Facebook for Android is dabbling with Material design in some regions


Facebook Material Design

It’s wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Facebook tends to drag their feet when it comes to updating their apps to Android’s latest design guidelines. Hell, 2 years ago they barely started using native Android code for their app. More recently — April of last year, to be correct — Facebook finally began pushing out an update to their Android app with a flatter, more Holo UI design (you know, the UI introduced back in Ice Cream Sandwich). But alas, ’twas better than nothing.

It seems Facebook may not be waiting quite as long before jumping on the Material design bandwagon — Android’s all new UI introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Some folks are getting early glimpses at a more Material Facebook in some regions. The UI update is done on the server side of things and rolling out in stages, meaning everyone is running the same version number (, but only some of you will actually see it. Just gotta sit tight for now.

Really, there’s not too much here in terms of Material design (just the floating action button) and we can’t say we’d be too surprised if this is where it ends. We are talking about Facebook here. Here’s to hoping the slightly tweaked design rolls out in more regions.

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Chris Chavez
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Xposed for Lollipop is now available for root users [DOWNLOAD]

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  1. “Oh hell, let’s slap a FAB in there, that’s gotta do it, right?!”

    And still no hamburger menu.

  2. Lovely. I like the Material Design view. Is there a hashtag for it? Like #HOLOYOLO =.P

    1. Pretty sure it’s #completeshite.

  3. Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped. Fix it

  4. Again, can someone confirm the story that some time ago Facebook was meant to require their developers to use Android devices to help speed up improvement to our version of Facebook? I haven’t seen many improvements just yet. Still feels like a browser-based version.

    1. It’s Facebook every update is more like a downgrade

    2. They also supposedly sent them to countries where hardware is expensive/low powered and data is expensive/slow to get a feel for how bad their app is.

  5. Ugh, keep that terrible craptastic design to Google…

  6. That search box makes me cringe everytime..ugh

  7. Does anyone else get a Facebook app update everyday?

    1. Yes, i receive updates almost everyday, but that’s because i’m part of their beta program. Are you?

  8. Hopeless as ever. I’m actually amazed people still expect a good/well designed app from Facebook! How long do people need to realise its never going to happen? The main app has been going round and round in circles with almost zero improvement for over a year now. I’m a beta tester, I get daily updates, yet, in almost a year, nothing much has changed. They just enable something server side, then disable it, then enable it again and then disable something else a few days later. This “Material design” update will take MONTHS to actually go live and all they’ll do is add a FAB. Dipshits…

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