Feb 4th, 2015

verizon more everything

Phandroid has received word from a trusted source that Verizon is looking to tweak some of their MORE Everything plans this Thursday. The biggest change comes in the cost of the company’s standard access charge for the Verizon Edge discount on plans 6GB and higher: you will now get $25 off all of those plans for being an Edge or month-to-month customer. Folks on 4GB or lower will still receive the standard $15 discount.

verizon plan changes screen shot

Verizon is also chopping at least $10 off a good amount of their data packages, and adding more 2GB increments up to the 20GB mark. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

  • 2GB: $40 (Old: $50)
  • 3GB: $50 (Old: $60)
  • 4GB: $60 (Old: $70)
  • 6GB: $70 (New Offering)
  • 8GB: $80 (New Offering)
  • 10GB: $100 (Old: $80) — $80 was a limited-time promotional price. The original price of this plan was $110 and now it’s being reduced to $100. Those who got the plan for $80 will remain with promotional pricing for as long as they’re on it.
  • 12GB: $110 (New Offering)
  • 14GB: $120 (New Offering)
  • 16GB: $130 (New Offering)
  • 20GB: $140 (Old: $150)

Our source indicated that the plans are being offered under promotional status, meaning they’ll only be available for a limited time. How long that will last remains to be seen (companies sometimes decide to make promotional changes permanent if the results are good enough) so you’ll want to take advantage as soon as you can once they go live.

Oh, and it looks like they’ll be offering $100 bill credits for every line you switch to Verizon using Verizon Edge. Not too bad if you needed a good reason to leave your current carrier. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage of any of this one the calendar turns to February 5th.

[Update]: And here is the official information straight from Verizon.

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