4 Samsung Galaxy S6 color options and new cases leaked ahead of March 1st announcement


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samsung galaxy s6 colors

We’re used to Samsung offering two base colors of their flagship smartphones to start, but a new leak suggests there will be even more options to choose from with the Samsung Galaxy S6. A total of four colors have been leaked for Samsung’s first flagship that uses a metal unibody build.

Spotted above, the colors range between your typical white, a dark blue option that Samsung has come to prefer, a tan or gold-colored option and a blueish-green option for those who like something a little more lively. There’s no telling if all of these colors will be available for every market or carrier (exclusive deals for a carrier to get a certain color option are often made) but it’s nice to know we won’t be limited to the usual roster of two.

samsung galaxy s6 cases 1

With that, we also get our possible first look at some early renders of the device sitting inside the cases Verus is planning to launch. Two of the devices are clad with the white and dark color options mentioned above. The phone seems to have fairly round corners judging by the shape of the cases, and if these photos are anything to judge by then this could be the thinnest Galaxy S smartphone released to date.

samsung galaxy s6 cases 3

As with any leak, though, you should take this with a grain of salt and remember that things could look completely different by the time Samsung decides to pack a few of these into a box and head toward Barcelona for Mobile World Congress on March 1st. We’ll be there providing live coverage of the announcement so keep it dialed into Phandroid to make sure you don’t miss it.

[via FaceBook, SamMobile]

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  1. I’ll be the first to say that these renders do no justice for the Galaxy S6..good thing these are just renders…looks simple…And Take off the Samsung logo in front and just keep one on the back!!

    1. does any manufacture not have a logo on the front? I know the Nexus don’t

      1. HTC do.

      2. One plus don’t

  2. That pretty well matches the colors for the University of South Florida.

  3. It is so annoying when carriers pick 1 color up front, push it, sell it, and then, after 2-3-4 months, announce a new color addition.

    Oh, and a green phone???? yuck.

  4. Thin with rounded corners (and now separated volume buttons). It’s easy to predict the wave of comments on the 1st saying they are copying Apple again.

    Why do so few OEMs prioritise battery life over thinness? Does anyone actually say “this phone is not thin enough” in this day and age? I don’t understand why this race is continuing.

  5. The first one looks like a reworked iPhone 6 case. I’m pretty sure this will be nothing like the final product

  6. liking the teal and beige colors

  7. Still no stereo front speakers and if they remove removable battery and SD card I will be removing my purchase. This was supposed to be the phone that was internally named zero? It looks like all other Samsung’s?

    1. No way they will get rid of SD card, not when the competition offers it. They may however get rid of the removable back for design purposes and also the choice of material.

  8. Apparently the declining sales over 2 years have taught them nothing. If this S6 looks like the S5 that looked like the S4 they are even more lost than ever. Motorola, LG, and HTC are going to smoke them.

  9. The power button is in two different locations on each case. There is a cutout for an iPhone rotation lock/vibration switch, and looks nothing like the image hinted by the press invite for the unpacked event. I’m wondering if these “leaks” are a marketing tactic to get us all talking about the phone to create a public buzz. Seems to be working, huh? Samsung is pretty good as keeping everything under wraps, so I’m not believing this, or the Spigen leaks. :)

    1. Due to screensize it would be unlikely here, but it would be interesting if another Android manufacturer designed a phone compatible with all that aftermarket iPhone gear.

  10. Unfortunately this indicates no rear fingerprint sensor.

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