Jan 6th, 2015


Google TV is officially dead. Long live Android TV.

The writing has been on the wall for Google TV for a long time. It was not a successful venture for Google, but it did teach them a lot. They used those lesson to create Android TV, a much more refined and simplistic approach to set-top boxes. Earlier today Google finally announced the inevitable: most Google TV devices will not be updated again.

A small subset of Google TV devices will be updated to Android TV, but most Google TV devices won’t support the new platform.

Google did not name the specific Google TV devices that will be updated to Android TV. Our hunch is that it will be some of the Hisense devices that launched last year with “Android TV v4” software. If you’re still rocking a Google TV device all of the features and apps should continue to function.

Do you still have a Google TV device? Will you be replacing it with an Android TV device? Perhaps Sony’s new Bravia 900 TV?


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