EA Sports successfully predicted the exact score of Super Bowl 49 using Madden NFL 15 simulation [VIDEO]



From Katy Perry’s electric performance to the smash mouth football game itself that took place in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, there was a lot to take away from Super Bowl 49. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the game is the result and score itself.

It’s not because New England sealed a 4 point victory on a goal-line interception to prevent Seattle from taking a 3-point lead in the final two minutes (seriously, Pete, you call a pass on the one yard line with Beast Mode hungry for another touchdown?), but because EA Sports’ Madden NFL Football video game predicted the exact score in the game’s annual simulation.

The plays and the exact action might not have been emulated, but when it came down to it the simulation pegged New England as the winner in a 28 to 24 contest. That just goes to show how great video games have become from a realism standpoint (and is a big reason why we love the games as told in our Madden Mobile review from last year).

For what it’s worth, Madden has been wrong before (they had Seattle losing to the Broncos in last year’s simulation), but we imagine the result of yesterday’s game put a nice smile on EA’s face as it makes for some good residual advertising. Nothing will be cooler than the late, great camel named Princess that accurately predicted Super Bowl outcomes for years (sadly, she died in early 2014), but hey — it’s something.

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  1. My how technology has advanced. When does this Skynet thing go online?

    1. They had to re-brand under something less conspicuous, something silly like “Google” should do the trick.

  2. Hogwash! They showed a box of puppies coming down a ramp and had to choose between two bowls of the exact same food. The puppies seemed to go toward the hawks bowl but at the very end they all shifted to the deflatriots.

    Say what you will but you can say games are fortune tellers lol

  3. Coincidence. They could do a rematch and the score wouldn’t be the same.

  4. If only they could have predicted the outcome of a short pass on 2nd down with 1 yard to go and ~30 seconds left on the clock.

  5. 8 out of 11 winning predictions with one perfect prediction. Just goes to show how much work goes into creating an authentic and realistic experience. It’s in the game! (I love working for EA!)

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