AT&T responds to T-Mobile with their own rollover data, but with a catch


T-Mobile CEO John Legere hoped their Data Stash rollover promotion introduced last month would shake the industry up and force carriers to compete, and the first move on that front outside of Magenta’s own halls has been made. AT&T has introduced data rollover of their own.

But it doesn’t come without a catch, naturally. The biggest catch is that your rollover data only lasts for a maximum of one month. For instance, if by the end of your January cycle you have 15GB of data left out of a 30GB pool you’ll have 45GB to use in February, but if you don’t use the 15GB rollover from January in February then it evaporates, and the same cycle repeats for February.


It’s a long shot from T-Mobile’s year-long stash limit, but hey — it’s something. Another big catch is that you must be a Mobile Share Value customer to take advantage, which limits this promotion to roughly half of AT&T’s current subscriber base. Not on that plan? No rollover for you.

The goods will begin starting January 25th, and AT&T says you can look for rollover data as early as that date. We’re not sure if this means they’ll be prorating the promotion to include data you didn’t use in December 2014, but either way this is good news.

A couple of tidbits from the FAQ:

  • This is a permanent feature of AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plans, so you won’t have to worry about signing up for it.
  • Rollover data does not apply to additional data you might purchase as part of overage. You can only rollover data that comes as part of your monthly plan.
  • Legacy Mobile Share and data-only plans are excluded.
  • Rollover data does apply to lines who signed up during AT&T’s double data promotion.

Let’s hope T-Mobile pressures them to increase the amount of time you can keep rollover data. Head to the source link for more details.

[via AT&T]

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  1. #Fail

  2. hahaha I have AT&T and this is their answer to T-Mobile paving a better road?? I’m in no way going to leave AT&T, nor do I ever go over the 6 gigs I have a month, but come on. I’d love to roll over the 2 gigs I always have left over every month. I’m with the other post. #fail

    1. I went from from 10 to 15.. we normally use 7-8 per month. With 6 days left we’ve used less than 4. At this rate it will be like my rollover minutes were.. more on that than my actual mobile plan. Basically going back to unlimited data.

      1. hmm so is it a monthly thing?? maybe i’m reading too fast….so is this a “from now on” thing? just rollover data on a month to month basis? sounds like they are just trying to drive us to use less data every other month.

        1. I think it’s the same as rollover minutes were done.. but even if it’s month to month I’ll be basically doubling my data as this month I’m only using a third of my data. Normally we use just half to 3 fourths of our allotted data.

        2. It is only rolled to the following month but like I said.. I basically double up as I’m usually in WiFi areas. Good enough for my plan..

    2. T-Mobile is wipping MAJOR BUTT over any carrier period they are the carrier game today nothing else matters.

      1. Too bad they don’t have even half the coverage of Verizon or AT&T…

        1. Sounds good Sprint boy.

          1. Too bad I’m on AT&T, as I’ve stated quite a few times. Yet again, the dumb Samsung troll makes unfounded claims.

          2. I switched from Verizon after 10 years to Tmobile. I notice no difference in coverage but it does depend on where you live.

          3. “but it does depend on where you live”
            Exactly. Where I currently live, there is no Sprint or T-Mobile service to be found within at least a 100 mile radius. Only Verizon or AT&T have coverage, and maybe a couple smaller, regional carriers.

          4. you remind me of a haggered fish i caught. You broke mafka

  3. Wasn’t Cingular the one who pioneered rollover minutes? Sigh.

    1. I think so….I really miss unlimited everything from Altell back in the day. I sound so old saying that. haha

      1. Sign up with an MVNO, I’m with StraightTalk on AT&T’s network, 47/month flat with taxes (depends on state) “unlimited” (2.5GB High-Speed LTE) everything. You can choose the T-Mobile network for the same price.

    2. Yeah and the minutes became unlimited. Be nice if that trend continued with data LOL

    3. ATT bought Cingular.

      1. Not exactly. Cingular was co-owned by the “old” ATT, SBC, and BellSouth. The “old” ATT and SBC merged to form the “new” ATT, then the “new” ATT bought BellSouth, leaving Cingular completely owned by ATT, and they soon after dropped the Cingular name and just called it ATT.

      2. Just because Steve Jobs bought the mouse doesn’t mean he created it.

  4. Rollover minutes to rollover data.. yup.. I’ll take that.

  5. At least with AT&T, you get coverage outside major cities! ;)

    1. haha very true. should be called an-t-mobile

    2. Very true. But if you live in a major city and don’t travel for business then it works just fine.

      1. And if you don’t travel for vacation… IE: City Dwellers will be just fine. I live 40 miles east of Atlanta, and 5 miles from the interstate that takes me into Atlanta. T-Mo barely got 3G coverage at my home while Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T all got LTE.

        1. that is also true. I hit a couple spots when I travel for vacation to my usual spots. But once I arrive at those places I have LTE again with over 40mbps. But just in case my wife still has sprint which is great on the highway and is ok with LTE most of the time. I’m looking forward to the 2g conversion. Many of those spots on the highway will no longer be issues.

        2. Between Raleigh, NC, and Nashville, TN, I only hit 2-3 deadspots. Mostly in the dense mountains, and once between Knoxville and Ashville.

    3. That is what has kept me on ATT, I look at Tmobiles coverage and it’s not that great. IMO if they got that coverage map more pink they would get more customers.

    4. I do get cell service outside major cities with T-Mobile but not LTE service. At those other networks you are paying so someone in Wyoming can get cell service. Good for you.

      1. I’m on Cricket, actually. So I may be paying less for my greater service coverage than you are with your lack of service with T-Mo.

  6. What amazes me at this point is that AT&T at the least is content with playing catch up. TMO has been besting all cell providers for years now and with AT&T being the closest to TMO’s network they have the most to lose. If you’re in an area where the both these companies have good coverage, you’d be silly not to switch. In my experience there’s still a lot of customers whose only viable option for service is Verizon or Sprint so they seem a lot safer.

    1. It’s because right now tmobile has horrible coverage indoors and in rural areas. So until that gets fixed tmobile is like a fly you just swat away. maybe by end or middle of this year they’ll be more of a rat that doesn’t die… he he

      1. TMo has already announced ‘free’ WIFI cell routers for older phones and have begun to ‘bake in’ seamless WIFI call handoffs on some of the newer (iPhones, Samsungs, Nexus 6?, etc.) phones they sell. I have great coverage in my area on AT&T but it still doesn’t work particularly well (voice dropouts but not dropped calls) inside my house. That was an Uncarrier revision or two ago you may have missed, they really have done A LOT to challenge the marketplace but I feel like few people take the time to take a second look at their provider and their competitors to save a little money and get a better deal anyway.

        1. I have tmobile and I love them. I was just mentioning this because tmobile has some work to do. I started using tmobile a little over a year ago and it has nothing but improvements. Can’t wait to see what they do this year. So far in my town it whoops att in speed. Only competition here for tmobile is verizon and even their speeds are slowing down compared to tmobile LTE.

  7. At least make it 6 months. I have considered jumping to a capped data plan because some recent double data promotions seemed enticing. But with one eye on the future, when the world is on 5G would the amount of data offered ever be sufficient? I am certain I consume more data on LTE than I did on 3G.

  8. So are they still going to throttle us grandfathered unlimited users?

    1. We’ve been being throttled Lol what?
      Edit. Read that kinda wrong but I’m pretty sure this certain thing has nothing to do with us. We will be throttled forever it seems.

  9. This seems about typical every time AT&T introduces something to “catch up” to TMO, it’s always light-years behind. One of the big reasons I’ve quit AT&T and HAPPILY switched to TMO with very little issues in coverage.

  10. As a Verizon customer I am grateful that T-Mobile is around. Now you know why the Feds stopped AT&T’s attempted takeover many years back.

    1. Yes competition is absolutely the best for consumers. If TMO took all their new wealth and massively improved their network penatration and footprint, I’d rollback too.

      1. I’m totally with you. I was with T-Mobile since 2002, back when they were known as Voice Stream. I left about 4 years ago because of bad coverage. I would go back if I was convinced that I could count on solid coverage. I am totally satisfied with Verizon’s coverage and quality of service.

  11. I’m already annoyed by T-Mobile’s commercials. They trash other companies for not having rollover as if they weren’t doing the same thing just a couple months ago. It’d be one thing if they touted that were switching and announcing a new benefit, but dumping on the competition for something you were doing just recently is low class.

    1. This is what competition is about between companies. At&t and Verizon do it all the time. To me this is just a good move by T-Mobile and in the end the consumer is winning.

  12. I pay $70 for unlimited lte, text and voice and 5gb of Hotspot tmobile is killing it in services

  13. Say you have 10gb and use 6gb then the next month you would get 14gb. Say you use 6gb again would 8gb rollover? Or would they just base it off the 10gb again?

    1. This is why I’m glad I got a provider the offers unlimited lte I only pay $65/month

    2. Sounds like it would be based off the base 10gb every month.

    3. Unused rollover is lost and new rollover is base off 10G. It AT&T allows accumulation of unused rollover data than it is different and much better deal. T-mobile does allow accumulation called data stash.

  14. Alright Verizon, you’re next. How closely will you match this offer? My thoughts are they should 1 up them by doing rollover for a month and a day. Verizon doesn’t like to raise much in poker or profit centers. Keep it up, T-mo!!

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