Watch the Samsung CES 2015 press conference live stream right here at 5pm Eastern


The big one is upon us, folks. Samsung is readying their CES 2015 announcements, and they’ll be unleashing them all in a few short minutes. Thankfully you won’t have to miss out on any of it as the announcements are being aired live!

Samsung typically doesn’t launch many new smartphones at these shows, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of new tablets. But mostly, the company really likes to use this show to focus on their televisions and appliances, so we’ll have to see if there’s room for anything on the Android front. Only one way to find out. Stay tuned!

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  1. that is one big boring event going on

  2. S6 baby… better knock that shizzz out of the park and come out swinging with something new and not lamely plastically and sufficiently different than the S3/S4/S5… or go home.

    1. Amen

  3. The new General Electric

  4. Come on guys… 500 people care about dishwashers and ovens while 5000000 care about phones so let’s get on with it – GET TO THE PHONES! No one cares about snooty French chefs cooking $1000 meals in $8000 ovens.

    Wait….. WTF just happened? That’s it????

  5. I don’t think Samsung likes to show off its phones at these events. It likes to build up the hype and have its own showing like in late February or early March.

    1. Sammobile is reporting the S6 is going to be shown to private investors and guests. I am only interested in the S6 software. My Note 4 won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

      1. that is crap. maybe that is why shares are falling and people are not buying??

        1. How can people buy an unreleased product?

          1. u miss my point….they should take these opportunities to show case whats coming. I dont like touchwiz, but that is off of Galaxy S3 knowledge when I had it. I’ve heard its better polished now. I just think they need to take these times to show off the S6 instead of keeping it for view of just investors and guests. I know they have more to show tho than just phones so I guess its hard to complain.

          2. You’re trying to say Samsung is struggling, but I made no mention about the S4 or S5. I was just talking about a future product. If you’re more specific, you wouldn’t make convoluted statements. Not everyone will understand your points with respect to an unreleased product.

          3. hm get over yourself. I responded to your comment about sammobile reporting the s6 being shown to private investors and guests. Its quite obvious to what I was referring to. I literally responded to that and stated it was crap. my bad for having an opinion by responding to your comment.

  6. Current note 3 owner. I will not even consider buying the Note 5 (or any other Samsung for that matter) unless they include AT LEAST ONE HIGH QUALITY FRONT FACING SPEAKER.

    Other Note 5 wish list stuff:
    -4gb ram
    -64gb standard & 128gb optional storage
    -apple quality image processing (yeah, I said it)
    -f1.8/5mp front/20mp rear cameras
    -the biggest baddest light gathering sensor ever used in a phone (although it might be difficult to equal the 1″ sensor on the upcoming Panasonic cm1 and keep it relatively thin) How about a $25 or $50 premium camera upgrade option?
    -10 hours of screen on time per charge
    -water resistance

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