Feb 13th, 2015

I Am The Next Galaxy

The Samsung’s hype train is officially rolling. In anticipation of their March 1st event in Barcelona, Samsung has begun teasing what will be a major focal point of their upcoming flagship’s camera: its low light shooting capabilities.

Using the hashtag #TheNextGalaxy, Samsung uploaded a video to Twitter which doesn’t show much, just a very dimly lit corridor and the taglines “Great vision,” “A unique view,” and finally, “I am #TheNextGalaxy.” If the dark hallway in the video is any indication, the upcoming Galaxy S6 will likely make low light shooting a priority (something the Galaxy S5 struggled with).

If you needed any further clues Samsung was talking about low light shooting, a few hours later they uploaded a photo to their Twitter account — which has changed its name to TheNextGalaxy — with the tag “Find clarity in darkness.” Remember, the Galaxy S6’s camera is rumored to feature OIS, something that should drastically improve low light shooting (the longer the camera’s shutter is open, the more small movements can blur the image).

Samsung Galaxy S6 TheNextGalaxy 1

Smartphone cameras have always struggled when it comes to shooting in anything less than adequate lighting, something HTC tried to address with the “UltraPixel” camera in their One line. Because smartphone camera sensors are so tiny, OEMs are faced to think up new ways at tackling this solution. OIS is just one of them. We’ll keep you updated with more as it unfolds.

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