Android 5.0 Lollipop update begins rolling out to Exynos Samsung Galaxy S5 units


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If you’re in one of the markets where Samsung uses Exynos for processing needs in the Samsung Galaxy S5 you’ve been left out of the Lollipop upgrade party to this point. Not anymore, though, as the upgrade is reportedly headed out to users of that particular model (well, if you live in Kazakhstan, anyway).

The Qualcomm-equipped Samsung Galaxy S5 began receiving its Lollipop upgrade late last year, and it was only yesterday that the upgrade reached a wider audience with Verizon Wireless surprising their users with a rollout.

As with any upgrade you shouldn’t expect it immediately if you don’t have an unlocked handset or if you have one that is distributed through a carrier. That said, the rollout does mean that carriers are likely beginning to test the upgrade for certification and rollout in the very near future. Keep your ears to the street for your specific model and carrier. Otherwise, those lucky enough to be able to afford unlocked handsets can head to Samsung Kies to grab the upgrade.

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  1. By the time my S5 gets this, I’ll have a different phone. Samfail.

    1. This phone is less then a year old. Why do you need a new one already? Why do you demand updates at your beck and call as if you should get it instantly?

      1. probably doesnt even own one , just bashing just for the sake of it

        1. Yeah.

        2. Keep telling yourself that.

      2. That’s really none of your business is it? I spend my money how I want to and your opinion on the matter makes no difference whatsoever.

        1. And your opinion on Samsung doesn’t matter to anyone either. Have fun wasting your money and being a slave to the consumer system though. No wonder people are poor these days. You just have to have the latest and greatest status symbol to show off to your friends to feel accepted.

          1. Flagged for personal attack.

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