposed to a one-sided Edge display ala the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.


It’s hard to tell in the photos provided, but there does seem to be a slight curve on both sides of the display. We’re not sure if each side will be responsible for different things or if they’ll both able to show the same apps and information, but those details are sure to be revealed at Samsung’s March 1st event in Barcelona.

Something else we can take away from these new photos is the increased size of the physical home button. Samsung is rumored to be using an improved fingerprint scanner technology that’s akin to what you’d find on the iPhone. That is, you won’t have to swipe your finger as the scanner will be able to read it the moment you press it.


It makes sense, then, that the surface area of the home button has to increase in order to accurately read a fingerprint in this manner. Some may not like the home button, but if it has to stay — and get bigger — in order to provide a more blissful fingerprint scanning experience then that’s a compromise we’ll have to put up with.

[via XDA]

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  1. that edge looks nice! really nice. what are those series of holes on the front of the phone?? i am guessing its unfinished….maybe screw holes???? sensors?

    1. Not holes, it’s printed. Usual stuff for pre-release hardware.

    2. No holes. On top, you have the camera and sensors, on the bottom Samsungs adds a barcode to be able to identify potential leakers.

      1. oh i did not know that. another site had it blown up and it seemed like it had depth like a hole.

    3. Was talking to a Samsung rep at a Best Buy and she said there have been a lot of complaints by Edge owners about frequent accidental selections, even in their pockets, thanks to that edge. I was intrigued but that turned me off to Edge variants.

      1. good to know! I’ve said this a lot the past few days but I think my top 5 list has really dwindled down to the M9 and G4 after cutting this off my list.

        1. lol, sadly I feel the same. I held off my upgrade 3 months ago in hopes of having a few amazing phones to choose from, but at this point, the G4 might be my only option (provided there is a removable battery).

          1. i think they learned their lesson from the G2 by puttin the removable battery in the G3. and after it was well received, its gotta be in all future plans….right? *cross fingers*

      2. Yeah, I would definitely go try one in a store before buy. It is to much new tech with to many unknowns this stuff is good to read as you might not think of the downsides unless someone tells you. But a normal screen, I could and would but with no previous use as I know what to expect.

    4. My theory from yesterday, it is a serial number of sorts. Long, short, in patterns. Those “holes” can tell Sammy all about that phone. The owner might think it is just part of an incomplete and test phone not for resale – a way to keep it from being sold, but to Sammy, they are a serial number and a pattern.

  2. It literally looks like a smaller rounded version of my note 4. Ijs.

  3. I don’t like the button and I don’t like that it is getting bigger… I don’t care for a finger print scanner so… Pass

    1. yeah I’m not a fan of fingerprint scanners on phones TBH. Just another way for my identity to be passed back to the government one way or another. Thats how I see it at least. That button….yuck. Why not get rid of it and put some front facing sterio speakers on it?

    2. Why don’t you like buttons? I prefer buttons over onscreen buttons.

      1. They catch dirt and muck and they take away from the sleek look of the phone IMO

    3. yeah, i agree. no need to have a gimmicy fingerprint scanner. I wouldn’t use it

  4. It’s an unorthodox design… with all the cartoon hamsters over the device. lol

  5. snooze

  6. it’s a Chinese knock off.

    1. It’s a trap.

  7. The edge looks pretty nice, I think they should’ve gone all in with this version as the regular will be, perhaps fairly, compared to other phones.

  8. No front facing stereo speakers. I’ll pass !

  9. No SD card and no removable battery? Really? Two major advantages given away by Samsung. I will always want the ability to have extra storage because the networks outside of the metropolitan areas SUCK ASS! Now if the ability to install a battery on the consumer side is still there ok but if not, come on HTC.

    1. Agreed. Makes me glad I just bought an S5 last week and didn’t wait

    2. HTC hasn’t had removable batts on their flag ships for awhile. I wouldn’t hold your breathe that the M9 has a removable batt. I’d say, come on LG

      1. Willing to bet 99% no removable battery – which I have accepted and warmed up to to go for a thinner phone. But I bet they have SD support and that is far more critical to me as I find getting juice in day, not a problem for me.

    3. it wouldn’t be surprising if the sd card access was on the bottom, or behind a volume button or something… i still dont think the s6 is that great looking.

      1. I have seen stacked SIM and SDcard access in 1 door… but on XDA it is pretty conclusive.. no SD card on S6.

  10. Damn that camera looks ugly

    1. Yes, I thought I knew the standard of how ugly you can make the camera, but I know more now…

  11. Sedge looks real nice

  12. the leaker needs a better watermarking strategy.

    1. Are those marks there perhaps to cover confidential material? That is what I assumed it was.

  13. I really dislike that the “back” button is on the right side, HAHA

  14. This is just not a good look all around. It doesn’t scream galaxy to me. I just don’t get it. I am really baffled by this..

  15. “lack of a microSD card slot”.. wow. Shocked. I am shocked. So they force you to buy a larger GB phone then. And, if the reported prices on these phones are real, to get enough space on say the Edge, you might be in for over $1000.

    Wow… that change very well could have just killed the S6 for me. DOA.

    1. Yeah… I bet that Edge will be 900-1,000.

      1. This is from elsewhere on the web:

        “…insane off-contract prices. For the Galaxy S6, Ars Technica reports that the phone is listed at $849, $963, and $1,076 for the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models respectively. These prices are what Samsung will sell the phones for to carriers, and have also been converted from Euros, meaning they could fluctuate a tad. More startling are the prices for the GS6 Edge, which is reportedly listed at $1,076 for the 64GB version and $1,189 for the 128GB model.”

        So to get a GB size I would be comfortable with given my past history and how much I store on my phone I would have to, at a minimum, get a 64gb. That could be $1200 for a 64gb Edge? WOW!!! Normally, I could buy a 32gb and supplement with an SD card to make up what I need. Not now so that means a forced extra cost for me.

        1. Wow… strictly in 6 Plus territory there.

          1. Technically, ABOVE iPhone 6 I believe. I mean, you do get way more for the money in an Android phone for the money, but good Lord, they are pushing the reality on what people will pay for Androids and this will become apparent to them. People will pay more for iPhones as they come from 1 place and only 1 company sells them and they have a certain “cool” factor people want to be associated with. Androids are made by a dozen companies and in dozens of flavors. Trying to ask exorbitant prices for an Android phone = backfire.

          2. It will backfire… I agree. However, the technology behind the curved AMOLED panel must be costly… and probably makes the phone “worth” the extra money over the standard version. But in actuality?? It’s pretty much a novelty “feature” at this time with no tangible benefit to the end user.

            Saying all of this… I would LOVE to have one! :)

  16. We all know what we want a smartphone to be. Why can’t these manufacturers figure this out?

    1. Because they don’t give a FFFF.

      SO much research out there in posts, reviews, of what people want. And at each turn, each manufacturer finds a way to ‘almost’ get there, and they just never do.

      1. You don’t NEED to give people what they want…. look at Apple. :)

        All you have to do is get a cult following of people and you’re set for life. ;)

        1. True.. but it is then hard to cry about the fact your units don’t sell when it is all over the web what people want and you blew it off.

  17. Welp that confirms it for me. Off to order my Nexus 6 the only thing that was keeping me with galaxy series was the sd card slot. My S4 has been horrible for a while from overheating, poor battery life, random reboots, lag and pretty much everything else.

    1. Wait 2 days for the M9…. hold out a few days longer.

      1. I really would like to have Android updates when they are available. HTC is much better than samsung but obviously nothing is faster than direct from google. But I will wait to see if I am swayed. My first and second android phones were HTC. The hero and Evo

        1. IF you really research the Nexus line of updates “direct from google” it is a bit of a fallacy. They are not that fast. It was/is an idea and concept they sell, but in reality, it is not really true and they lag.

          1. The Nexus 5 does still get updates faster than other phones, like the Moto X on AT&T just now finally getting Lollipop. And the M8 doesn’t have it on AT&T yet either. The Nexus 6 will for sure get updated faster than most phones, and if he is willing, flashing the update the day it comes out is super easy. But it still should get the OTA pretty quick compared to other OEMs.

          2. I agree with you somewhat but you have to blame these carriers sometimes, the Tmobile HTC One has had 5.0 for weeks, the fact that Verizon and pure Moto Xs had 5.0 and my AT&T one didnt made me sell the phone.

          3. Look how long it takes to get an update from Samsung. You would think I would have a lollipop update for the S4 but nope. If I don’t buy the nexus it would certainly be an HTC or LG product. They are pretty good with their updates in comparison to Samsung

    2. Well htc m9 might have it and we don’t know for sure if that is even real hell the nexus 6 doesn’t even have an SD slot so just wait till march 2nd to find Out

  18. Yep, definite pass.. Same old Samsung with an increasing home button size…. Bring on the z4,m9, and g4.

  19. I thought Samsung was gonna start from scratch and give us a revolutionary device. Hope MWC gives us something new and exciting.

    1. They say the same thing every year. Hasn’t happened yet.

      1. What’s wrong with last year’s? Who else put USB 3.0 port, an awesome camera, IR blaster, waterproofing, removable storage and battery, and a thumb print scanner into the same package? Who else put in HALF of those things?

        Granted, though, this looks like a fail.

        1. USB 3.0 is awful. I’m glad they went back to 2.0 on the Note 4. The camera was just OK. I didn’t like it. I’m glad they went with a Sony sensor in the Note 4. As for waterproofing…it isn’t waterproof when the port cover breaks off after a month of use.

          1. You’re reaching for judgments if you have to say that USB 3.0 is awful. In what way? It’s both faster & back compatible with 2.0. You get your cake, and you can eat it, too. The camera was one of the best ever created (so far, and WAY better than the G3, which I own), edging out the Sony Z3 according to the gold standard in photography reviews, dpreview. Granted, though, it was by a single decimal point that it took the crown away, but it did take over first. Lastly, my mom, my brother, and his wife all have the S5.,..the latter two will have had it for a year in April. None of them has broken the battery cover. Did it come off for some users? Yes. But even though that’s a small sample size, coupling it with the fact that most major phone reviewers don’t even allude to the problem in their device review tells me that the percentage affected by this is fairly small. I’ll finish by saying this; use wireless charging on your nightstand, and only pull off the charger cover for those emergencies or large data transfers (which ultimate battery saver and WiFi normally cover, anyway).

          2. That USB 3.0 connector was hard to connect. I fought with it every day for months. There are good reasons that they stopped using it. The camera was only good in the brightest part of the day. Forget about an inside shot. The colors were over-saturated. The port cover breaking was a major issue. Many reviewers pointed it out. I do not care for wireless charging. The phone can’t be used while charging…and it charges sloooooow. They should have done a better job with that port cover. That phone left a really bad taste in my mouth. I loved the S4, but the S5 was a dud.

          3. Use USB 2.0 if you want….you have that option. The camera took demonstrably better photos than the iPhone 5s and the M8 indoors…search CNET’s camera shootout. And again, my family has several of these, none have gotten broken!

          4. I used the charger that came with the phone. I was not about to buy another one. As for the camera, it was just OK. Indoor pics were never that great. I’m glad you are satisfied, but most reviews slammed the indoor pics. Outdoor pics were great in clarity, but I didn’t like the over saturation in color. The port cover breaking off is a coommon problem. Your family is lucky to have theirs still intact . I paid full price for the Note 4, for the camera upgrade and design improvements. I may buy the S6, if the camera is as good as the Note 4. I prefer a smaller device.

  20. I don’t buy these leaks. Looks like Touchwiz current UX UI, similar design to older phones, ugly looking holes in the front of the device. Highly inconsistent with the leaked info and rumors.

    1. The hole in the front are codes not part of the final design.

  21. C’mon M9 and Z4!!!! #GalaxysIsDead

    1. The M9 is the same mess that is the M8. The Z4 will follow the Z3, and be exactly like the Z2. Sony is dead. They are dropping their mobile division. Oh, and this isn’t Twitter.

  22. Glass Clad Back… No thanks. I’ll be breaking that in true Chavez fashion!

  23. Wait what. Glass-back? No micro-SD card slot? No removable battery? And the same looking design? Really Samsung? Even I’m surprised…

    Every year it seems Samsung is promising to be innovative.. They’re on the downhill with the same old looking TouchWiz, and now a glass backing with no micro-sd card slot or removable battery. There is nothing special about the S6 now…

    1. “There is nothing special about the S6 now…”

      What if it prints money though? ;)

    2. Hey man this year they will have a feature that can test if you still have weed in your system that will work 23% of the time, innovative bruh

    3. This just in…all flagships keep similar overall designs. See iPhone, HTC, LG, etc.

      1. But Samsung didn’t keep their overall design, or it would have a Micro-sd slot, and a removable battery. Even Apple has moved from a glass-back on their phones. For Samsung’s sake, I hope this is fake.

        1. They did keep their overall design. The front of the device looks like a Samsung phone. You don’t know that there isn’t an SD slot. Many devices have SD slots in the side of the phone. As long as the make the base model 32 GB, an SD card won’t be necessary. A decent amount of on board storage, plus cloud storage is enough. I am about to halt use of my SD card. If your phone is lost or stolen, your SD card is compromised. Apple’s use, or lack thereof, of a glass back is not relevant. There are other manufacturers that use it. Like you, I do hope it isn’t glass. I do not use cases. I should probably keep my Note 4 longer anyway.

          1. I’d definitely keep your Note 4 if I were you, and yes the front is basically the same as previous galaxy devices.

            I’m not calling you a fanboy, but it’s just funny to me that Samsung users circle-jerk over the fact hat galaxy devices tend to have a removable battery and an SD card lost. The fact that the S6 may lose both would silence them, unless their true fanboism comes out and defends the decision by Samsung to get rid of the removable battery and the SD card slot.

            I called it a long time ago that one day Samsung would get rid of a removable battery and the SD card in favor of a better design whenever the M7 came out. Sammies were going left and right how an Sd card slot and removable battery was superior in every way. I wonder what they’ll say now.

            It’s just unfortunate that Samsung DID stick to the same design language as previous galaxy devices and not take the advantage of the possibilities for design (unibody, different front face, etc.)

            So without an SD card slot or removable battery, what’s left? The design of the phone, and the software. By the looks of it, the design may be not great. Can’t speak much on software, other than it seems to look the same (idk if they de-bloated or got rid of the bright blue/greens).

            /rant over

          2. I have preferred Samsung phones for the last few years, due mostly to display and camera. I have liked the SD card, but the lack of one wouldn’t be a deal breaker. The last phone I had that required a replaceable battery, was the Galaxy Nexus. I had the extra battery charging system, so that it didn’t have to stay tethered to a wall. These days, that is no longer a worry. I am no circle-jerking fanboy. I used nothing but HTC phones for years. The last few years have been exclusively Samsung. If the M9 looks like the leak from EVleaks, and has a real camera…I’d be quite tempted. I have even tiptoed around the idea of getting an iPhone. I usually talk myself out of that, though. People will always have a time where they have to get over certain things that bother them. The logo bar on the M7/M8 was a huge point of contention among HTC fans. But, they still bought them anyway. Samsung can change anything they want…except changing to on screen buttons. I hate those with a passion haha

    4. 10000% agreed with you. If it’s truly true Samsung is gonna drop the micro sd and the removable, they can say good bye to their loyal fanbase. What’s the problem with companies to remove those needed features?? Before the iPhone, we didn”t need to care about that…

  24. Don’t think it will print money.. My bet is it will be the same epic fail as the s5…just sayin..

    1. The S5 was not an epic fail. It sold more than the M8, G3, Moto X, and every other flagship
      ..combined. It simply didn’t meet the goal Samsung had set. Gotta love idiots like you that spew nonsense, when you have no idea what you are talking about.

      1. Ok shite stick… It was an epic fail for Samsung standards.. Of course it’s going to sell more than m9 and g3..Learn to read between the lines a bit before opening ur yap trap.. The only 2 companies going at it are Sammy and Apple.. Clue in!

      2. Have u seen the wage freeze Sammy is putting on all employees.. Have u been on planet earth to read about the lowest sales figures since Galaxy 2 launched.. Clearly a bad year so in the book of Samsung.. Yes epic fail

        1. Increased competition from companies such as Xaomi is to thank for that. It had nothing to do with the design of the S5. Things have changed a lot since the launch of the S2. Now that Apple has big phones, their sales will shift downward as well after their user base has fewer reasons to upgrade.

          1. At the end of the day it’s still a shite design…. If these leaks hold true it will be a repeat of 2014..mark my words

          2. It’s a shite design…according to you internet trolls that hate on Samsung. Average onsumers don’t buy phones based on the same silly expectations that you do. Android blog wh*res hate big bezels. Consumers in a store couldn’t care less. I have worked in a corporate carrier store, I witnessed this for years. People don’t care about metal vs plastic either. You also avoid the fact of the 2 year upgrade cycle. Most people get a new phone once every two years. They aren’t us. Since the S4, I have had the S5 and now the Note 4. I may buy the S6.

          3. Actually iam us dude.. I’m on a two year, I own a note 3 and s2 before that…. Ad to that the fact that average consumers are becoming not so average any more.. Take for instance my old man who notices the bloatware his s4 has as well as the lag.. A man who not even a year ago could text.. Point being the average are slowly becoming the not so average.. Its only a matter of time.. Hence part of the reason I believe profits are down for Sammy.. I’m not a troll or a hater Dogtown.. Actually a fan who’s becoming not so much the fan due to Samsungs laziness.. If they don’t pick up their game the will continue to falter.. Now if these leaks are fake wich I hope they are and Sammy actually blows me away then I’ll take back what I’ve stated.. But it’s not looking good at this point

  25. Well if this is true I’ll keep my note 4 for awhile and if I want a phone without a removable battery I’ll check out the HTC one m9 or m9 plus if it exists by then or check out what Sony and LG has to offer.

  26. I love it. It will be a beast, trashing all competition. HTC already showed that they have nothing to show. Same goes for Sony. The last one is LG, but they are more or less gonna be a G3+….

    1. Moto x is the new king. Would have upgrade from my s4 if it had a better battery.

      1. Except it’s missing a micro SD card slot, a removable battery, an IR blaster, has a hit-and-miss camera, and has no wireless charging…

  27. I hope there are phones announced at MWC with stock android. The moto x probably won’t be announced anytime soon. And LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony all got skins over android. Wtf?!!!

  28. These two facts alone. “lack of a microSD card slot, no removable battery” if true, will stop me from buy this phone. If I don’t have a microSD expansion slot, and it I can’t replace the battery, with a bigger one, or an extra one if mine dies, the phone is no good for me.

    For those of you that claim you “don’t need an expansion card,” I say that’s your choice, but use a 128gb card in my Note 3, and I have ALL of my music, video, and any apps that can be moved to the card there, instead of in the system storage, for performance reasons, and I will not buy a phone that does not allow me to continue doing this.

    1. You know some of us live in the year 2015. Here you can stream everything :-)

      1. You can’t stream anything without a internet connection. No conection, inadequate connection, weak connect… Buffering,issues, security issues, too much for me. Music, videos, apps, on sd means no issues. More internal memory, doesn”t count, increases the cost of the phone. Bad move samsung. I don’t care if it comes with 128gb of internal memory, I want more, more!

        1. Cant say your wrong cause these are opinions and preferences. But I will say that memory doesnt matter much to me, 16 GB phones do just fine for me. Only issue I ever run into is I occasionally have to erase an app but thats probably once or twice a year. 20 GB from Cricket allows me to stream everything I need

        2. AS i answered to Bill above, I ALWAYS have a connection. It is extremely rare that i dont.

          1. And I work in a steel building that blocks out EVERYONE’s signal if you’re more than 10 ft from a window. If I want tunes, they have to be on my phone.

      2. That USED to be the case, before all of the Phone companies got greedy, and cut out the “unlimited data plans.” Not to mention, as others have stated, unless you live in a Metropolitan area, (and that’s NO guarantee) you’re likely to have spotty coverage at best. For Christsakes, I live in one of the most technologically advanced areas on the West Coast, with companies lile Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc all here, and still have S#*! service from Verizon. I can’t tell you how many times my calls get dropped at home, and their only response is “we’ll sell you a ‘Network Extender, for $250.”

        1. Thats right ofcourse, but as time goes more and more coverage will come. In my country theres more or less 100% coverage, so for me it really isnt that big of a problem. And you can get pretty big data plans for a fair price too….So i guess it also depends on where you live.

          1. Fortunately for you, you must live in a country where the corporations don’t own the politicians and government. Here, in the Corporate States of America, we get raped by the Telcoms, both on the price of the device, and the monthly fees, because profit above all else seems to be our country’s motto now.

    2. I’m willing to bet that people like you are less than 1% of the population. If there’s less than 1% demand for SD slots and removable batteries, then Samsung is going to eliminate them and increase their profits.

      1. If that was the case, I don’t believe that the memory card business would be anywhere near as expansive or lucrative as it is. Quite simply, people want the option of being able to carry around more than the data on the device will be able to hold, especially when you can buy a 128gb microSD card for around $100, instead of spending $1,000 for a phone with that much storage.

    3. I agree completely. Memory card slot and removable battery are pretty much dealbreakers. Being able to dump tons of music, video, and other files on my phone is huge. Though I pay for unlimited data on my cell plan, not everybody does; heavy consumers of streaming content will see their bills skyrocket. Further, I don’t always have a strong, steady cell connection everywhere I go and when that signal drops, my movie/music/audiobook would stop. Last, I love having access to butter-smooth, high resolution video and audio, which is inconsistent, compressed and shitty when streaming – even when you select “high quality” in whatever app you use.

      Being able to swap out the battery is also important, since I enjoy having a backup battery in case of emergencies, and when (not if) my phone’s battery inevitably loses its charge – as all lithium-ion batteries do, I can pay $20 for a replacement and have 1 minute of downtime instead of paying $50-100 and waiting several hours or days for a shop to swap it out with a unibody phone. It’s a no-brainer.

      They can keep the pretty design, which I won’t even see inside the case I always keep my phone inside. I’ll take function over form any day.

  29. Glass back!? hmm remind me how well that worked on the iphone 4 or on the Nexus 4… Took away the removable battery and SD card…WHY!?

    1. Idk it’s been working fine on Sony devices past two years. I love it glass…

      1. Yea was about to say that :-)

    2. Really? Has Sony or LG been sued?

  30. Definitely wont get the white one

  31. I didn’t need to see the leaks to understand the direction of the body, frame, and spscs for the S6… The real difference maker is going to be the UI and claim to have a less bloat induced smartphone. Now that’s the stuff that will really get me excited.

  32. I was perfectly content with the plastic removable back.

  33. Glass back? Uhh…I’m pretty sure 80% of the old iPhones with glass backs shattered. Makes no sense to have glass anywhere but the screen.

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