Google Maps 9.3 lets you easily share directions with anyone still using a dumb phone


Google Maps 9.3 DOWNLOAD

Google Maps is seeing an update in the Google Play Store to version 9.3 and aside from under-the-hood improvements, now allows users to share directions to any given location via Android’s share menu. This could come in handy in the event you’re talking with someone who doesn’t have a smartphone and/or Google Maps installed on their device (perhaps an older feature phone?), allowing you to quickly and easily provide them with directions via text. No mess, no fuss.

You can either wait for the update to rollout to your device in the coming days, or if you simply must have sharable directions right now, you can download and install via the link below. Cheers.

Download: Google Maps 9.3

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  1. Thats cool i guess, but where the hell is my offline support? COME ON ALREADY GOOGLE

    1. if you want offline maps, Then why haven’t you gone into the menu yet and clicked on “Your Places”, you’ll see that if you scroll down you can see the option to save an offline map…. and Yes, i am talking about the Google Maps app.

    2. Wrong (and thanks for complaining multiple times). Saving offline works perfectly for the Maps (perhaps not businesses and attractions). There are plenty of purchasable Map/Navigation apps that will eat up multiple GB of storage.

  2. There is offline support. You need to save a part of the map to your phones storage.

    1. Thats not offline support, thats a joke. the data you save auto gets deleted after a certain amount of days and the amount of data you can save is complete bullshit. If you wanna know what real offline support is download Nokias “Here” app.

      1. “Here” seems to be mostly comparable, but its data for what is nearby is fairly… Incomplete in my area.

      2. Wrong. I’ve saved my maps offline and then left the country. The GPS continues to work and the maps are completely usable.

    2. That’s an excuse for offline support!

  3. Does anyone know if we can rename our favorites on Google maps?

  4. Does anyone know what the Bluetooth permission is for?

    1. I’m assuming the Bluetooth permission is for android auto connectivity.

  5. It appears that this will also include the destination address!! I’ve been frustrated ever since GMaps 7 removed the address when you share a location. It currently gives you only a URL to the Google Map and an abbreviated name, which isn’t very nice. GMaps v6 and before gave the name, address, and link.

    Also, this is a nice throwback to GOOG-411 , which I was an avid user of

  6. Unfortunately hasn’t fixed the issue of the navigation voice. Only the robotic US voice without Street names. 
    I have svox as my text-to-speech engine but maps is the only app that doesn’t recognise it.

    Is anyone else having the same issue?

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