FLIR One dongle lets you see through the eyes of a Predator


FLIR heat sensor DSC08053

Last year at CES a company called “FLIR” showed off a smartphone-based thermal camera. Unfortunately for us it was built into a case that only fit on the iPhone 5. FLIR is back at CES this year, but this time their thermal camera works with almost any smartphone.

Instead of being built into a case, the FLIR One can be attached to any device with a lightning or micro-USB port. So what does it actually do? The FLIR One allows you to see thermal information all around you in real-time. It can be useful for finding air leaks in your home, hot circuits, water leaks, or for just having fun. See it in action below.

Other than the new design, the FLIR One has a number of other improvements over the model from last year. It has a better resolution sensor and its own battery so your phone won’t be drained. With the companion app you can get instant temperature readings, use a number of different filters, and even take time-lapse videos. The FLIR One will launch later this year for around $200-300.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. I could use this for hunting a special forces team in a central American jungle!

  2. Useful tool to have.

  3. Ohhhh…. That kind of predator…….

  4. And by “having fun” you mean steal PIN numbers.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Some forms of technology shouldn’t be available to the public.

      1. Really? That is terrible logic.

      2. Like knives, and other sharp objects? This technology is now, and has been available to people for a while. Sure, it’s been more expensive and harder to integrate than a $300 consumer product, but the people stealing PINs haven’t been letting that hold them back.

    2. Or a girl in the bar horny.

  5. Pretty convinced until I saw that price point. I’ll just stick to regular old infrared tools for the home and car.

  6. Fun and useful too. House leaking heat? That suspicious car across the street been there awhile? Sniper team hiding in that grass you didn’t get around to cutting this weekend? Now you can know.

  7. I think therefore IR.

  8. The $199 Seek thermal camera has been out for months already.

  9. I have absolutely no justification for having one, and yet I want one so much…

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