T-Mobile SCORE! lets you pay $5 per month to make your next upgrade cheaper



T-Mobile has introduced a new upgrade program to help make upgrading even easier than it already is. It’s called SCORE!, and it allows you to pay $5 per month to make your upgrades as cheap as they can be. So how does it work?

At 6 months of payments you’ll have the option of upgrading to one of T-Mobile’s entry-level smartphones — such as the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 — for free, and as this is T-Mobile that’s definitely without a contract. That isn’t the most exciting smartphone, mind you, but if you opt to wait until you make 12 months of payments you’ll be able to get at least $150 off of more desirable options such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 (again, that’s coming off the price of the device off-contract, so a $600 phone comes down to at least $450).

The best part is that the new upgrade path can be used with both pre-paid and post-paid T-Mobile plans, and it can be used whether you previously brought your own device, bought your device full retail or bought your device with finance-based options like Simple Choice.

Unfortunately T-Mobile wasn’t clear on whether you could combine SCORE! with JUMP! — their $0 down installment-based upgrade plan — but we’ll be reaching out to learn more. In the meantime let us know if you’ll be looking to use this plan to help save you some money on your next smartphone upgrade in the future.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. I would like to see in the news. “T-Mobile, will be putting 100,000 new towers all over US.” Then wake me up :)

    1. dude, are you trying to start a fight with a T-Mobile fan? haha jk. So if it costs $150k to build one tower and you think they need 100k towers…thats only $15 billion dollars….why not just give a bum 20 bucks a month and strap a transponder on their back while they roam the city and be done with it?

      1. I know the cost is incredibly high but they need to build a little more. The 100,000 towers was a joke but at least bring out 10,000 new towers that would bring in profit like nothing else.

        1. I totally agree! I think one of the tower guys that do maintenance makes $100k a year so its why they dont build them freely. I think a company should invest a few billion, build a crap load and lease out to the companies….the higher on the tower you want, the more money you will spend to lease it, but all maintenance is included….I need to start saving money up to start it!

          1. I’m in :)

        2. Not just the cost that can be in the way, they gotta deal with state and local governments. There can be a lotta red tape to overcome.

    2. Ignorant. You know T-Mobile has the MOST towers right? Like 60,000 compared to Verizon’s 45,000

  2. i always wanted an alcatel phone, now i be able to afford it.

  3. If you get a minimum of $150 to put towards full price of the phone (after 1 year paying $5 per month), that means T-Mobile is giving you a minimum of $90 after 1 year of doing that (You’ve already paid $60 of the 150 minimum). Not a bad deal, for T-Mobile folks.

    1. What happens if you go past 12 months. Does it keep rolling up or does the discount remain the same?

      1. Very good questio. If a person were to pay 2 years at 5 per mont, would they get 300 minimum to put towards an upgrade? If so, that would be a killer deal.

    2. Actually that’s quite a bad deal. A whole $90 off after 1 year. After a year, the phone is worth less than that.

      1. Huh? What are you talking about? The way I read it, you pay $5 per month for 12 months. Once you’ve paid that $5 per month ($5 X’s 12 = $60), they’ll give an additional $90 (e.g. $150 minimum) to use towards the purchase of a new phone at 1 year. Let’s put it in different terms. If you were told at the beginning of the year, pay $60 up front and you’ll get an additional $90 in addition to that $60, after 1 year, to use on an upgrade, still sounds like a good deal to me. I’m just breaking it down as an additional $90 because one would already have contributed $60 and the minimum you’ll be given towards an upgrade, at that time, would be $150 (e.g. 150-60=90). Again, nothing will be certain until T-mobile gets into the details, but your way of interpreting is not what I understand.

        1. AT the end of the day you’re getting $90 off a one year old phone! Thats it. Its that simple.

          I can go find some perfectly good used phones in mint condition for 35% – 50% less than new.

          1. Ok, I see where your interpretation is going.You’re reading it based on the Galaxy s5 example. I am interpreting it as if they would allow that amount to go towards the purchase of any new high end phone. Again, it all won’t make sense until T-mobile clarifies the limitations, if any.

  4. Step right up and put your $800/week into a check made out to John Legere to build additional towers.

    … oh. Yeah, just as I thought.

  5. Nothing about this is appealing to me. Helping people with bad money saving skills buy phones? Is this really helping them in the long run?

    1. So you don’t like getting a free phone or ultimately getting a discount on hardware?

      I’ll be signing up once I get a new device so I can save on hardware on a yearly basis.

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