Save 40% on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 plus deals on apps, games, and more [Android Deals]



Looking to get your Android fix on the cheap? This week you can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Note 4 for 40% off along with deals on LG headphones, apps, games, and more. There’s even a Google Play movie sale fit for Oscar season.

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Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for $149 Save 40% on the 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, normally priced at $270. [eBay]

Save 40% on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Get Samsung’s latest Note phablet for $479.99 with free shipping, a savings of over 40%. [eBay]

Take nearly 50% off LG’s Tone Ultra headphones The LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth wireless headphones normally sell for a retail price of $129.99. You can get them now for $67.95. [Amazon]

Knock $70 off the price of the unlocked Sony Xperia T2 Sony’s Xperia T2 Ultra and its 6-inch display would seem to command a high price, but not today. Yours for $229.99. [Best Buy]

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  1. Note 4 is refurbished-this is not mentioned in the headline

    1. So what if it is? Refurb isn’t the same as used; it’s almost always virtually new. Returns. Reboxed. Etc. It’s not what it sounds like (as in a broken device sent back to the factory for repairs and a fresh coat of paint and new box).

      I’ve bought dozens of refurbs over the years without any issues.

      1. EXACTLY! Wish people would understand that.

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