MetroPCS is now offering truly unlimited 4G LTE for $50 per month



MetroPCS has announced a significant new upgrade to their existing unlimited plans for those who can’t stand getting knocked down to 3G speeds after using up a small pool of data. Here’s a rundown of the company’s newest options:

  • $40/month for unlimited data, talk and text + 2GB of high-speed data at up to 4G LTE speeds (up from 1GB)
  • $50/month for unlimited data, talk and text + 4GB of high-speed data at up to 4G LTE speeds (up from 3GB)
  • $60/month for unlimited 4G LTE data, talk and text

That last one is the juiciest, obviously, and there’s a bonus if you sign up for the plan with a MetroPCS-made 4G LTE phone: you can get it for $10 less. This would be the permanent price until you ditch the plan, too, so there’s no worrying about price hikes at some point down the line. The only catch aside from owning the right hardware is that you’ll have to sign up by April 5th.

MetroPCS isn’t the first carrier everyone thinks about when looking for reliable service, but now that they’re linked up with T-Mobile it’s not a bad route for value-added plans. Sounds like the company is trying to shake things up in the prepaid arena just as much as T-Mobile is in postpaid. Be sure to stop by a store or head to the company’s website if you’re interested.

[via Business Wire]

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  1. This may motivate me to pay off my Z1S on tmo and get that $60 plan. Hmm. Currently have the same thing but on tmo and with a discount I’m still paying $92/mo

  2. Any idea if there is a max speed limit Tmo imposes on MetroPCS?

      1. You read that out of context the paragraph that says that is talking about the old CDMA devices that ran on the metropcs built lte network the T-Mobile lte network is a different network

    1. I don’t hit any speed cap seen as high as 70 usually hit 40 with good signal

  3. Right now I am on the T-Mobile $70/month prepaid and also get hotspot. I would have to give up my hotspot for this.

    1. Yep fine print say cannot combine tethering with unlimited or promotional plans. It is also $5 more to be able to tether on other plans. Course you could just root and tether anyway.

  4. Always happens,least in my case! Went from Tmo’s $30 plan (5Gb LTE+100talk+Ulmtd Text) to their $80 Truly Unlimited Everything plan a week ago and then their MetroPCS Co. comes out with this! So yeah,I’m also curious what Metros’ speeds are…might have to bail on big brother! Does anybody know right off hand if Metro honors the BYOD program?

    1. Yes they do honor BYOD

      1. Thank you! But,after reading the speeds Metro gives (22.7Mbps) I’m going to stay with T-Mo…because here in Tacoma,Washington I easily get between 40-47.8 Mbps on my Nexus 5…well,that’s what the speed test says on OOKLA’s SpeedNet anyways!

        1. I don’t know where you read that I have metro and I consistently depending on signal hit above 40

    2. Tmobile does offer a $100 family plan with unlimited LTE for two people if you can find someone to split your bill with it would be $50 a piece.

      1. Yeah that $100 T-Mobile family plan was a no brainer for me. I was paying $120 for 2 lines of unlimited everything plus 2GB tethering per phone. They dropped the price to $100 and upped tethering to 5GB per phone.

  5. The $60 dollar plan -including fees and taxes! Plan isn’t new. My bill is $360 for 6 4G totally unlimited LTE plans for years. I ve downloaded hundreds of gigs Metro is amazing…
    On TMobile’s towers is pretty satisfying

  6. Its not unlimited if its 4GB

    1. 60 plan is unlimited, 10 dollar discount. the unlimited is 50.

  7. you gotta use one of their crappy phones to get the deal.

  8. u got my attention… can u byod?

    1. Yup. MetroPCS works fine on my oneplus one!

      1. if i get this Metro plan do i get tmob towers too?

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