Samsung Gear VR arrives at Best Buy for $200 with in-store pickup option



Quick heads-up for potential Samsung Gear VR buyers: Best Buy now has Samsung’s virtual reality headset, and they have it in-store. That makes it eligible for in-store pickup if your local Best Buy has them in stock.

They cost the same $199.99 that you’d get buying from Samsung so this is a very nice route to take to avoid long shipping times, backorders, RMA headaches and other hassles.

Don’t forget that you need a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to use the thing, but if you already have one or plan to buy one then go nuts. Our Samsung Gear VR review and our Gear VR section at AndroidForums.com are good places to start if you’re looking to see whether it’s worth two Benjamins so be sure to check those out before making a hasty decision.

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    1. I still got wood from that article

    2. Samsung needs to put that article in the product review section. With five stars rating.

  1. If you have a Note 4 or plan to get one, the Gear VR is absolutely worth buying. It is truly a “must experience” to really “get it.” The amount of ignorance regarding VR is staggering, especially from techy-types who think they know anything. We are at the cusp of what will be blowing up huge over the next few years. You can be ready and be soaking it all up or you can be on the late-show going on about “no market” or “we’ve been here before in the 90s.” We’ve never been here before because the technology that creates the experience you can have today just arrived. The Note 4 happens to contain one of the highest resolution screens you can buy today that makes VR possible. With Gear VR you will get a wide variety of types of experiences right out of the box that will open your mind to the potential we have now and in the next few years.

  2. While this is undoubtedly cool, 200 is a lot to pony up for a “bring your own screen party”. With the Rift rumored to launch close to 300, there is no way I would invest in this unless I was loaded. However, I now want to run to BB to try one.

  3. Let the virtual porn begin!

  4. Will this work with the Note Edge?

  5. Only working with note 4 is ok for now, but for$200 it really should work with note 5 and 6 and probably the s6 as well. Having accessories that have to be replaced with a new phone purchase is annoying.

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