1500mAh of reserve power in your wallet for $29 at



When you’re running low on cash, it’s second nature to reach for your wallet and grab a credit card. What if you’re running low on battery? Keep the wallet out. You can now have a 30-40% emergency charge as readily available with the TravelCard waller-sized charger, now only $29 at

Get the TravelCard wallet-sized charger for $29 at

The TravelCard pack 1500mAh of reserve power in a package the size of a normal credit card and only 3/16 of an inch thick. It easily slides into your wallet and includes a built-in microUSB cable; there is no need for added accessories. Lightweight and cased in durable aluminum, you’ll forget it’s there until the moment you need it.

Normally priced at $39, the TravelCard can be yours now for 25% off (plus free shipping) at Power has never been so portable.

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  1. A quick Google search tells me this is bigger than a credit card in length x width no chance of it fiting in wallet

  2. Too expensive

  3. This isn’t a “deal”. This is the exact thing people complain about. I bought one similar to this at my local dollar for $3. Please don’t post stuff like this.

  4. Would be even more convenient to use in a wallet case for your phone.

  5. Hahaha let’s see a picture of it in a closed wallet with other stuff in there too.

    Losing credibility little by little with every androidarea article.

  6. This wouldn’t even half charge most modern phones.

    These Androidarea “deals” are just cheap, pointless tripe.

  7. Please find a different way to pay the bills. I love Phandroid, but the site’s integrity is questionable when entire articles are dedicated to a single “deal” like this one.

  8. sitting on a battery with all your weight on it. I would not buy this.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I’m guessing this using Lion or LiPo cells? We all know by now what can happen when these cells rupture.

  9. Meanwhile I got a 10,000 mAh charger by Anker, an actually /good/ manufacturer, on Amazon for $20. Try harder next time.

  10. My magnums take up all the extra space in my wallet…… POW!!!!!

  11. This is no deal since you can find 10kones going for $20-50$ and I have no problem carrying my phone and my 14k battery in my coats chest pocket. I carry around a Note 3 personally. The combo fits in my spring jacket as well so no complaints there either.

  12. see Kickstarter – Flintu Plan V.

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