Hands on with the ZTE Grand X Max+ and Spro 2


ZTE Grand X Max Plus

CES is a great time for manufacturers who usually don’t get much attention to show off their products to the masses. While the big boys don’t show off a ton of new products at CES anymore, companies like ZTE have swooped in. This year we got our hands on two interesting devices from Chinese phone maker.

The first is a giant phablet with an equally as epic name: ZTE Grand X Max+. It’s a big mid-range device for Cricket Wireless. The display is 6-inches at 720p resolution. Under the hood you’ll find a Snapdragon 400 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. On the back is a 13MP camera and a 5MP shooter on the front. This phone will only cost $200 when it launches.

ZTE’s second device is a really cool Android-powered projector. With the ZTE Spro 2 you can connect almost anything and project it with the 200 lumens DLP projector. The device runs Android 4.2 and has access to the Google Play Store. It will be available through “major US carriers” with its own data plan, which also allows it to be used as a hotspot. Pricing is $399.

What do you think about these devices from ZTE?

Joe Fedewa
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  1. I like the shape of it, too bad the specs are midrange.

  2. I think I would still rather have a Moto G if I were to get a low end phone.

  3. I think I’m getting a spro 2 on day one :)

  4. ZTE looks like the SOny Xperia Z Ultra….

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