This moderate-sized cooler with Bluetooth audio is $1,100 [VIDEO]


You thought the Coolest Cooler was the most expensive cooler you’d ever laid your eyes on? Well you weren’t ready for Thomas and Darden’s ridiculous take on the budding new premium cooler market. It’s Kube, a cooler big enough to hold a fair bit of beer and with amazingly-loud speakers embedded.

kube bluetooth speaker cooler 4

This thing will run you $1,100 — not a typo — and here’s what you get for all that:

  • Bluetooth-based wireless audio
  • Three speaker drivers embedded into the bottom of the cooler
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • A USB port for charging devices

Oh, and there’s a nice, bright light inside. Rather short list, wouldn’t you say? To top it off, there’s no built-in cooling method to be had — you still need ice!

Well, at least it looks nice. I wouldn’t be one to spend so much money on something so limited, but hey — if you’ve got it and you like it, it’ll be out in the Spring. Take a closer look in the video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What VC in their right mind financed this unless it was solely to burn cash as a writeoff. This is gonna flop faster than a lead zepplin.

  2. For that price it should have a refrigerant built in and an LCD TV screen with blue-ray.

    1. Agreed. A TEC system wouldn’t even be very much.

  3. they come up with some awesome stuff ever year that never actually happens. I think this is kind of cool. Just not the price.

  4. big jambox, portable power pack and a regular cooler will run you about $300 at the very most. i can do plenty more with the $800 left over n not miss this one bit. smh! shoulda had a curved display for the lid that curves to ur butt in case u sit on it to add to the hype

  5. ROTFL! Out of their minds! Coolest cooler has them beat on features and price, so good luck.

  6. All freaking right! Yeah – pair this with the new Sony personal music player for $1200 and boom! Only 2300 smackers to listen to some tunes while getting oiled – what could be better? (rotflmao)

    1. load that cooler up with some drinky-drinks, load some songs up, head to the beach, get drunk, wake up….and everythings gone. Hangover Part 4.

  7. Thank God! Finally! I was wondering where to drop that $1,100 that was burning a hole in my pocket.

  8. Tailgating like a boss.

  9. this thing must have 3 solo baric speakers in it! what could possibly drive the price this high?

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