Jan 29th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:11 pm

Samsung Galaxy S6 early prototype

As we near Mobile World Congress, now barely a month away, it only makes sense that high profile leaks would begin trickling out. Late last night, the boys at PhoneArena got a hold of what they claim is an early Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype.

Laying flat on a table, the prototype devices are shown wearing Samsung’s traditional blue and white color scheme and super flat, what could be aluminum battery covers. Now we’re not saying the design is final (it looks awfully similar to Samsung’s current all-metal A series smartphones) but they do have the same LED flash/heart rate monitor set up and missing rear speaker as those Spigen cases we saw earlier.

We’ve seen countless reports that, after continually slumping smartphone sales, Samsung was going back to the drawing board with the Samsung Galaxy S6 using new materials, and focusing on a fresh new design. The same applies to the software too, which we heard earlier today could see Samsung decoupling much of their application suite from the phone, making them downloadable from the Google Play Store instead.

Honestly, if Samsung were to release a phone using the design pictured above, we wont say we hate it. Just looks a little “safe.” We can’t wait to see what they unveil at this year’s Mobile World Congress in which your friends at Phandroid will be in attendance. Stay tuned.

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