Leaked Samsung doc hints at March release date for the Galaxy S6, April for Galaxy S6 Edge


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We already know the exact date Samsung plans on revealing the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: March 1st during their Unpacked event in Barcelona. What we don’t know is when they plan on releasing the darn thing. Last year the Samsung Galaxy S5 was officially announced on February 24th, launching globally on April 11th, 2014.

While one could assume Samsung would repeat what they did last year and launch the phone about a month after it’s been unveiled, if HTC’s same-day announcement/launch for the One M8 taught us anything, it’s that competition is fierce and being first out the gate could give Samsung that edge they need to reclaim the crown.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release date tipped

Today, the folks at PhoneArena got a hold of a leaked internal document from an alleged Samsung employee, potentially revealing launch dates for both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge by way of black out dates (dates employees aren’t allowed to take days off). According to the doc, March 22nd – March 30th are cited as mandatory work days, as well as April 19th – April 27th. If we were gambling men, we’d be willing to bet that first date is referring to the Galaxy S6, while the more difficult to produce Galaxy S6 Edge (and its curved display) will be available in late April.

Of course, nothing here is concrete and although the leak looks legit enough, the dates could be tentative. If these dates do pan out, Samsung will have effectively pulled off an announcement/launch ratio the likes very few OEMs have managed to pull off. We’ll continue to keep an eye out for you.

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  1. Looking forward to the Nexus like software they keep on talking about Touchwiz.

    1. From what I been reading, I think they mean nexus like in terms of performance. Like removing bloatware. But still have a feeling its still gonna be same old touchwiz.

      1. I think you nailed it.

      2. tw trimmed down its a win win situation for everyone that like tw like my self, i had the moto x 2014 and the original one and i think pure android is too boring for me!

        1. Pure Android is blahhh. It’s like eating food with no seasoning on it. No kick or punch to it.

    2. I hope you are farsighted… as don’t look to far forward and expect to see much.

  2. “being first out the gate” – in my case, this is so true. If the M9 hits before S6 in retail, that might push me to M9 if phones are similar as my phone is…. on…. it’s…. last….. leg.

    1. What do you have?

  3. The beast is about to be unleashed! Samsung is listening and making the necessary changes. Nothing like an announcement and weeks later the device being available! Excellent choice, just like Apple does it. Strike the iron while outs hot! Can’t wait….

  4. Can’t wait for the S6 edge. Cuz nothing says “innovative”, like seeing a text from ur grandma flash across the edge of your phone while simultaneously watching porn.

    1. I’m not sold on the edge yet. I’m interested but I don’t want to get it, end up possibly hating it, and then being stuck with it for two years

  5. Samsung is very smart to allow periodic “leaks” … helps keep their brand at the forefront of discussion.

  6. I can tell you from personal experience this is real. There are specific industry terms used in this memo that sound exactly like a real memo.

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