Jan 19th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:11 pm

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Galaxy S5 Battery

Samsung is one of the few companies who have stuck to their guns in making sure the removable battery and microSD card slots don’t die off, but one of those features is said to be absent from the Samsung Galaxy S6. According to Korean Press, the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery will not be user replaceable.

This is sure to be bad news for folks who love being able to carry multiple batteries or use aftermarket batteries with bigger capacities. It also makes it difficult to replace a battery in case it goes bad in its lifespan.

But it’s said this decision was made for good reason — it facilitates Samsung’s design choice for the sixth entrant in their flagship lineup. The Samsung Galaxy S6’s rear panel will reportedly be covered in glass. That, plus the metal unibody chassis the device is expected to have, means Samsung would have to give up access to the rear.

It likely wouldn’t be the end of the world for Samsung’s most loyal fans, but this could become a deal breaker for a crowd that only buys Samsung devices because of their flexibility. We’ll have to wait until its likely unveiling at Mobile World Congress in March to see if the device’s improved design was worth one of its most valuable features.

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