You can thank Apple for the lack of a fingerprint scanner on the Nexus 6



Nexus 6 owners who lust after a fingerprint scanner will be peeved to hear this news. According to ex-Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside, Motorola had been planning to use fingerprint scanners in many of their high-end smartphones going forward, including the Nexus 6.

Woodside revealed to Telegraph that following Motorola’s launch of the Atrix 4G back in 2011 (the first Android phone with a built-in fingerprint scanner), Apple acquired Authentec, the company Motorola was working with. Authentec wasn’t the only company making fingerprint scanners, but they were the best and Motorola wasn’t willing to settle for anything less. Woodside on the Nexus 6:

The secret behind that is that it was supposed to be fingerprint recognition, and Apple bought the best supplier. So the second best supplier was the only one available to everyone else in the industry and they weren’t there yet.

And there you have it, folks — the Nexus 6 was supposed to have a fingerprint scanner, but Apple’s antics ruined it all.

Even more interesting about the whole ordeal, though, is Motorola’s decision to shun the inferior technology, and if the Samsung Galaxy S5’s shoddy fingerprint scanner is anything to go by they absolutely made the right choice (even Samsung would likely agree). Let’s hope Motorola can get their hands on whatever Huawei was able to cook up for the next go-round.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. dodged a bullet here in my opinion :)

  2. where would they have put it? O_o

    1. not sure if you are being sarcastic or not….but it would have gone where the “M” is on the back

      1. The “M” is in a dimple.

        1. um, yeah, obviously?? not sure what the point of this response was

          1. -EDIT-
            NVM…I just saw you replied to Megatron_Don NOT epyon. My Bad!!!

          2. touche haha

          3. nah no worries, I responded like a d*ck. my bad too. *hugs it out*

      2. sorry all. i have a case on my phone that covers the dimple and i kinda forgot about it.

        1. That’s blasphemy.

          1. What exactly is blasphemous?

          2. Covering up that dimple!!!

          3. meh… i don’t need to show off i have a Motorola/Nexus. That’s something Apple fans do.

          4. Oh, I don’t care about showing off either. It’s so pretty for me to look at, myself, and it feels so good on my finger!

    2. According to 9to5google, it would have gone in the dimple on the back.

  3. They can keep their fingerprint scanner. I’m fine without it.

    1. You and me both.

  4. Now what’s their explanation for making it gargantuan?

    1. Some people like it big and it fit perfectly with current Nexus naming scheme?

      1. ha fair enough, I just never miss a chance to zing at the size..

        But it does beg the question of how they’ll name next years model..

        1. Don’t really see the dilemma.

          1. I mean, they’ve already had the Nexus 4, 5, and 6 phone.. and a Nexus 7 tablet

          2. Right. But they aren’t currently selling a Nexus 7 tablet. And they have yet to have a Nexus 7 Phone.

    2. Because phablets are popular.

      1. Thanks Clinton.

        1. Thanks Optimus Prime.

          1. I can’t believe it’s not butter… wait

          2. haha

          3. Thanks, God/Flying Spaghetti Monster.

          4. I saved 10% by switching to Geico… wait. Dammit!!!

      2. Thanks Bush

    1. thank you baby Jesus….had to join in

  5. Nice going Apple. Why innovate when you can just stop everyone else from doing it.

    1. Youtube, Android, Motorola, Nest…actually Google have purchased more companies than Apple in the last 2 years.
      From what I have read finger print scanning technology is quite hard if its to be done right (just look at Samsungs god awful scanner). Cudos for Apple for wanting to put the best in their phone.

      If Motorola had plans to use Authetecs scanner then they should have locked in a deal/license agreement..then it would not have mattered who bought Authentec. Who develops a phone with plans to use another company’s technology without even making an agreement? Sounds like this story might be more fiction than fact.

  6. Authentec used to make fingerprint scanners for laptops and software, but that software has been discontinued because of Apple. Good thing Microsoft has embedded drivers in Windows 8

  7. Got an Atrix 4G right when they came out in earlier 2011. Great little phone, WAY ahead of it’s time. Finger print scanner worked terrifically!
    I remember when i found out the Atrix2 wasn’t to have a finger print scanner and became very confused. At that time I dug into why, and found out Apple bought Authentec, effectively killing the technology for over 2 years while they had Authentec focus ALL efforts in making their scanner into the shape of a little round circle, and abandon all existing users. Was a very sad time for innovation.
    I still have my atrix4g as a backup phone, and the fingerprint scanner still works great!

  8. How funny. I actually saw prototype Nexus 6s (Moto S) being tested with a fingerprint scanner on the back where the dimple was. Got really confused when it eventually launched without one (thought maybe the Moto S variant would have it).

    1. Sucks… Damn Apple!

  9. Even tho I don’t like finger print scanners, now we know it was Apple that hindered progress. Makes me hate them a little bit more.

    1. Or they advanced it by purchasing a company and putting lots of money into it. Just because they purchased a company doesn’t mean they somehow stifled innovation. Google has made a ton of acquisitions too. If it wasn’t for Apple innovations, Android would look very different and if it wasn’t for Android differentiation, iOS would look very different. No need to “hate Apple”

      1. You’re absolutely right. Google bought Nest and will only allow those thermostats to be used in homes that only use Android devices. Google and Apple are EXACTLY the same.

      2. Except apple doesn’t innovate anything anymore. Whats the last innovation they have made?

        1. And who does…got an example for us so we can make some comparisons?

      3. I think competition is wonderful. Everyone wins. Except in those few cases where dying companies just buy up their direct competition.

    2. Sort of like how Google hindered progress of home automation with the Nest purchase? No?…oh thats right, the rest of the industry just got on with business.
      Boo hoo..a company purchased another company and wont share its goodies…boo hoo…cry me a river!

  10. Google has bought plenty of companies too, Apple just acted faster on this one.

    Perhaps Google should make a new Nexus *phone* for all carriers. I don’t care what else they do after that, I’d be happy.

  11. Folks, please remember….you can change your password how many times you want. You can only change your digital finger print 9 times.

  12. Well that’s business.

  13. Once new York said cops can compel you to unlock with your fingerprint, but not a password, I’ve never been the slightest interested in fingerprint scanners.

    1. Except, you don’t have too. They need a search warrant. ….can they just grab your wallet and do as they please. It’s the same thing with phones. Us supreme Court ruled on it last year

      1. Actually they can. Cops can pat you down and go through anything you have in your pockets if they are suspicious. And they are always suspicious.

        1. Yes, John Oliver did a segment on it last year, you aren’t under arrest but you property is

          1. Lol that’s funny, I missed that. I’ll have to look it up.

        2. Ask for a laywer…after that they read you your rights and take you to the station. Once your laywer turns up the cops wont be asking you to unlock anything without a warrant. Let the law suit for wrongfull arrest follow sometime after that.

  14. The S5 fingerprint scanner is way to specific in how you have to use it, for it to be useful. I’ve never used it.

  15. I have ZERO interest in a fingerprint scanner.

  16. Not really surprised. I got to play with a prototype on the N6 last year and the fingerprint scanner wasn’t up to par.

    1. #coolstorybro

  17. I didn’t buy this phone because it didn’t come with fingerprint. I bought Galaxy Note 4 and am happy with the fingerprint, though I find the Huawei Mate 7 fingerprint more aaccurate, I didn’t like placing the finger behind, it was awful to do while driving.

    1. Well a phone shouldn’t be used while driving anyway…

  18. Moto never placed the order for Apple to turn down. They are more than happy to take their money.

    1. I dont think so. I am pretty sure Apple do not supply hardware to others.

      1. Authentec still supplies finger scanners for many PC brands not sold by Apple… soo

  19. I don’t care. Lack of a fingerprint scanner would never keep me from buying a phone.

  20. If Motorola had plans to use Authetecs scanner then they should have
    locked in a deal/license agreement..then it would not have mattered who
    bought Authentec. Who develops a phone with plans to use another
    company’s technology without even making an agreement? Sounds like this
    story might be more fiction than fact.

  21. I have the fingerprint scanner on my s5 and i won’t buy another phone without it. pins are weak/pita and strong passwords are pita. i realize they are not unbreakable but it is strong enough protection with little enough interference that I will list it as a requirement going forward.

    1. i actually feel like i could do without a fingerprint scanner. i rarely use it because it becomes touchy.

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