Feb 13th, 2015

Android Be Together Not the Same Handshake video

Google’s latest ad spot centered around their new motto — “Be Together, Not the Same” — hit the net late last night. The video doesn’t feature a slew of Canadian Androids or thousands of Android devices singing in unison. None of that. It’s rather simple, showing a variety of videos from around the net in which people are engaged in their own, unique, sometimes complex handshakes. That’s about it.

Critics will point out that the video — and others like it — aren’t really showing off anything that Android can do, but that’s not the point. They’re aimed at forming a lasting impression and driving home the point that, sometimes being different is good. It means choice. And choice is something the other guys (read: Apple) simply can’t offer. Check out Google’s latest Android ad spot down below and let us know what you think.