Jan 8th, 2015

TYLT USB 3.1 DSC07986

Let’s talk about USB charging cables. Why is it so hard to plug in a USB cable in the correct orientation on the first try? And how is it possible that it can sometimes take three attempts to get it right? I’m convinced there is some black magic at play. Luckily engineers have been working on this problem, and this year it will finally be solved.

TYLT is one of many companies that will soon offer Type C USB 3.1 cables. These cables are reversible so it doesn’t matter which way you plug them into a device. Other benefits include speeds up to 10Gbps, but they can also scale down for older devices. TYLT will soon offer a USB 3.1 version of their Syncable cable.

We also got a chance to look at the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount. A lot of people have been asking for a car dock that can do wireless charging, and this will be the best option. It uses three different sets of coils so it can charge phones with up to 6-inch displays. The Vu Car Mount costs $70 if you can find it in stock.

TYLT Moto 360 band DSC07993

But wait, there’s more. You may remember Motorola announcing that TYLT would be making a band for the Moto 360. We were able to snap this photo of the band at their booth. It’s a silicone band that comes in 4 different colors. This band will be a nice alternative for active users who don’t want to get the leather band all sweaty.

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