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It’s been two years since Kickstarter launched their iOS app to allow folks to back unique ideas with real money and help them become real products on the go. Many have clamored to see an Android counterpart, but all of that time has passed without a peep from Kickstarter about the possibility of seeing it on the world’s leading mobile platform.

Thankfully it seems they’re finally ready to get a move on it. A recent job listing posted to the company’s website advertises a position for an Android engineer, one who will work closely with the company’s existing iOS team to “build a unified vision for native apps at Kickstarter.”

The listing goes on to confirm that they’re looking for someone who knows and loves Android like their very own bones, and that they will be looking to prioritize clean, efficient design and feature parity above all things (because nothing is worse than getting a half-baked app).

That’s all very good news for anyone who’s been waiting on this. Unfortunately that’s about the length of our knowledge right now. There’s no telling when, exactly, this app will be ready for launch.

It took Kickstarter four years after its launch to get its first iOS app, but that’s no reason to believe it’ll take that long for an Android version. The backend work and APIs that had to be created for the iOS app are likely what took the most time, so with that groundwork done it should just be a matter of putting together a moderately difficult puzzle for your typical experienced developer. We’ll be reaching out to Kickstarter to see if we can learn more about their forthcoming plans.

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  1. It’s about damn time. I need a reason to give them more money.

  2. I mean it only makes sense, they kinda do use the Android signature green. Plus, Android really is like the main mobile OS pushing innovation, which Kickstarter stands for.

  3. About time really – surprised it took Kickstarter this long when people using their platform have already been doing it.

    I’ve recently been following glowheadphones and they just launched a free, no banner/video/etc ads, no iaps Android live wallpaper that visualizes music and shows a countdown for their kickstarter project launch.

    It’s a nice wallpaper and a brilliant way to remind people about their project.

  4. Finally! Now i never actually “backed” any of the projects on there, but was interested in a few. But most of their projects that involve the smartphone, are mainly based for Android, yet they launch an iOS app first exclusively for two years. IDK what to think of that.
    Next thing you know, iOS gets updates/betas/other great stuff from Google before Android!

  5. Well its about time!

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