AT&T HTC One M8 receives Android 4.4.4 with HD Voice and battery fixes, but what about the Eye Experience?


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As Android 4.4.4 began rolling out to carrier branded HTC One M8 models back in October, AT&T owners were left scratching their heads as to why they were left out in the cold. Now, as we look ahead to Android 5.0 Lollipop — which already hit unlocked and Developer edition HTC One M8’s last week — the One M8 on AT&T is now finally receiving its update to Android 4.4.4 (software version 3.42.502.1). Hey, better late than never.

According to AT&T, the update brings a slew of bug fixes and improvements, the most notable being HD Voice and improved battery performance. Here’s the full running list of what you can look forward to:

AT&T HTC One M8 Android 4.4.4 changelog:

  • Enables HD Voice
  • Updates Android OS to Android 4.4.4
  • Security enhancement
  • Bluetooth enhancement
  • Adds AMBS Cloud Messaging Integration
  • Adds Copy and Paste camera feature
  • Adds Usage Manager App
  • Improves battery performance
  • Updates AT&T Ready2Go
  • Updates Visual Voicemail

Oddly enough you’ll notice no mention of the “Eye Experience” which according to HTC, is still stuck in the certification stage. If you haven’t been prompted to update your device yet, you can manually check for the update by jumping into the Settings app, then scroll down to the AT&T Software Update and then tap > Check for updates and continue to download the update to your device.

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  1. Checked… Nothing… *sigh*

    1. Same here man. Now to wait another 24 hrs :(

      1. Go into app settings and clear data and cache for the HtcDm (spelled exactly like that). It resets the timer and allows you to check again before it’s up

        1. good tip!

  2. Thank youuuuuu see sh, I was beginning to think AT&T. Forgot about this device, but why we don’t have the eye experience camera is a bit puzzling

    1. Still waiting on confirmation whether it was added or not. Will update when we learn more.

  3. didnt that stuff get added in a camera update?

  4. HTC One E8, when?

  5. Edited: Looks like the update was pulled.
    The cached page (http://webcache.googleusercontent.co…&ct=clnk&gl=us) indicates it was there at one point, however.

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