Feb 19th, 2015

Sony Walkman DSC07637

We took a look at Sony’s all new Android-powered Walkman during this year’s CES. It was chunky, ran Ice Cream Sandwich, and priced at $1,200, the Walkman ZX2’s crazy high asking price made the smartphone a strictly audiophile-only affair.

Like we’ve seen Sony do with some of their other premium product lines (the Sony RX1 camera for example), they’re banking on the fact that anyone buying this device is not only an audio enthusiast, but probably has deeper pockets than most.

We suppose that’s what brought Sony to manufacture an expensive new “Premium Sound” micro SD card that will go on sale next month in Japan. Priced at $160 for only 64GB of storage, it’s definitely a lot more expensive than the $35 cards you’ll find on Amazon, but Sony’s SD card claims to produce less electrical noise when reading data, something only those with a really keen ear would be capable of hearing.

A Sony spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that they’re not even sure how well the product will sell, but they’re making it anyway for customers who demand sound quality.

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