Jan 19th, 2015


Samsung Galaxy S4 owners out there who aren’t ready to upgrade their phones anytime soon will be glad to hear this: the Android 5.0 Lollipop update firmware has leaked. It’s 5.0.1, to be exact, and it’s easily flashable over the latest official build through ODIN.

That said, there’s a chance this firmware is unfinished and may house some annoying bugs that have yet to be ironed out ahead of an official rollout. As such, anything that happens to your phone if you decide to flash it is no one’s fault but your own. If you’re on the daring side and don’t mind giving it a go, though, you can find the download over at XDA.

Note that this is only being listed as compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500, which would be the international variant that can be bought unlocked. Those with carrier-specific variants should steer clear (unless, of course, you’re a brave developer who doesn’t mind tinkering with their device to see if it’ll work just as well). Understanding all of that, go nuts!