ASUS’ next smart watch could have 7 days of battery life



As much as we love smart watches around here, there is one area they need drastic improvement: battery life. The standard of good battery life is 1.5 to 2 days, but ASUS thinks that isn’t good enough and they want to change it with their next attempt.

ASUS chairman Jonney Shih spoke to Taipei Times about the subject, and noted that — as a companion device — decisions on software and processing power should be taken just as strongly as those decisions would be for a smartphone. He specifically mentioned the need for efficient chipsets and simplified software to try and reach a target battery life of 7 days instead of the 2 days their current ZenWatch is rated for.

Does that mean the ZenWatch sequel is going to have 7 days of battery life? That’d be a huge accomplishment, though it’s tough to say if they can pull that off. Regardless, we’re glad they’re looking at everything they can to improve one of the most important aspects of a smart watch, and even the slightest improvement over today’s standards is much welcomed.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They may be using a new Mediatek watch CPU that was just released. It’s thinner, lower power and cheaper than what’s out there. The Moto is on a very old CPU and the recent ones are on a Snapdragon 400, which is overkill for a watch – they turn off 3 of the cores. Would think Qualcomm would also release a smartwatch CPU soon.

      1. kind of stoked to see this in action!

  2. cant wait to see what the future holds for wearables! I’m so close to buying one, I just cant put my finger on why I cant seem to actually go do it. I am pretty excited to see this in action and read some reviews! Might have to consider it.

  3. Quentyn rulez!!!11!2

    1. Yeah, that made me laugh. I was like, “Is the current one only lasting an hour?”

      1. Yeah, reading 7 hours of battery life as a “huge accomplishment” was pretty funny haha

    2. Maybe you should have emailed him and not blasted him in public.

      1. 1. I obviously was not blasting him.
        2. He edited it and now my comment is gone.

  4. Battery life is one thing but you still cannot tell the time in direct sunlight… It’s a watch that’s one of it’s primary functions… I had a LG watch R for 2 weeks and returned it for mostly the one reason I could not tell the time in direct sunlight… Very frustrating.
    Paul B

    1. You should try the Sony smartwatch 3. It has a transflective screen that is perfect for sunlight viewing. I turn the wake screen function off and easily get 2.5 days of battery life out of mine and I couldn’t be happier!

      1. Thank you for your comment, there were other issues with the LG R like lousy battery life and Bluetooth connection issues.
        I would like to be able to be able to go somewhere to see and touch them before committing, I have a Pebble at the moment which is just to practical so I’m a little reluctant to change unless I can have some hands on.

        1. Gotcha. Well if you get some time Verizon Wireless stores sell the sw3, that’s where I purchased mine from. I checked it out there before I bought it.

        2. T-Mobile stores carry the 360 and a couple Samsungs I believe. Best Buy was where I first saw the 360, they always have it.

          If all else fails, try out those 30 day return windows.

    2. No problem with my Moto 360.

  5. But will it still be ugly? I don’t care if it has 7 years battery life…if it doesn’t look good I’m not wearing it.

  6. Not likely. But not matter what, it will surely be more than Apple.

  7. NexusMan, I do not consider it an ugly smartwatch, actually I bought it because I consider it very elegant. I get almost 2 days on the Asus ZenWatch right now, granted I don’t keep the screen on all the time, and do not use voice commands too often, but I do get quite a few notifications. Also, the sunlight mode is pretty good in sunlight,

  8. I interpret this as I’m handing my wallet over to Asus consensually.

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