Rap is too mainstream for HTC, so they did a rock concert instead [VIDEO]


htc peter chou guitar

HTC’s mind-boggling rap video might have been the most random (and, remarkably, both awful and awesome) thing we’ve ever seen out of the Taiwanese company, but they won’t stop at just Hip Hop to spread their message. The company has published a new video featuring esteemed CEO Peter Chou in a soft-core rock video that serves to be more inspirational than anything else.

Guitar in hand, Chou fearlessly takes to the stage at the company’s 2014 year-end party to spread the message that “we are one,” and “together we can change the world.”

One thing we can applaud HTC for here is that it’s a lot less cringeworthy than the rap anthem, though those awkward singing executives on the side of the stage loses them a couple of cool points. The video’s straight ahead if you’re interested in Smooth Peter Chou’s musings.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Htc is staying to weird me out.

    1. Starting *

    2. I agree with you. They got way too much free time. Putting out rap or rock videos isn’t going to make anybody buy their phones.

      1. You right, all the dumb sheep have been hoarderd already

  2. I’m not interested in anything they have. This is malarkey

    1. thank you for showing me how to spell the word malarkey. i just got way to excited when i saw it in text form. lol

    2. I have expanded my vocabulary. I shall use this word quite often. It’s something that happens way too much.

  3. If you think this is less cringe-worthy than the rap song… you have been smoking meth.

  4. I literally had to look away while watching this. Peter Chou is one thing, but did you see some of their western execs on stage look horribly uncomfortable singing along?

    So. Much. Cringe.

  5. Wooo! We Are ONE!! HTC is killing it!

  6. Bless their hearts.

  7. Good grief!!!

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