Crazy deal: unlocked AT&T ASUS PadFone X for only $200



If you hurry, you can pick up a pretty sweet deal on an unlocked ASUS PadFone X for AT&T. Normally priced at $550, the dockable smartphone/tablet hybrid can now be had for only $200 on eBay (that’s over 64% off). Pretty insane given the value of having both a smartphone and tablet for less than the price of a Nexus 5.

That being said, the PadFone X offers some great hardware for the money, coming equipped with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 16G internal storage, micro SD card slot, and a 5-inch full HD 1080p display — or 9-inch 1080p display when docked into the tablet. If you’re still unsure, check out this review from an AndroidForums member who calls the phone/tablet, “possibly the most awesome phone I’ve ever had.”

It’s taking everything in me to not impulse buy this thing. Any takers?

Update: The old deal expired, but has been re-listed. We’ve updated the post with a new link for a factory refurbished version going for the same price.


Chris Chavez
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  1. I would stay away very bad reviews about needing several replacements. It’s been discontinued also, I was going to and put a custom rom but there is only one of those and it kills the tablet part so no point.

    1. I had to get two replacements due to killing its own LTE antenna. We had a running thread on XDA to track the issues it had. Had a tablet dock w/ bad pixels, too. Ultimately, AT&T’s handling (not ASUS’s) is why I left AT&T. ASUS did their best to get repairs to me. AT&T told me to shove it up my butt.

  2. Maybe the sale isn’t going as well as they expected. It’s being sold for $150 now.

    1. Man that almost makes it worth taking a flyer on strictly as a backup phone, hmmm.

      1. The $150 deal has ended, it’s back up to $200 now.

        There’s a new listing, the one in this article is for the old one.

        1. Thanks for the updated listing. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if drops down to $150 again, $200 is probably a bit much for me right now since my current phone is in terrific operating shape but if it drops back down to $150 I’ll nab it, I was intrigued by this phone when it first became available anyways but the lukewarm reviews turned me off at full freight.

  3. BEWARE! This thing can fry its own LTE antenna! It happened to me. Twice.

  4. Also worth noting that you linked to my thread. Those of you reading it, scroll down and read where my warnings kick in. :-P

  5. Great deal until I read everyone’s input on “LTE antenna fries on its own”, LOL, thanks guys!

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