Samsung Galaxy Note 4 begins receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop update, here’s a quick preview [VIDEO]


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the next Samsung flagship to start receiving its Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. Hold your horses before you start mashing that “check for update” button, though: it’s only rolling out in Poland so as to perform a light market test ahead of more widespread rollouts.

It’s a practice often used by manufacturers to make sure they don’t send the update out to millions of people only to find out something went horribly wrong. Poland is a relatively small market so it’s a popular choice for testing.

We aren’t expecting much different from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s Lollipop build compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5’s. That particular build is still very much Samsung and TouchWiz as we know them, though the company does let a bit of Lollipop’s natural shine through and embraced Material Design for the device’s standard suite of apps. You can see a preview of the update in action on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the video below.

Folks lucky enough to own the unlocked model — SM-N910C — can look for it over-the-air, and while it has yet to hit KIES we imagine that’ll be a good place to check throughout the course of the day and week. For everyone else? Let’s hope it doesn’t take long to reach the rest of the world.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. So it actually is 5.0 that is coming to the Note 4 afterall, and not directly to 5.0.1 or even 5.0.2 as was recently being rumoured?

    1. The screenshot says 5.0.1… some sites were reporting that we would be going right to 5.1… LOL

      1. Yeah, many of those sites with bold claims out there. All click-baiting. Lol

        1. Yeah. It’s been a very frustrating several months with Lollipop, Samsung and click bait!

  2. Now waiting for US carriers to follow………….

  3. Nexus

  4. My carrier sent an update to my Note 4 this week. Didn’t install though, will wait for Xposed to be compatible.

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