Sony commits to Android TV for their smart TV needs


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Didn’t we tell you it wasn’t all bad news for Android TV earlier? After LG and Samsung made the decision to go with their own respective platforms for smart TV, Sony announced during their CES 2015 press conference that their Smart Bravia TV lineup will proudly use Android TV to help folks get to the content they want or need when they want or need it.

Sony won’t be doing much with the platform in terms of customization, of course — they’ll leave the development and evolution of the platform up to Google, which is very good news for those who want to ensure they’ll always be in line for the latest updates Google’s sure to deliver over time.

Despite the company struggling to turn around profit bleeding caused by the television division, Sony remains one of the top contenders in the TV business and we’re sure Google couldn’t be any happier to have them on-board to deliver products with Android TV inside. Let us know if this news will affect your purchase decision if you’re in the market for a new smart TV in 2015.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I still love Sony electronics, and I live in the Google sphere. But after the shoddy support both put behind GoogleTV, I can’t say I’d be too quick to pop the champagne on this.

    Burn me once…..

    1. I don’t care what people say. IMO Google TV was pretty amazing. Full browser, apps, full physical keyboard, pass through hdmi, awesome integration with Dish, integrated blue-ray/dvd. Search across tons of content providers. Quite an amazing piece of hardware. The only reason it failed was due to Hulu not being available and maybe the fact that the Amazon app crashed a lot since it was basically flash application.

      1. Yeah I agree that it was quite an amazing device. The problem that I had with it was that the Logitech Revue was way too slow and buggy. Also the fact that it had an x86 CPU instead of an ARM made for a very limited app selection.

    2. I look forward to seeing what Sony brings to the table for Android TV. I will probably wait to see what they do. I would love a tv that is completely self contained. No external dvd/blue-ray, chromecast, roku or a sound bar. That would be awesome.

  2. My problem is that I’m entrenched in the Amazon eco-system when it comes to movies. As far as I know, Amazon instant isn’t available for Android TV yet. As much as I’d like to give it a go, I would have a hard time giving that up.

    1. Yeah I’ve conceded on this same issue and have gone with Roku. Adding Google Play to Roku was brilliant on Google’s part which makes me want to move all my content to Google and get away from Amazon in general.

    2. I can watch prime instant from their website on adt-1 using Flashfox browser.

    3. Add an Amazon Fire TV Stick to the TV. Cheap, works great.

  3. Good move Sony. Now give us a better strategy with getting the Z3 phones out in the US. Those phones are too good for people to not notice them.

    1. Why bother when the Z4 is just a few months out? ;)

      1. Few months out like when? I haven’t heard Sony say a word about the Z4 let alone a immenent release soon. I’m thinking maybe a May-July release.

        1. I’m just making fun of Sony’s 6-month product cycle on that line of smartphones!

          1. Oh OK, I get it. That 6 months is a joke.

      2. Try a few days z4 was announced behind closed doors at Ces. When it will be revealed to every one?… Well I don’t know that part.

  4. I’ve been thinking of getting a Sony TV and I think this just put the final nail in the coffin.

    1. Maybe you want a TV with smarthub, I mean Tizen. Or webOS, I mean webOS 2.0. Or how about one with Vizio apps, or one built around opera browser… Me personally, I’d rather have one that has Android TV… at least it’s pure android now… and since you frequent an android site, you’re probably invested in the Google Play store…

    2. Don’t you mean that it pushed you into the becoming a buyer?

  5. He’ll yes. I always loved Sony and Android and the two combined backed by Google seals the deal!

  6. I still use my Sony Google TV and have Sony xbr 1080p TV the best in the market. Sony will get my money for thr 4k Google TV I love Sony products. Ps4 and now this… :-D

  7. Phandroid all the way. I have an 8000C series 55 led Samsung TV that will be replaced by a Sony with Google TV for sure now. I can’t stand the Samsung smart hub on it. I have the Nexus Player right now that is hooked to it and I love it. The only way to make it better is to have it integrated and run embedded in the TV as far as I see it. Looking forward to the new TV.

  8. So a SONY TV it is….that cuts down on the amount of choices I have to make for my next TV :D

    Has Philips said anything about their TV’s and android tv?

  9. Well I guess my next TV will be a Sony :)

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