Samsung begins teasing the Galaxy S6 camera’s low light shooting capabilities [VIDEO]


I Am The Next Galaxy

The Samsung’s hype train is officially rolling. In anticipation of their March 1st event in Barcelona, Samsung has begun teasing what will be a major focal point of their upcoming flagship’s camera: its low light shooting capabilities.

Using the hashtag #TheNextGalaxy, Samsung uploaded a video to Twitter which doesn’t show much, just a very dimly lit corridor and the taglines “Great vision,” “A unique view,” and finally, “I am #TheNextGalaxy.” If the dark hallway in the video is any indication, the upcoming Galaxy S6 will likely make low light shooting a priority (something the Galaxy S5 struggled with).

If you needed any further clues Samsung was talking about low light shooting, a few hours later they uploaded a photo to their Twitter account — which has changed its name to TheNextGalaxy — with the tag “Find clarity in darkness.” Remember, the Galaxy S6’s camera is rumored to feature OIS, something that should drastically improve low light shooting (the longer the camera’s shutter is open, the more small movements can blur the image).

Samsung Galaxy S6 TheNextGalaxy 1

Smartphone cameras have always struggled when it comes to shooting in anything less than adequate lighting, something HTC tried to address with the “UltraPixel” camera in their One line. Because smartphone camera sensors are so tiny, OEMs are faced to think up new ways at tackling this solution. OIS is just one of them. We’ll keep you updated with more as it unfolds.

[Twitter 1, 2]

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  1. I seriously got dizzy and almost puked watching that nonsense.

    1. Then please, do the world a favor and never drive at night. Seriously, you’d probably kill someone if that made you dizzy, because it was definitely no worse than headlights moving past on the freeway.

      1. Really??? You really just took my joke seriously and broke the video down for me & turned it into a potential death scenario?

        1. *Skaar imitation voice* That joke? Joke not funny. Skaar slash!

    2. Me too! Lol

  2. Funny, the S5 takes very good photos in low light situations…just look at the comparison shots posted ON THIS VERY WEBSITE: http://phandroid.com/2014/03/28/htc-one-m8-vs-samsung-galaxy-s5-vs-lg-g-pro-2-vs-sony-xperia-z2-camera-face-off/

    IsoCell isn’t just a buzzword that doesn’t make an actual impact…only the Sony kept up with the S5 when it came to colors, contrast ratios, and details. Cutting down light and color bleed between pixels a better picture does make: http://connect.dpreview.com/post/6973057172/samsung-galaxy-s5-camera-review

    All that to say…any improvements take an already top-shelf phone camera and just raise the bar even higher.

  3. They can tease the camera capabilities all they like, but they need to deliver on expandable memory and removable battery or it doesn’t matter.

    1. If I’m not mistaken I believe the expandable storage will still be an option (thankfully) on the S6.

    2. That wasn’t what the article was about at all. Stop whinging.

      1. Oh, the article wasn’t about the camera on the S6? Sounds like someone needs to go re-read. While your at it, re-read my comment cuz there is no *whining.

        1. All you complained about was removable battery and SD capabilities. It wasn’t relevant at all.

          1. Oh, I’ve been downgraded from whining to complaining? You Sir, are a fool. My original comment was a statement. We can tell from your comments that you don’t know what a statement sentence is, so we’ll leave you to research that.

            The point, which flew over your head, of the orginal comment was to serve as a reminder that a large portion of Samsung’s customers bought their phones for removal batteries and/or expandable storage. Eliminating either of those 2 features will lose that group of customers and a fancy camera won’t make those customers reconsider.

            There, it’s broken down for you.

          2. I find if funny that you think you’re smarter then me by trying to write in incredibly easily explained sentences.

            You’re not better then anyone. Stop trying to act superior.

            Complaining and whining are pretty much the exact same thing. If you want to get technical I hope you feel good about yourself.

  4. My Lumia still takes better low light photos, Samsung is still behind on cameras

    1. And which version of Android your Lumia is running?

      1. Fortunately, none, my phone is lag-free

        1. Same as my Z3.
          What’s your point then?

          1. That Samsung’s cameras still suck, your z3 may be more decent, but it may still lag, that keeps me away from Android

          2. Maybe. All we have for now is rumours.
            I’ll wait and see what they come up with.
            Camera is very important to me as well but won’t make me change to windows phone.
            I’m hoping for Nokia to come up with a new phone running Android and with camera as good as Lumia Lumia’s.
            Few years ago I had Nokia N90 and when I look at some of the photos photos I took with it’s 3.2 mpx camera I can’t believe how good they are. And we are talking 2006 :)

          3. Why the hell are you on phan droid, if you dont like android? Omg what a moron. …

    2. Which Lumia? The best Lumia that DPreview has ever seen is the 1520, and it’s literally a neck-and-neck contest between those two. The best 4 camera phones out there are the iPhone 6 Plus, the Sony Z3, the Galaxy S5, and the Lumia 1520, and it’s razor thin lines that separate them. As a help, I’ve taken the DPreview conclusion graphic and juxtaposed them…as you can tell, it’s totally a give or take situation.

      Personally, I’ll take either the Samsung or the Sony before I’d touch the Nokia or the iPhone because the OS takes what amounts to a dead heat into an instant win for the Android phones.

      1. New_guy I think you meant GN4 has the best camera for a phone out there right now. Please get with the times. Galaxy Note 4 FTW!!!!!!!!

        1. Agreed on a personal level, but dpreview is the gold standard of photography reviewing, and until they weigh in on the Note 4, it can’t be crowned officially.

          It’ll mop the floor up with the competition, though, I have no doubt, ;-)

  5. Personally I think Pandroid is reading too much into this video. I think it is just about the phone heading towards the end of the tunnel about to make its appearance – just like players do heading out on to take the field. Anything about low light capabilities is a HUGE stretch…….

    1. I am not sure I agree. The lights in the tunnel clearly make out the shape of a typically shaped Samsung camera (square frame with round lens).

  6. I hope the battery of S6 is at least 3000mah, otherwise wont be considered even if it has the best smartphone camera in the world.

  7. I dont really like touchwiz visually like i didnt like sense in its early days….that said I dont think touchwiz hinders performance as i had a galaxy s3 and note 2 before and they were fine.. In fact s5 or note 4 dont lag performance wise compared with other flagships based on videos ive seen…

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