This alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype seems to match up with all those cases we’ve been seeing


Samsung Galaxy S6 early prototype

As we near Mobile World Congress, now barely a month away, it only makes sense that high profile leaks would begin trickling out. Late last night, the boys at PhoneArena got a hold of what they claim is an early Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype.

Laying flat on a table, the prototype devices are shown wearing Samsung’s traditional blue and white color scheme and super flat, what could be aluminum battery covers. Now we’re not saying the design is final (it looks awfully similar to Samsung’s current all-metal A series smartphones) but they do have the same LED flash/heart rate monitor set up and missing rear speaker as those Spigen cases we saw earlier.

We’ve seen countless reports that, after continually slumping smartphone sales, Samsung was going back to the drawing board with the Samsung Galaxy S6 using new materials, and focusing on a fresh new design. The same applies to the software too, which we heard earlier today could see Samsung decoupling much of their application suite from the phone, making them downloadable from the Google Play Store instead.

Honestly, if Samsung were to release a phone using the design pictured above, we wont say we hate it. Just looks a little “safe.” We can’t wait to see what they unveil at this year’s Mobile World Congress in which your friends at Phandroid will be in attendance. Stay tuned.

Chris Chavez
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Spigen already has Galaxy S6 cases, shows subtle differences from their Galaxy S5 cases

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  1. That looks like doodoo!

  2. I like it but I think it’s fake.

  3. Please be fake

  4. Not bad but be fake too simple

  5. This was already debunked by other blogs

  6. I think they’re real prototypes. Sucks the camera bulges.

  7. Personally, I hate it- Fake, real, render, unicorn or not. I just hope the real design is something more a little more appealing :)

  8. I prefer a flat back so my phone doesn’t wobble on the desktop when I press the buttons like my Moto X.

    1. The camera bulge will mean this wobbles as badly as anything else.

      1. It will only wobble if the camera bulge is round.

  9. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake since it’s allegedly a prototype. Either way you can be sure the final product won’t look like this.

  10. Where’s the speaker? And regarding the camera bulge. Show me one a good one that doesn’t stick out.

    1. Um, any of the sony Z flagships with the 20.7mp camera?

    2. Looks like the speaker is going to be at the bottom just like the the Note 3.

  11. Xioamis new phone that looks just like an iPhone doesn’t bulge

  12. An unlocked boot loader couldn’t save that pos

  13. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  14. How does anyone know unless you take it for a spin. Its what’s under the hood not what it looks like

  15. IF this is real, can’t help thinking those M9s will be flying off the shelves!

    1. Sadly the Samsung brand is really strong. I tried convincing my girlfriend from taking another phone than the S5, but she had to have a samsung.

      1. It’s strong, but not Apple strong by any means:


        Another couple of uninspiring flagships and they’ll be struggling.

      2. U should have tried harder… my GF also went for the GS5 but I convinced her to go back to the store and trade it for an M8, she was very satisfied with her decision.

  16. I already like the back better than that of the ugly band-aid S5
    Still an ugly ass button on the front, so still ugly

  17. I’ve learned real quick not to trust these leaks….if that IS the final product, then count me out. protruding camera, ugly frame, AND home button? no thanks.

  18. I don’t like this design, the Note 4 looks better.

  19. I really doubt the 6 will have a glass backplate.

  20. The design changes don’t look very drastic the the device looks very clean and hopefully the materials are solid in hand.

  21. please someone tell this is not true! that i am having a bad dream!

  22. HTC is on their way back to smartphone dominance… can’t wait.

    1. I like HTC, but when did they dominate?

      1. In the beginning…. With HTC G1, G2, Evo, Droid, and MyTouch Series….until the Galaxy S2 came and then the GS3…in fact when the GS3 came out..that’s when HTC started releasing fewer device per year with HTC One series…

    2. Htc sense might not be the worst skin but still suck. When they go stock like Motorola then maybe. Motorola came back from the dead because of putting stock on. All the OEM need to do is make good hardware

  23. I don’t like it…

  24. ” (it looks awfully similar to Samsung’s current all-metal A series smartphones) ” All metal? Mate. Learn some knowledge. xD

    1. Ofcourse the S6 will match some existing Samsung phones externals. Probably the A-series. People just believe the S6 will look TOTALLY unlike any other Samsung phone.

  25. I know it’s very easy to dismiss these leaks. I remember thinking the same thing about the Galaxy S5. Unfortunately the leaks of the S5 were accurate.

  26. All Samsung phones look the same. So some have metal trim and some don’t.

    1. A line versus S line?

  27. I am still interested – I can dig it. It is this or the M9 and based on leaked specs and photos & the M8 versus S5 previous phones, I am leaning towards the M9.

    The camera bezel does not bother me really, might allow for easier pickup of the phone as it is slightly lifted up off the surface.

    I kind of worry about an “antenna gate” type of issue with the aluminum band, but would hope and assume Apple taught everyone how to work that out. It was/is also an issue on select Asus tablets so need to be careful with that. But it looks good.

  28. Well if this is it wich I doubt, I’ll be moving along… To date the G3 has the best design I’ve seen in awhile… Samsung needs to get the creative juices flowing.. Its 2015 yo!!!

  29. Is that an Edge-to-Edge Display I see?

    1. Certainly not. Not on those. But the “rumor” has been 2 S6 versions for some time: 1 with, 1 without and these are certainly without.

    2. It certainly does look edge to edge. I just hate that home button. I a big fan of soft keys.

      1. Edge to edge is different than edge to edge display I think. Maybe we are talking 2 different things as I though he meant the additional screen along the edge. Like the Note “edge”. As there is a rumored S6 “edge” version. But, now I think you guys mean is the display bezeless on the left to right edges and that is what you mean by edge to edge.

        Either way, I still say no as the Spigen cases show a left to right bezel. IF those photos – or even these photos – are to be believed.

  30. Yawn. Looks a lot like the s4 i been staring at for 2 years…hoping for something more iphone 6 or htc one style…

    1. You can probably tell the looks of the S6 by looking at the A-series. Flat back and aluminium casing. Not rounded corners everywhere.

  31. Its either this or M9…which ever has the best battery life is what Iwill lean too…

  32. I’m not sweating the design – it’s hard to tell from the leaks, but still looks slick. They just better not mess with the IP6 rating or f up the antennae. The killer features of the S5 are the chipsets, software (all the camera modes, Ultra Power Saver, etc.) and the waterproofing. Watching the news or YouTube in the shower is pretty nice

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