[Update: Could be HydrogenOS] This could be our first look at OxygenOS on the OnePlus One


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[Update]: There’s a possibility that the leak is actually for HydrogenOS, which is a different ROM being made specifically for Chinese OnePlus One models. What we know for sure is that Carl Pei specifically confirmed what you see below is not OxygenOS, but he never said it wasn’t HydrogenOS:

Guys, this isn’t OxygenOS. Have faith in that we understand our users better than what these leaks suggest.

Something to think about for sure.

It would make sense that OnePlus wants to make a separate ROM for their home region as Chinese designers tend to prefer these sorts of user interfaces over your typical Android overlay. It would appear we’re still a bit in the dark as to what OxygenOS will look like, but we’re glad to see that OnePlus might be far along on either front.

We thought we’d have to wait until February 12th to get our first look at OxygenOS for the OnePlus One, which is OnePlus’s upcoming own-built ROM. Thankfully that isn’t the case as GizmoChina has gotten their hands on a couple of early screenshots.

There isn’t a huge blowout of information here, but we do get a glimpse at the ROM’s beautiful weather app. It doesn’t look too busy in its current state and does what it’s there to do: give you the current temperature and weather conditions. It looks damn good doing it, though.

We also get a look at some sort of categorical app drawer that might be featured. A collection of favorites sit in their own space above, tools have their own sections, while you find all the games grouped into their own little space. We’re not sure if this is the primary way to access apps on OxygenOS or just an alternate view for those who prefer something a bit more organized.

oneplus one oxygenos

The design seems to be trending toward “flat” if these few screenshots are anything to judge by, though that isn’t surprising considering flat is all the rage lately. Unfortunately that is the extent of our knowledge right now.

It’s said OnePlus hired the entire team behind IUNI for this specific purpose so whoever’s responsible for designing this thing certainly has enough of a resume to make a truly unique user interface to sit atop Android. In the meantime you’ll soon be able to enjoy Lollipop in its more natural form with an upcoming upgrade to CyanogenMod in the very near future.

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  1. Let’s nip this in the bud and stop letting these companies tack “OS” on to a skin. Call your skin “Oxygen” if you want to, but let’s stop pretending this isn’t Android.

    1. Just like MIUI.

  2. I hope that categories are an option, or at least editable.

  3. This is huge disappointment! STOP putting skins over android all together! This is what made the OPO unique when they dropped. Stock android is fantastic! What’s wrong with it manufacturers?

    Manufacturers, look at Motorola as an example!

  4. Not there os, so nothing to see here.

  5. 2012 wants its UI back.

  6. It’s ugly

  7. Vine, a game? Snapchat, a tool? Couldn’t help but point that out, and be that annoying guy

  8. That background is… unfortunate.

  9. Yea…..don’t bring this to the states

  10. How about they just give us an option to put stock android on there. Let the rest of the masses wallow in OxgenOS while we stick to stock android. That’d be swell.

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