AT&T and Sprint confirm plans to carry LG G Flex 2


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Want the LG G Flex 2 announced earlier today? Thankfully a couple of United States carriers have already announced pans to offer the device once it becomes available. AT&T and Sprint will be carrying the flexible smartphone, though without a release date or pricing information it’ll be hard to plan a purchase ahead of time. Sprint was able to confirm, however, that they’ll exclusively offer the volcano red version alongside the silver model.

You can take a look at our hands-on time with the device right here to get a feel for it before getting it into your own hands. Highlights include a Snapdragon 810 processor. 2GB or 3GB configurations, a self-healing back, a 5.5-inch 1080p display and more. Read all about it right here, and let us know if you’ll be in line for one once it’s finally made available.

[via AT&T, Sprint]

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  1. I guess Verizon is happy still selling the LG G2

  2. I’m pretty excited….I wonder what they are going to do with the G4 when thats off of the drawing board. That very well could be my next phone after getting rid of this Nexus 6.

    1. Why’d you get rid of the nexus 6?

      1. I still have it and will keep it until this summer most likely. I’ll either look to upgrade to the G4 (depending on whats released) or the Flex above. There are a few reasons why I’m not liking it….memory dump (update did not fix), camera (its great in daylight, horrid at night), battery life (even on stand-by over night, i wake up to a 30% loss). This phone freezes a lot when running certain apps and slows down A LOT on others. Hopefully, future updates make me take back everything above though. I remain optimistic :)

        1. What version do you have I’ve got an unlocked 64gb version and have no issues. Might be carrier firmware if you have an At&t unit or something. Sucks that your having issues man, I’m in love with mine.

          1. I’m on 5.0.1 on at&t. I love the screen, speakers, size, and build quality. Maybe I should try a factory reset. You might be right. How do I make a certain screen my main home screen when I hit the home button? I have yet to figure that out for some stupid reason

          2. I’m actually not sure either. It might just be that the screen that’s one swipe away from google now is the default. Really wish stock android would do it like cyanogenmod as an option when you hold down on the screen for widgets. Really haven’t had a chance to play too much with it yet. All I’ve really done is root and disable encryption, and reenable the notification led and tap to wake. A reboot might be a good idea, if you haven’t yet you might wanna root and play around with some mods. Hope it works out it’s an awesome phone and it stinks that your having issues. There was an earlier batch of defective At&t nexus 6’s. If worst comes to worst you might have to exchange it.

          3. I thought about rooting it but I’ll lose out on the OTA updates. Not that I can’t just flash and reroot I guess…. Ugh decisions decisions

          4. I’d recommend rooting with the nexus toolkit, it’s basically a one click root, and unlocks the boot-loader. It can even take you straight into fastboot mode without holding down the keys. It’s at most a 20 minute process. After finishing all that and loading a customer recovery you can easily flash back to stock to get the update, or just flash the update and retrieve your data. That’s what’s so awesome about the Nexus it’s ridiculously easy to mod it. You could remove the crap At&t loaded on there to boot.

        2. Getting rid of the Nexus 6 is the best thing you can actually do it’s a comical fraud for a phablet.

          1. Says the moron who hasn’t even held one, let alone used one for a day.

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