Jan 28th, 2015

Sony Booth MWC 2013

The news keeps getting worse and worse for Sony (and its employees). A report from Japanese institute Nikkei (via Forbes) suggests Sony will announce the layoff of another 1,000 workers from their mobile division in an upcoming financial report scheduled for February 4th. This would be the second layoff in recent months, with the previous round coming back in October where another 1,000 workers from the same division were given walking papers.

It’s always sad to think of good people suddenly and unexpectedly losing their jobs, but that’s the harsh cost of a highly competitive industry. Sony’s plans to lick its wounds and try to right the ship are noble, though it remains to be seen if they can do enough to stop the bleeding before they’re forced to sell off the mobile division.

Just this past Tuesday Sony talked about the need to streamline their mobile product portfolio and focus on fewer flagships every year, a tactic HTC successfully executed on their respective route from losing millions back to making money every quarter.

The alternative to all these changes and tough business decisions? Having to fire everyone because they haven’t responded appropriately to the breakneck pace at which the consumer electronics industry can change.

Knowing that, it’s important to remember that these might not be the most joyful solutions, but things could always be worse and Sony’s willing to do whatever they can to improve the situation. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too bad by the time they’re ready to unleash their full numbers.

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