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inbox by gmail

If, for some ridiculous reason, you don’t have the easy-to-secure invite to Inbox by Gmail already you’ll be glad to know that another opportunity has opened up… but only if you act fast. Google is giving out invites to anyone who emails them by 9AM Pacific standard time at [email protected] (it has to be from a Gmail address).

Inbox, if you don’t know, is Google’s new take on email, a simplified inbox that’ll group like-items and allow you to take action on multiple emails at the same time. It’ll group travel email into the same bundle and automatically add itineraries and such to your calendar, or you can get a look at all of the email you don’t want to see (such as bill alerts) in one fell swoop.

Inbox has features for “snoozing” emails to make them reappear at a later time in case you can’t get to it right away. It’s a pretty big change at first, but many who have gotten used to it exclaim they wouldn’t dare go back to the old way

You can try Inbox without having to give up your traditional Gmail experience so if you don’t end up liking it it’s rather easy to switch back. There are apps for iOS and Android, and you should note that the web version only works in Google Chrome (though Google swears that will change eventually). In the meantime, check out the cool infographic straight ahead to see exactly how people are using Inbox to help regain control of their email.

inbox infographic

[via Google]

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  1. does anyone use this?? and do the persons using it find it useful? I received an invite and installed in a few months ago but after using it for….2 days? i found it to be confusing and clunky. There are way too many confusing aspects of Inbox and unused space really. thoughts? should i try it out again?

    1. I use it mainly because my job also uses Gmail and I don’t want my personal account and work account going through the same app. Inbox is everything that you described. It’s also frustrating when you go in to one of the labels to delete emails and if you scroll to far it will refresh and take you out of the label so you then have to start all over.

      1. glad I’m not the only one who has had frustrations with it….I’m just not sure what all the fuss it about with it. =

    2. Ditto, I gave it a day and quickly uninstalled it. I didn’t see any benefits for it.

      1. Then why make it? at least gmail is user friendly and not so confusing. maybe they should stop chasing this inbox project and focus on Nexus updates haha

        1. I can see the benefits for someone that does not get many emails. Maybe someone that just gets a few a day, from friends and family, maybe some shipping details, etc. But for someone like me that has two accounts, personal and work, it is no good. I need to be able to see a list of multiple titles so I can quickly delete the ones I do not need to read and get to the ones that matter. With Inbox, just a few emails take up the entire screen, making it unmanageable when you have a decent amount of emails coming in.

          I really like the way Gmail is setup, especially now that it supports multiple accounts. You can easily switch back and forth from your work email, and personal email, keeping them separate from each other.

  2. as a person who tries to keep a zero sum inbox, inbox is pretty useless to me, but my wife is a fairly casual email user and she likes it just fine :

    1. Spot on, having to go to gmail to check I have successfully read/deleted the unwanted makes inbox redundant to me.

  3. If you don’t feel like racing or waiting, there are still a bunch of Inbox users with a surplus of invites to hand out next door at Android Forums:

    1. Or just PM me, I still have a couple of invites left.

  4. Is Inbox even a thing anymore? I mean who cares.. it’s half baked, ugly, and horrible to navigate.

    1. or maybe you are just retarded?

  5. I’ve been trying to get an invite for quite a long time. -_-

    1. Really? Or sarcasm?

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