Feb 17th, 2015

samsung teaser the faster i am

Ready for another cryptic teaser from Samsung? The latest features a man explaining how being faster means getting more stuff done, and also being able to give more time to other people, things and needs.

It’s a decent teaser, though nothing necessarily interesting on its own. We know the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be fast. The Exynos 7 Octa chipset that is expected to be inside will certainly look to make sure of that.

What else could be fast? Battery charging times, perhaps. Samsung’s only phone to come with “fast charging” as standard is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so the Samsung Galaxy S6 could mark the first device in that particular lineup with the feature.

Or perhaps they’ve finally been able to deliver outlet-fast charging speeds through wireless charging — that would be quite the huge deal. They have been touting other interesting innovations in the wireless charging department so we’ll have to see if there’s more they aren’t telling us.

Unfortunately that’s all these teasers are — something to make us think, wish and ponder while we wait for the full reveal. It shan’t be long as March 1st is right around the corner.

[via Samsung]

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