Samsung sunglasses let you adjust tint level and frame style from your smartphone [PATENT]


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Samsung’s latest idea might not be enough to change the world or even change their falling fortunes as of late, but it is pretty damn cool. The South Korean company was awarded a patent that describes a pair of sunglasses doused in transparent displays.

According to the patent, the transparent display can wrap around the entirety of the frame and lens elements to allow the user to change how the glasses look by changing settings on a smartphone. The frame, for instance, can have its color or pattern changed, while the lenses could have brightness adjustment settings to make them appear tinted.

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This obviously isn’t meant to equip a user with “smart glasses” features like Google Glass or the virtual reality experience provided by something like the Samsung Gear VR, but it’s a neat idea that — if executed well — could be a nice feature marketed toward purchasers of Samsung’s devices in the future.

Unfortunately, though, an idea is all it is, and getting a working product to market is an entirely different story. We wouldn’t mind seeing these offered up for the crowd who likes to change their glasses as much as they change outfits, but it’s probably a long shot to expect to see anything like this anytime soon. Let us know if you’d be down to try these out should Samsung’s engineers achieve their vision (no pun intended).

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  1. Next up, Mood Ring Meets Android Wear – film at 11!

  2. And it’s ugly as hell…
    Samsung, this is really innovative, but where’s your head of design?

    1. Its just the patent filing detailing the functionality. The actual product will look much different.

    2. lolol, did you really just judge the design off of some patent filing sketch ups??

  3. Neat. Might save me quite a bit on shades if it comes to be.

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