Samsung is reportedly in talks to buy BlackBerry for upwards of $7.5 billion [UPDATE]


Samsung Galaxy BlackBerry Round

Sources out of Reuters are reporting that Samsung could be buying BlackBerry in a deal that could reach upwards of $7.5 billion. This would give Samsung access to BlackBerry’s vast patent portfolio and a name that at one time, was synonymous with “smartphone.”

Apparently execs from both manufacturers met last week (during CES) to discuss a possible buyout, with both sides declining to comment. The big question is exactly what Samsung would do with BlackBerry, which not only uses its own in-house OS, but recently launched the QWERTY keyboard “Classic” model.

Could this mean a Samsung Galaxy S BlackBerry Round Classic running Android 5.0 Lollipop is in our future? Only time will tell…

UPDATE: After their stock prices jumped as high as 30%, BlackBerry has issued a statement denying the report saying:

“BlackBerry Limited is aware of certain press reports published today with respect to a possible offer by Samsung to purchase BlackBerry. BlackBerry has not engaged in discussions with Samsung with respect to any possible offer to purchase BlackBerry. BlackBerry’s policy is not to comment on rumors or speculation, and accordingly it does not intend to comment further.”

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  1. I’m assuming they would either (1) Dissolve the Blackberry name and just use the patents, or (2) Use the Blackberry name for their Tizen phones.

    Naming Android Phones “Blackberry” anything would really confuse the Android branding they’ve worked so hard to build.

    1. BB’s running Tizen actually sounds like the most logical option. That, or they launch a Samsung Galaxy BlackBerry. Ha

      1. Samsung Galaxy BlackBerry *Nexus*

          1. Lower head explodes!

          2. Ummm….woah.

          3. Wow Chris.

          4. Sweet… so glad you posted that. The world is so up tight, nice to see someone just keeping it real as funny is funny no matter how much social justice warriors and their fake outrage want to make you think they fakely care that you crossed some dumb OMG line.

        1. Samsung Galaxy Blackberry S7 Active Pro

      2. Aye little homie how do I get that phandroid team thing next to my name?

    2. Ok, I think your #1 and #2 could be good guesses, BUT as for Tizen on a BB that would be a marriage made in heaven; 2 crap ideas that have no business in living coming together into a nonsense product that has fail written all over it before it even begins.

  2. If Sammy uses BB well after a purchase I will definitely purchase the aftermath

  3. I hope they do it just so that we can stop hearing about the slow death of BB.

  4. What a terrible mockup, Joanna Stern.

  5. I wonder if they will play with the form factor. A high end blackberry form factor running android. Hasn’t been done and would be a better use of their resources than the low end hardware they usually ship

  6. This could be the route to obtain the highly wanted, but never seen…..DroidBerry!!!!

    1. DroidBerry Curve with an actual curve

      1. I like it would be awesome

  7. Samberry

    1. Blacksung?

  8. Probably Blackberry’s best option or Google should consider buying them for better built in security.

  9. Blacksung

    1. Samberry.

      Edit: someone beat me to it.

      1. SamBlackUng or BlackSamBerry or SamBlackUngBerry

  10. If this went through this could mean Samsung has big plans for connected cars as well, given QNX has a nice portion of that business. Would give Apple some serious competition in that arena.

  11. Yes, BlackBerry was once synonymous with smartphone. Now it’s synonymous with dinosaur. I even used a BlackBerry for six months during their heyday, and the appeal was entirely lost on me; in fact, I paid an ETF and went back to a flip phone (by choice) after those six months. I think BlackBerry should take the money and run.

  12. I had the second highest bid for the company at $44.00 and two bags of Cool Ranch Doritos. Chen was tempted, but he took Samsung’s offer instead.

    1. Bahahahahahaha!!!

    2. Take advice from Wotto

  13. So Samsung is looking for security patents and is willing to pay $7.5 billion just for said patents? Way too much if you ask me.

    1. Google paid $12.5 billion for Motorola, primary for its patents, then sold off everything but the patents (for a lot less than $12.5 bln). They must think Moto’s were worth several billion, so it’s not far-fetched to think BB’s patents are worth billions as well. The Blackberry brand name probably still has some value as well, but it’s declining with every passing month.

  14. WTF????

    BB is garbage and dead in the mobile world. Why would they do this?? My only thought is to buy it and finally kill it and put it to rest, but 7.5b is a hefty price to buy something and kill it.

    1. BB is still relevant to a niche group that want security.

    2. One word… patents.

  15. Sammy wants patents

    1. Yeah, so news is now saying this as well, “Samsung targets BlackBerry acquisition for patents”

      -BlackBerry typically ranks in the top 75 annual patent recipients, obtaining 500 to 1,000 patents every year on improvements to its mobile devices, according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office figures.

      -security features and a user interface for a conference-calling system

      -One of the patents issued explains how a small electronic device on a watch or lanyard could be used to grant access to a smartphone so users wouldn’t have to key in a passcode. Another details a case that would have a touch screen so users could write notes on their device without opening the case.

      -it has a combination of older patents on the basic functioning of a mobile phone, as well as newer ones on security and on consumer-friendly features such as the predictive typing on a keyboard or setting up meeting schedules.

      -cover secure message handling, a new type of keyboard, and smartphones that can measure magnetic fields and e-mail filters. Other recent patents include ones for a display that’s less likely to shatter when dropped, allowing the collaborative editing of media on different devices, and ways to control household appliances through a smartphone.

  16. When they come out and deny the report, it sure is going to happen.

  17. Blackberry… climb in your coffin already!!!

  18. I’m seriously surprised Google or apple hasn’t made a bid for the company. The security patents alone would be a game changer in the office space.

    1. Especially for Google as they are pushing hard for Android being suitable for business use

  19. Samsung branded BlackBerry device…running android instead of the QNX based BB10? Are you listening to yourselves? What would be the point?
    If Samsung was trying to buy BB right now it would probably be for the simple fact that BlackBerry, through QNX currently owns like half the vehicle infotainment market.

  20. If this really happens, that is the best way to kill the brand “Blackberry”. Very surprised that Google / Apple are not interested in the Blackberry’s patent portfolio

    1. If history is anything to go by patent portfolios don’t mean squat.. especially when Apple owns the judges.

  21. “BlackBerry has not engaged in discussions with Samsung with respect to any possible offer to purchase BlackBerry. BlackBerry’s policy is not to comment on rumors or speculation…”

    HUH? You just did.

  22. Seems like blackberry was trying to pump and dump. Someone wanted to make some cash

  23. LoL. “BlackBerry’s policy is not to comment on rumors or speculation” … but that’s exactly what they’ve done

  24. Blackberry, why you friend zoning Samsung?

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