Verizon taking $10 off MORE Everything plans and adding new data options this Thursday


verizon more everything

Phandroid has received word from a trusted source that Verizon is looking to tweak some of their MORE Everything plans this Thursday. The biggest change comes in the cost of the company’s standard access charge for the Verizon Edge discount on plans 6GB and higher: you will now get $25 off all of those plans for being an Edge or month-to-month customer. Folks on 4GB or lower will still receive the standard $15 discount.

verizon plan changes screen shot

Verizon is also chopping at least $10 off a good amount of their data packages, and adding more 2GB increments up to the 20GB mark. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

  • 2GB: $40 (Old: $50)
  • 3GB: $50 (Old: $60)
  • 4GB: $60 (Old: $70)
  • 6GB: $70 (New Offering)
  • 8GB: $80 (New Offering)
  • 10GB: $100 (Old: $80) — $80 was a limited-time promotional price. The original price of this plan was $110 and now it’s being reduced to $100. Those who got the plan for $80 will remain with promotional pricing for as long as they’re on it.
  • 12GB: $110 (New Offering)
  • 14GB: $120 (New Offering)
  • 16GB: $130 (New Offering)
  • 20GB: $140 (Old: $150)

Our source indicated that the plans are being offered under promotional status, meaning they’ll only be available for a limited time. How long that will last remains to be seen (companies sometimes decide to make promotional changes permanent if the results are good enough) so you’ll want to take advantage as soon as you can once they go live.

Oh, and it looks like they’ll be offering $100 bill credits for every line you switch to Verizon using Verizon Edge. Not too bad if you needed a good reason to leave your current carrier. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage of any of this one the calendar turns to February 5th.

[Update]: And here is the official information straight from Verizon.

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  1. Affordable Unlimited Data???


    I’ll pass!

  2. Holy hell! $50 for 2GB?! How do they survive?

    1. By severely overcharging clueless customers and then telling them that your product is the best. How else do you think Apple survived?

      1. I meant the customers but yeah I like your answer!

  3. Hiking my 10G plan from $80 to $100 leads me to 2 questions – 1. Will I be grandfathered in and keep the $80 price, and 2. If I only use 4-5gb per month, is it worth dropping to the 6gb plan to save $10?

    1. You’ll still keep the $80 – I’m on the same one. It’s an awesome deal.

    2. And I would say no on saving the $10, simply b/c if there’s ever a month where you need the extra 5gb, or if your life changes and you start using more in the future, you’ll be glad to have that 10gb at $80! :)

    3. thats a great question – but am sure you will be “grandfathered”in… but then who knows..

  4. I don’t care how good their coverage is. 50.00 for 3GB is ridiculous. Tmobile 2 lines truly unlimited everything with no throttling…$100.00. Sorry Verizon, but you blow.

    1. You would care how good their coverage is if you lived where I do, where the only other real option is US Cellular (which costs as much or more than Verizon and has much less nationwide coverage).

      1. Unfortunately in many parts of the country Verizon and AT&T are the only real options. Some people from more populous areas like me seem to miss that fact, I love my T-mobile unlimited data, but I know in certain parts of the country it wouldn’t be a reliable option. Unlimited Calling/ Text and Data for $20 would still be a bad deal if you have no signal most of the time where you live and work.

        T-mobile does realize that, coverage seems to be their major goal these days but it’s going a take awhile.

        1. which will cause their pricing to increase. More towers, more people to maintain them, etc. Overhead goes up, prices go up to maintain profits. Just the nature of business.

          1. More importantly, the further out you go, the fewer subscribers you have per area covered.

          2. That’s plain ignorance on your part. Tmobile has the MOST cell towers at 60,000 compared to Verizons 45,000

            Verizon didn’t do crap to build out coverage they just happen to have had a lot of low band spectrum. You think the boonies are blanketed in Verizon towers? They probably have as many as tmobile out there in rural areas to keep costs low but the low band spectrum helps it cover the whole area.

            You also think Verizon is more expensive because they are directly charging you for THEIR expenses? Stupid stupid stupid. They are charging the most because they are getting away with it.

            Verizon and att collect a HIGHER profit margin. That means the extra money you pay Verizon goes straight to Verizon. Take international roaming fees for example. There was a 90% profit mark up relative to the cost to the carriers. So tmobile didn’t LOSE money by making it free. But it’s super hard for Verizon to stop charging for something they make a 90% mark up profit on.

            But not as much anymore because people are leaving Verizon for tmobile for the past year and sticking with it which is what causes Verizon to lower prices.

            Verizon is getting hurt.

    2. Lol….TMo coverage is so terrible it’s laughable. Not as laughable as Sprint, but still laughable. Here is Denver LTE is crap unless you’re near downtown or on an interstate. Don’t even get me started on coverage in the mountains. Once Tmo expands their coverage and can compete with VZW and ATT, they will have to be more expensive than they are now.

  5. I only like when they do this for one reason….AT&T usually follows suite….I know its still expensive, but compared to other carriers, Verizon and AT&T have better coverage and I dont mind paying for better coverage that I get in my area.

    1. Exactly

  6. The 10gb plan isn’t receiving a hike, it’s normally $110, but had a promotion going the past two months for $80. That promotion ended Jan 31st and it went back up to $110.

    1. Wait, what? I just switched to that plan a week ago. Will I still get it for $80?

      1. If you got in before the promo ended then yeah you should definitely keep the $80 price. My account still shows it.

      2. LOL, yes. that’s the purpose of a contract; to lock in a certain rate.

        1. I get that, but I’m off-contract now so I wasn’t sure how it worked. Makes sense though and the information from Verizon that was added to the post helps. Cheers.

    2. Thanks for the correction! Updated.

    3. totally didn’t know that was a promo. Best Buy mobile I frequent, is an awesome group so I rarely question what they are selling me as they surprisingly look out for the customer’s best interest. When they told me I could upgrade from 4 to 10 GB for just a couple more bucks a month, I said “Absolutely!” I thought that Verizon had just revamped their pricing. Good to know I got lucky with my upgrade period. I like my upgrade period being during the holidays :)

      1. Yes us best buy mobile employees are pretty awesome. They upgraded you from four gigs to ten for ten dollars more a month. Was a hell of a promo. Especially when you tie in the gift cards that we always give out.

        1. Exactly. Now we’ll be able to get more people on Verizon Edge and get more IB sales. I’m stoked for this.

  7. Verzion screwed me over since day one – since i signed up and the reason I left AT&T for them was because i was able to get the 10 gig for 80 – instead of 100 from AT&T so with this foolish move they are no longer making themselves stand out compared to AT&T – anyhow i went back to AT&T one day after the 150 per line ended- so even though i missed it – i am glad to be back with ATT – verzion service is good – but the service of the company representatives sucks! i mean really – it was so bad.

    1. You are on ATT and complaining about VZW CSAs? weird. ATT is the worst!!!!!1111one11!!!

      1. for everyone – i am sure they have different experiences BUT – for the 2 years of AT&T i had maybe spent about 1 hour on the phone for support/questions/concerns – in the 70 days I had verizon i spent 6 hours in store visits and 5 plus hours on the phone to everyone from the 611 rep to customer retention to Verizon Corporate executive services – this was my fair-well letter –

        1. What issue could you possibly have that you would spend 11 hours talking to CSAs? I would never in a million years accept that. I’d be asking for elevated service after no more than 10 minutes. Thank you, you have no idea what is wrong, can you please send me to the next tier of service please?

          I’ve been with VZW for about 6 years (came from ATT) and have never had issues with their customer service. Of course, I pretty much fix any problems with my devices by myself.

          1. If i were to TYPE it all out – it would be a book – but i will try to summerize it as best i can – from POINT Of SALE the rep could not figure out how to set up my edge deals – they activated for me a defective phone and instead of undoing that – they put it in as an exchange voiding my right to return the phone in the 14 days time frame. So when i needed to return the new phone i had that had issues – they could not do it – since their edge computers has many limitations. I get the first invoice for 330 for a plan that was 140 – i call get that corrected and pay off one of my edge devices – instead of applying that as paid they charged it as equipment and then triggered another line of mine as equipment and sent me a revised bill of $831. I called again over this and was promised that it would be fixed – they fixed it by taking my $600 in LINE port credits to the equipment i already paid for and told me the bill will be zeroed out – i told them then where is my 600 and no one was smart enough to know how to look at the bogus charges. I wrote to the CEO and anyone email i could find and Verizon Exec services called me back same day and promised that they would fix this (mind you all the reps i spoke too all promised follow up calls which they did not do) i was told i had to wait 30 days due to the limitation of Verizon edge to return this junk phone for a new one that i chose, they could not do this – i waited the 30 days – went to the store – got emails and confirmations that i was good to go – but failed every time i went. the Rep that was handling my case – disappeared so they had to assign another – who did some more mistakes to my account giving me a 400 bill with no credit for my $600 due and overpayment of the equipment payoff – she disappeared too. Finally i wrote that goodbye letter and someone else tried to fix my case, who told me in his 12 years there never saw anything like this – and he offered the world to stay but i was done – and even though i ported back to ATT they screwed up my final bill again… I have emails to back all this up and 3 case numbers to show too – they were the absolute worst in dealing with this… I am done with them – again – there may be more details missing here but hopefully you get the idea.

  8. Also for what it’s worth – alongside the 10gb/$80 promo the past couple of months, they were offering $150 per line switched to Verizon. For some reason I didn’t see that reported hardly anywhere… so it looks like they’s simply paring back their promotions.

  9. That 8GB plan would be perfect for me…

  10. So I can pay 55$ for 2gbs on Verizon Edge or 55$ for 20gbs on Cricket. Hmmmm…

    1. Cricket is King…PERIOD!!!!

  11. Wow $10 bucks off, how is VZW going to make it doing data that cheap. [Sarcasm]
    Now if the news was VZW was going to offer a plan where unlimited talk, text and data were going to be $10 a month, now that would be news!

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