Feb 9th, 2015

Sony logo CES 2015 DSC_0059

We’d heard Sony’s presence at Mobile World Congress would be a lot less exciting than years past, but we didn’t have a pretty good idea of what, exactly, they’ll be doing in Barcelona next month.

What they won’t be doing, according to information received by XperiaBlog, is holding a press conference. That doesn’t sound all that inaccurate considering Sony’s biggest competitors have already invited press to attend their respective shows and we have yet to hear a peep out of Japan’s biggest electronics maker.

Instead, Sony reportedly plans to simply attend the show with what should be a sizable booth and open it up on March 2nd like everyone else. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect new announcements — the company is bound to bring something to the show — but they probably don’t deserve their own stage alone.

That would seem to confirm rumors that Sony won’t be announcing the Sony Xperia Z4 at the big show in an effort to change their smartphone release strategy and shift to focusing on fewer device releases each year.

As such, it’s likely Sony will host a separate event of their own later in the first half of the year to announce the latest flagship. Not a bad idea considering they’d have a lot to contend with at Mobile World Congress with Samsung and HTC rumored to bringing their next big things. Whatever they announce and however they announce it, we’ll be at Spain’s most popular vacation spot to check it out.

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