Quick look at the TYLT reversible USB cable, car dock, and Moto 360 band [VIDEO]


TYLT USB 3.1 DSC07986

Let’s talk about USB charging cables. Why is it so hard to plug in a USB cable in the correct orientation on the first try? And how is it possible that it can sometimes take three attempts to get it right? I’m convinced there is some black magic at play. Luckily engineers have been working on this problem, and this year it will finally be solved.

TYLT is one of many companies that will soon offer Type C USB 3.1 cables. These cables are reversible so it doesn’t matter which way you plug them into a device. Other benefits include speeds up to 10Gbps, but they can also scale down for older devices. TYLT will soon offer a USB 3.1 version of their Syncable cable.

We also got a chance to look at the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount. A lot of people have been asking for a car dock that can do wireless charging, and this will be the best option. It uses three different sets of coils so it can charge phones with up to 6-inch displays. The Vu Car Mount costs $70 if you can find it in stock.

TYLT Moto 360 band DSC07993

But wait, there’s more. You may remember Motorola announcing that TYLT would be making a band for the Moto 360. We were able to snap this photo of the band at their booth. It’s a silicone band that comes in 4 different colors. This band will be a nice alternative for active users who don’t want to get the leather band all sweaty.

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  1. It’s really too bad Qi car chargers can’t keep up with the power demand for actually using and charging the phone at the same time. And turning it into molten lava at the same time.

    1. My Aukey Luna gold can’t keep my nexus 6 at 100%. It’ll charge it up during the night, then stop charging and usually drops to 94%. I’ve read this was seemingly a problem for older qi chargers. I’ve had to revert to just using the turbo charger and just using the Aukey for top ups to try and justify its purchase.

      1. I have heard a lot of the people with the Aukey have had… issues. Like having to unplug it from the wall now and again because the charging light stays on and won’t charge anything anymore, dying after a few weeks and fake reviews on Amazon.

        Also, that “quit charging at 100% until you remove and replace the device” thing is a “feature” called something like Overload Protection. Which is just a lazy way to say “We didn’t want to include trickle charging.”

        Which is a shame, because it is by far the nicest looking wireless charger i have come across. Had I not previously ordered a Vu from Tylt during Black Friday (which I am still waiting on to arrive… horrible customer service from Tylt, seriously), I would have gotten one.

        1. Take a look at the airdock. its probably the best wireless car dock out now.

          1. That… isn’t really related to Marc’s or my comment. The Aukey is a desktop wireless charger, not a car one.

            I have a Nexus 6, I use a magnetic dock and a turbo charger 2.0 charger in my car. I like to stream music from Google Play and use Google Maps at the same time in the car and… wireless just can’t handle that load.

            Not to mention the Nexus 6 won’t stick to the Airdock (or Airdock 2.0) thanks to its shape. The Airdock needs to be curved and supposedly they are working on that.

        2. Thanks for the response wasn’t aware of the overload protection. I bought the Aukey because of Pocketnow and MKBHDs’recommendations. First time I haven’t enjoyed something they recommended.

          1. Yeah, it isn’t just you. It is looking like a lot of the original 5 star reviews on Amazon were probably from people who were given the charger for free and given a gift card to give a good review. Its average rating has steadily dropped since December.

          2. Really unfortunate. I love the design but for $50 I feel like I could have gotten a better wireless charger. Oh well live and learn.

    2. Not sure I follow. On my nexus 6, I was able to keep my phone on my airdock for a 10 hour trips no problem. Perhaps you’re mistaken and don’t have first hand experience with wireless car docks.

  2. Reversible USB? The FUTURE is here!

    I wonder if in order to be backwards compatible it needs an extra tip, or that one works somehow.

    1. From Wikipedia:

      Backward compatibility

      Type A plugs and receptacles from both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 (or earlier) are designed to interoperate.

      Type B receptacles in USB 3.0 are larger than required for accepting a USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B plug. The larger USB 3.0 Type B receptacle accepts both the larger USB 3.0 Type B plug and the smaller USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B plug. Accordingly, a USB 3.0 Type B receptacle on a peripheral device can accept the corresponding plug end of a USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B cable.

      Type B plugs in USB 3.0 are larger than USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B plugs. Therefore, USB 3.0 Type B plugs cannot be inserted into USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B receptacles, such as those found on peripheral devices.

      A receptacle for eSATAp, which is an eSATA/USB combo, is designed to accept USB Type A plugs from USB 2.0 (or earlier) and USB 3.0.


      1. So from the looks of it that’s a no due to increase in size for our micros since they’re type B. At least future hardware will accept any type of cable.

        But it’s now interesting to know if both ends of the TYLT cable are reversible, not just the micro side, but no one really bothers with that end anyway.

  3. AT 1st glance I thought all 3 of those items were packaged together. I was like….wait…what??????

  4. *Waits for Apple to sue over reversible USB*.

    1. Actually Apple has been a large contributor to the USB Type C connector (trust me, I’m as shocked as anyone). It’s going to be necessary for them to get the new Macbook Air as thin as they’d like and they could even end up eventually switching to it for iDevices.

      1. You mean ditch the lightning port?

  5. Can the car dock charge a nexus 6

    1. I would guess. My Vu desk charger charges my Nexus 6 just fine. The reason the TYLT chargers can charge such a wide range of devices (and also likely why they’re so expensive) is because, at least for the Vu desk charger, they pack in 3 separate charging coils to ensure a large charging area. And it does say phones up to 6″ display size.

  6. Honestly, the only time I have problems with USB connection is trying to blind reach behind my tower and plug into the motherboard end of business.

  7. Just place a small white dot (or black dot for a white cable) on the top side and voila, correct side first time every time. Except in the dark…

    1. Glow in the dark paint :)

    2. In almost all USB cables the USB Logo is the one on the top. If you look at it before you put it in you can usually get it right, there are a few inputs that are upside down though. The 3.0 connector, if it is just as robust and hopefully moreso, will be a welcomed improvement.

  8. The best wireless car charger will be whenever iOttie comes out with a One Touch that supports Qi. Until then, we wait.

    1. That has potential in the market, thanks for sharing.

  9. Am I the only one that gets the cable right every time? HDMI gets me almost every time, though.

    1. You aren’t but having a reversible cable is good either way.

      1. Definitely.

    2. Hmm.. I hardly ever get it right.

    3. Yup, you are the only one.

      1. For me, the real killer is HDMI. I can NEVER get HDMI right, and miniHDMI like my Shield Tab and PC are even worse.

  10. The best wireless charging car dock is already out, its the airdock.

    1. I wonder how people continue to ignore the fact that airdock has had a wirelessly charging car dock out for a year now and nobody takes notice.

      1. Since its a relatively independent company its not well marketed. I was holding off because I wasnt sure what the scenario was going to be with my Nexus 4 or what device will be next but now that I have decided who gets my money once the N4 dies I will be picking up the Airdock 2, since they made some improvement to the power cable routing and whatnot.

    2. You know, when you still have to run a wire to the “wireless” dock, it kind of, IMHO, is pointless as I might as well just use any mount i want and plug in my phone. Which is what I do. I use a ProClip type mount on my dash and run a cord to the phone. Not much different than running a cord to the “wireless” dock IMHO.

      “wireless” docking in cars will only really be cool when they start adding them INTO the cars dash or center console and integrating them like they do USB ports now – like a flat spot on your dash or center console that can QI charge. Until then I think “wireless” docks are over-rated as running a wire is running a wire.

      1. Except the wire just stays where it is in the dock. You don’t have to actually plug and unplug it in to the phone every time you get in and out of the car. Thats the point.

        You don’t actually know how awesome a wireless car dock is until you use one.

      2. Yeah, wireless docks are where we need to be.

    3. Airdock is not already out, it is vaporware right now. It does look like it will materialize but it isn’t accurate to say it is already out, you can only pre-order not actually get it shipped.

      1. Umm, no. The 2.0 is not out yet but they sold plenty of the first versions. 2.0 is just a change from the original. Its hard for people to review vaporware:

    4. Unfortunately, the Air Dock simply doesn’t work with a lot of phones. Back not completely flat? Forget the Air Dock. Back not smooth? Forget the air dock. And the magnets interfere with many of the charging stickers.

  11. I would like to see Ram Mount make a wireless charging car dock. Their car dock is pretty badass already and would love to see that wireless charging capable!

  12. So does this reverseable USB cable work with existing micro-USB ports, or only new phones that have a matching connector?

  13. I got a SnuG Silicone Moto 360 band a month ago and love it! They now have Moto360 cases also!

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