Feb 19th, 2015


When you’re running low on cash, it’s second nature to reach for your wallet and grab a credit card. What if you’re running low on battery? Keep the wallet out. You can now have a 30-40% emergency charge as readily available with the TravelCard waller-sized charger, now only $29 at AndroidArea.com.

Get the TravelCard wallet-sized charger for $29 at AndroidArea.com

The TravelCard pack 1500mAh of reserve power in a package the size of a normal credit card and only 3/16 of an inch thick. It easily slides into your wallet and includes a built-in microUSB cable; there is no need for added accessories. Lightweight and cased in durable aluminum, you’ll forget it’s there until the moment you need it.

Normally priced at $39, the TravelCard can be yours now for 25% off (plus free shipping) at AndroidArea.com. Power has never been so portable.

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